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Turkish Military Expels 10 “Reactionary” Officers

From a distraught Associated Press:

Turkish Military Expels Officers


August 5, 2007

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Turkey’s secular military expelled 10 officers for being “reactionary” — a euphemism for Islamist activities — along with 13 others accused of lack of discipline, an official said Sunday.

The military, a strong supporter of Turkey’s secular standing, ousted the 10 officers for “reactionary activities,” the military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to media.

The phrase “reactionary activities,” usually refers to alleged ties to religious groups or a religious agenda seen as a threat to the nation’s secularist tradition.

It was the first time the Higher Military Council disclosed the number of those expelled on that specific allegation. In the past, it only released the total number of dismissed officers and gave no other details, the Milliyet newspaper said…

The military has expelled hundreds of officers for alleged ties to leftist or Islamist groups since 1996.

Thank Allah God for Turkey’s military.

At least sometimes.

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