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Trinity Spends $21K Per Child For Day Care?

In the apologies we hear for Reverend Wright and his church, Trinity UCC, we always hear extolled the great works that the Reverend and Trinity do.

Yesterday, Fox News reported that much of this is funded by grants from US taxpayers, totaling around $15 million dollars. (Not to mention the tax exemption status Trinity currently enjoys as a 501c3 “charity.”)

But it may be instructive to look at one example of Trinity’s operations, Trinity United Church Of Christ Child Care Centers Inc, via their most recent form 990 filing, which is available as a pdf file from Guidestar.

Trinity United Church Of Christ Child Care Centers Inc

532 W. 95th Street
Chicago, IL 60628

Who We Are

Our organization’s purpose is to provide quality child care to children birth to five years old.

And, indeed, that is what their form 990 also states, with further detail:


“Provided day care svcs for approx 65 pre-school aged children. Svcs incld education programs & provided 3 daily meals.”

The gross income for Trinity’s child care center is listed on the form below as $1,372,959:


$1,372,959 divided by 65 children comes out to $21,122 per child.

But even using the figure listed above by Trinity, $1,240,518 and dividing by 65 gives one $19,085 per child.

Using either Trinity figure, is this not a lot of money for the taxpayer to be spending on day care?

For comparison, according to the College Board website:

The average price for a private four-year college is $23,712.

The average price for a public four-year college (for out of state students) is $16,640.

The average price for a public four-year college (for in state students) is $6,185.

56 percent of students attend four-year schools with annual tuition and fees below $9,000.

Should pre-school day care cost more than college?

Surely there must be a more cost efficient way to spend the taxpayers dollars to provide these services.

It is surprisingly difficult to find actual numbers about the cost of day care across the country.

And according to a HHS report from 1999, Child Care in Michigan: A Short Report on Subsidies, Affordability, and Supply, the average unsubsidized cost for day care for a child in Detroit was $384 a month, which is $4608 per year.

Even taking into account inflation, why should Trinity be spending five times that amount?

And yet this is what Mr. Obama cites as “great work.”

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