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Tubercular Man Eluded Border Controls

From those lovers of open borders at the Washington Post:

Tuberculosis bacteria. A tuberculosis patient held under the first U.S. isolation order in more than 40 years was on his honeymoon abroad and decided to ‘run’ when he heard authorities wanted to lock him up and force treatment, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Wednesday.

Man With Rare TB Easily Eluded Safeguards

By David Brown
Thursday, May 31, 2007; Page A03

The Atlanta man with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis who sparked an international health alarm by flying to Europe and back for his wedding twice ignored requests to stay put and not travel, officials said yesterday.

He apparently also shortened his honeymoon — which included stays in both Greece and Italy — and returned home early in order to avoid the complicated procedure being put together to get him back to the United States in a way that would not expose other people to his dangerous microbe.

Those were among the details that emerged yesterday about a bizarre cat-and-mouse game that reveals both how seriously public health officials take the threat of transcontinental spread of infectious disease and how easily the safeguards can be eluded.

“There is some indication of deceitfulness on the part of the individual,” said Russ Knocke, spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, which was in the process of putting the patient’s name on a “no-fly list” last Thursday when it learned he was already on a plane headed for Montreal.

Knocke also said last night that investigators were looking into how the man and his wife got through U.S. customs in Champlain, N.Y., when all border crossings had been given his name and told to hold him if he appeared.

The man, now back in Georgia and undergoing treatment, provided a different version of events to an Atlanta newspaper, saying he was never explicitly told he could not travel. He could not be reached yesterday. His name and identity have not been revealed; he is said to be in his 30s…

As we know, many unfortunates south of the border have tuberculosis.

And, as we also know, it is the failure to follow through on the treatments for TB that cause it to become drug-resistant. A practice all too common among the uneducated and impoverished.

So expect to hear many more stories like this — and worse.


But never fear. Here comes the ACLU to proclaim the (hitherto unknown) right to spread infectious diseases.

From the Associated Press:

ACLU says Maricopa County violated TB patient’s rights


PHOENIX – The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit claiming Maricopa County officials have violated the rights of a quarantined tuberculosis patient for months by treating him like a criminal.

The U.S. District Court complaint filed Wednesday on behalf of Robert Daniels alleges that health officials and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have violated numerous constitutional rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The suit seeks what it calls appropriate accommodations for Daniels, rather than severe and “inhumane” jail conditions…

More “charitable” work for the public good by the taxpayer-supported ACLU.

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