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Bomb Kills 135 In Baghdad – Despite Nancy Pelosi

From Reuters:

Smoke billows after an explosion in Baghdad. A suicide bomber has blown up his truck near a central Baghdad market, killing at least 102 people as shoppers were buying household items ahead of the night-time curfew.

Baghdad truck bomb kills 105

Sat Feb 3, 2007 11:23 AM ET

By Mussab Al-Khairalla

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A truck bomb killed 105 people and wounded 225 in a busy market in central Baghdad on Saturday in one of the deadliest single bombings in the capital since the 2003 U.S.-led war.

The blast in Sadriya, which shattered vegetable and meat stalls, occurred a day after a U.S. intelligence report said elements of the conflict in Iraq could be called civil war.

The casualties swamped the capital’s hospitals. There were chaotic scenes at Ibn al-Nafis hospital in central Karrada, where the hallways overflowed with wounded on trollies and relatives and friends screaming for help.

President Bush plans to send 21,500 more troops, mostly to Baghdad, in a new security push widely regarded as a final attempt to avert all-out sectarian civil war between the Shi’ite Muslim majority and once dominant Sunnis.

Emergency workers pulled bodies from the debris and piled them on pickup trucks in Sadriya, a Reuters reporter at the scene of the bombing said.

The blast, which occurred hours after Iraq’s leading Shi’ite cleric renewed an appeal to Iraqis to avoid violence, left a wide crater in the street. The district has suffered a number of large bombings in recent months.

"I was in my shop and there was a great explosion and the roof fell in on me. I woke up here in hospital," said one man at the Ibn al-Nafis hospital with blood streaming down his face.

In September 2005, a suicide bomber killed 114 people and wounded 156 in a Shi’ite district of Baghdad. In November 2006 six car bombs in different parts of the Sadr City neighborhood of Baghdad killed 202 and wounded 250…

Where is Nancy Pelosi? How is it possible she allowed this to happen?

Will we have to wait until January 2009 and the Hillary Clinton ascendancy before this madness will stop?

[The headline has been updated to reflect the latest numbers. We don’t want to belittle this latest great Muslim accomplishment.]

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