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TX School Video (PBS?) Blames The US For 9/11

From the Washington Times:

Texas elementary school student given quiz suggesting U.S. to blame for 9/11

By Jessica Chasmar | March 21, 2013

A Texas mother is outraged after her fifth-grade son brought home schoolwork that apparently suggested the United States is to blame for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The quiz, titled “Remembering September 11th, was administered by a Flour Bluff Independent School teacher in Corpus Christi, and it asked, “Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?”

The boy answered the question correctly: “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”

The mother of the boy, Kara Sands, contacted the school’s principal who contacted the producer of the video the quiz was based on, Safari Montage. They both defended the video, but the quiz was changed to be more clear.

“I’m not going to justify radical terrorists by saying we did anything to deserve that; over 3,000 people died,” Sands told KRISTV.

Though the 9/11 quiz was not a part of the CSCOPE curriculum, several parents at Flour Bluff plan on bringing up the controversial program at the next school board meeting later this month. One worksheet on the Bill of Rights, Ms. Sands said, names food and medicine as rights.

“[My son] got marked wrong, because it is, it is our responsibility for shelter, its our responsibility for food for medicine, its not the government’s responsibility,” she said. “When I teach my children that you have to work hard and you have to earn a living and they go to school and learn something different, I absolutely take issue with that.”

Now here is the real shock. The producers of this video aren’t just some backwater operation. Safari Montage partners with PBS.

From Wikipedia:

Library Video Company

In 2005, Library Video Company merged with K-12 video networking solution provider, SAFARI Video Networks, founded in 1987 by Tim Beekman, to form SAFARI Montage. SAFARI Montage provides K-12 schools and districts with server-based digital video-on-demand, streaming video, and videoconferencing products.

Educational publishers, including PBS and WGBH have partnered with SAFARI Montage to bring educational programs to schools in a digital format.

In May, 2012, PBS announced an agreement to renew and expand its partnership with SAFARI Montage, making SAFARI Montage the primary major commercial digital distributor of PBS’ library of full-length programs to schools in the United States. This agreement also added hundreds of additional PBS titles to those already available through SAFARI Montage.

So they were probably just toeing the PBS line on 9/11.

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4 Responses to “TX School Video (PBS?) Blames The US For 9/11”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Like Israel is to blame for the Intifada and Africans are to blame for the tsetse fly.

    Does that mean manure is to blame for Obama?

  2. Helena says:

    How about: E.) Leaders of corrupt and dysfunctional countries go to extraordinary lengths to propagandize their citizens into believing that some “outside malevolent force,” preferably America which will never attack them, is responsible for their miserable standard of living so that said leaders can keep robbing their citizens blind.

    • captstubby says:

      its the standard policy Nations employ on the people.

      State;”who is the enemy”?

      mob; the people we are fighting.”

      State;” why are they the enemy”?

      mob;”because we are fighting them”.

      State;”and why are we fighting them”?

      mob;,”because they are the enemy”.

  3. USSFreedom says:

    It seems the “Great Satan” tag is being further developed within the public educational system along with wussie-fying the boys that would be the generation to defend us from the incoming horde of “radicals”(is there any other kind?) terrorists bent on distroying our nation from within and without our borders. All here are aware of the programs. Wars and rumor of wars rampant in this segment of the end of times every generation goes through.
    Only our past few administrations had and have no intention of winning any, according to new rules of engagement issued that are more restrictive than the previous rules to keeping our fighting men alive.
    WW2 was won by this country and our allies by using the total war tactic on all fronts and not trying to buy off the enemy by appeasement and agreeing to their philosophy of We are right and you are wrong and the penalty is being conquered and enslaved. Live or die with it infidel.

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