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Treasury: Life Insurers Qualify For TARP

From a relieved Reuters:

Treasury says some insurers qualify for TARP

By David Lawder

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury said on Wednesday some life insurers have met requirements for government capital investments under an existing rescue plan, and their applications for funds are now being considered.

"There are a number of life insurers that have met requirements for the Capital Purchase Program because of their bank holding company status," said Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams. "These are among the hundreds of financial institutions in the CPP pipeline that will be reviewed and funded as appropriate on a rolling basis."

The statement was made in response to a Wall Street Journal story published late on Tuesday saying the Treasury would extend its $700 billion financial bailout program to certain life insurers and would make an announcement in coming days…

So does this mean that peoples’ lives are now devalued to the point of being ‘troubled assets’?

Have we had a human life value bubble?

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8 Responses to “Treasury: Life Insurers Qualify For TARP”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Just another grab at another institution that must fall to the curb of gubament control.

    From the album 2112 by Rush

    “……..attention all planets of the Solar Federation.
    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation………
    We assume control……We assume control……We assume control.”

  2. U NO HOO says:

    First thought, who insures Barney Frank and Chris Dodd?

  3. proreason says:

    SG: “So does this mean… ”

    It means that The Moron feels confident enough to grab for some more power.

  4. proreason says:

    Oh King O’whatabummer, the sun does not set in your presence. You oh mighty king are the Majesty of Majesty of Majesties. May I have a moment with your Augustness please?

    Majesty of Majesty of Majesties?

    Oh mighty Majesty of Majesty of Majesty of MAJESTIES!!. May I have a moment please?

    What do you need from my magnificence?

    King O’whatabummer, your people suffer from the black disease that started a year ago and which you had absolutely nothing to do with. But your Splendorness, your people suffer. The 300 hundred billion leeches former King Bashedalot decreed in the February of 2008 have not dispelled the demons. The 700 hundred billion leeches King Bashedalot decreed in October of 2008 have not calmed the odious monster. The 870 hundred billion leeches you blessed us with in February 2009 have not defeated the black dragon. The 3 trillion leeches you are about to cast on the swamp master have had no effect on the plight of the people. Princess Piglosi says that 500 hundred million continue to die each month.

    King Bashedalot?

    I’m filled with shame your Brilliance…..CITIZEN Bashedalot.

    Why do you tell me this, you miserable worm?

    Because, your Esteemed Eminence, because we have a visitor from afar who says he knows what cured the Black Death in years gone by.

    Who is this cur who pretends to usurp my authority?

    His name, your Glowing Saintly Benevolence, is Ronaldus Maximus Juniorius, who says his father was king in the years that have been erased from the history books.

    And what does the archaic cretin suggest we do, you sulpherous little toadie?

    Oh your Generous Bequeether of all that is Good, I am but an insignificant repeater of Ronaldus’ message. He says that the forgotten king rejected the application of leeches which your hero forefather King Rused-alot used so many years ago to bring our poor country out of the plague of 30 into the sunshine of the glory years despite the War of the Worlds. Ronaldus says that, instead, his father cleaned the rats out of the congress, stopped recycling the putrid programs of the past and stopped the Leech Tax. In 3 years, Ronaldus says, there was a new spring like the country had never seen before.

    Do you have a point, you disgusting sniveling petrified shrew?

    Oh your gloriousness, you the most holy of Holies, I beg you to use the wisdom that is so exalted around the world, so exalted because you never had to be wise for even one second before you assumed your rightful dominion over all the people of the world. I beg you to use your wisdom to choose between more leeches and cleaning the rats, stopping putrid programs and cancelling the Leech Tax. Our people are suffering, your Majestyship. We need your infinite wisdom.

    I see. Your ignorant plea has touched my soul. And my decision will live for the ages!


  5. Odie44 says:

    OT – Cavuto is going ballistic on some media dope Leslie about the Tea Party protests.

    She is claiming its nothing but an “after the fact, useless exercise” and went on to say “the original tea party had to do with taxation without representation, thats not happening here”, then went on to say its nothing more than “angry Reps”. I have never seen or heard Cavuto tell someone to “shut up, you aren’t listening or don’t understand”… finally her mic was cut.

    Wow, do I love this guy more and more each day…


    I believe they cut off the last 30-45 seconds or so.

  6. pdsand says:

    If they know what’s good for them they’ll run the other way. The last few months have definitely reinforced the nine most terrifying words in the english language.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Acme Insurance sells life insurance. They also sell mortgage insurance. Eleventy thousand mortgages default. Acme must make good on the mortgage insurance. Acme is now unable to meet the capital requirements to fund their life insurance exposure. TARP to the rescue! (sound bugle, cut to image of cavalry cresting the hill).

    Amazing that the very people who caused this problem can now deflect the blame to the executives of the companies who were just doing as they were told. Good thing they all get to give themselves huge bonuses before they are cut loose.

    Obama loots the Treasury and hands it over to these guys, these guys loot the company, Obama “fires” them and off they go to a life of leisure in Costa Rica laughing all the way.

    It is an organized looting of corporate America. Americans are such suckers.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Yes I watched Cavuto yesterday and was amazed – first as you said about his ‘conversation’ with the Leslie person vis a vis the dismissive, demeaning and completely ignorant view of her’s on the Tea Parties. ‘Well why weren’t they doing this under the Bush administration, that’s when it should have been done’ what crappola –

    But the one with the bimbette defending this (insurance bailout) was just as bad – we have to do this blah, blah, blah people’s lives depend on it.

    A long time ago, my first husband had a friend whose favorite comeback was ‘it’s only money’. At the time my marriage had hit the breaking point, I am always worried about money (and rightly was afraid that the ex was going to make a dive for my money [i.e. the money I brought into the marriage]) and it annoyed me to no end. During the next assignment – the guy again turned up and through another mutual friend I became more aware of exactly where this guy was coming from – he was stinking rich, he was only there (the Army) to let them buy, maintain and gas his helicopters until his real inheritance came in. His government checks laid around his house uncashed – he did not need them at all. A few more years passed and I realized that he was right, it is only money. Let go of the power it has over you – then you can realize that repealing the 16th Amendment will force the Klownposse in DC to actually do their jobs, instead of confiscating everyone else’s wealth for their own.

    If you put all of your _________(fill in the blank – hopes, dreams, future, peace, belief whatever) in money and the power it has over you – you do believe the farce that – people’s lives depend on it crappola.

    You should invest in yourself and your family and teach your family well – because people are a much better investment than anything else out there. These idiots in DC have been setting this up in stages since the ’30s – first get people to stop taking care of Grandma & Grandpa – give them their own ‘welfare,’ get them hooked and let little Jane and John indulge themselves without a second thought to Mom & Dad. Then hook all those who never had the intention of working or personal responsibility. And just keep expanding it until all think that they are entitled to something. And the way the Klownposse in DC has been pulling punches, forcing their agenda into programs and systems – was it any big surprise that this happened? At all?

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