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Travel Ad Jokes About Cheney’s Hunting Accident

I’m sure in the spirit of good clean fun (and of course to call attention to themselves) the travel company Kayack is running the following advertisement:

Trip idea #39

Arrange a hunting trip.

A safe one.

You can see the animated ad on their website, where they also offer this explanation for their good natured hi-jinks:

Like going places no-one else dares to go?

So do we.

In our new ad campaign we poke fun at all corners of the globe and all shades of opinion. Our goal is not to offend or push any agenda: just to catch your attention and make you laugh. If we missed the boat, why not show us you can do better by creating your own ad? If it's good, we'll fly you to New York to see your ad produced in a studio and put on TV. (If it's really good, maybe we'll fire our ad agency).

Why are we advertising at all? So you can see how easy it is to search hundreds of travel sites with just one: Kayak.com.

Life's a trip. And way too short.

Nothing like making jokes about an unfortunate accident that almost cost someone his life.

But, hey, anything for a buck.

Especially if a Republican is the butt of the joke.

(Thanks to Sheehanjihad for the heads up, and Dez for the link.)

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