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U of AZ Professor: We’re All Going To Die By 2040

From the Daily Caller:

Doomsday professor: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE BY 2040 (from global warming)

By Eric Owens | October 23, 2013

… In a speech last week at the University of Colorado Boulder Guy McPherson, professor emeritus [sic] at the University of Arizona, said humans are “about as special as bacteria,” reports The College Fix. He forecasted the demise of human civilization and, in fact, most human beings by 2040.

This isn’t fair. They keep moving the goal posts. Al Gore said we were all going to die by 2016.

The professor was speaking to a crowd of about 80 people.

For ‘global warmists’ 80 is a crowd.

The CU Environmental Center, which is funded by mandatory student fees, co-sponsored the talk. As the Daily Caller News Foundation reported in September, McPherson regularly prophesies doom for all earthlings.

The dour guest professor’s speech did not disappoint his gloomy acolytes. McPherson blamed massive, rapid climate change for the impending doom of the planet and the human species. The underlying causes of warming are oil drilling, which produces too much methane, and the burning of huge amounts of fossil fuels…

It’s great to see fracking moving up on the charts. But oddly enough, fracking seems to have stopped global warming. At least there hasn’t been any global warming since people started seriously fracking in the last 15 years.

Citing a 2012 report on climate change, McPherson counseled: “Global warming is unavoidable unless there is massive geo-engineering.”

“There are 12 self-reinforcing feedback loops in 2013 and acceleration is fully underway,” McPherson said, according to The Fix. “In 2040, there will be little to no humans.”

The warming prophet also proclaimed that humans must reject materialism and wealth. Instead, he said, people should model their lives after the Greek philosopher Socrates—just like he claims to be doing except, of course, when he rambles around the country giving speeches…

Oddly enough, Socrates was sentenced to death by the Greeks because he was a ‘denier.’ He was a skeptic about the Greek religion of his day. Just as some are skeptical of the liberal’s religion of today, ‘global warming.’

The University of Colorado’s website suggests that McPherson takes regular junkets around the country telling people that the use of fossil fuels is rapidly leading to human extinction. He speaks on topics “such as authenticity, Socratic lives of excellence, and the role and responsibility of our species in the world.”

It’s unclear how McPherson traveled from somewhere in New Mexico, where he apparently homesteads, to Boulder—or what kind of carbon footprint he left in the process. Boulder is about 500 miles from Albuquerque, the biggest city in New Mexico. McPherson also has an office in Tucson, according to the University of Arizona.

McPherson seems to travel from his homestead quite a bit. According to his website, McPherson recently appeared in the Fresno, Calif. area, roughly 900 miles from Albuquerque. Over Memorial Day, McPherson apparently trekked to Pennsylvania to speak at a conference.

Someone should tell Professor McPherson that Socrates also said that the most important thing is to ‘Know thyself.’ Which this professor seems to have missed completely, given his hypocrisy when it comes to burning fossils fuels to gallivant all over the country.

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6 Responses to “U of AZ Professor: We’re All Going To Die By 2040”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    I’d rather live my life like Greek philosopher Epicurus. As the founders intended.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    Well, if we’re all going to be dead by 2040 we need to do a little figuring here. That leaves us roughly 25 years to eliminate the world population. Experts project that there will be an extra 2 billion people on earth by 2040 and 75% of them will live in Africa and Asia. That will make the population of the Earth at about 9 billion people. That means that we will need to die at a rate of about 336 million people per year, every year for 25 years.

    Okay Mr. University of Arizona, Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson, you get the ball rolling and go first.

    Do you need some help?

    • captstubby says:

      “do a little figuring here…”

      it maybe starting now.

      there is some good numbers backing this up.
      The the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be worse than any Plague.
      after one year ,everyone is required by law to belong,
      with a United States population of 313.9 million .
      plus 11 million illegals,

      complete Heath care break down.
      soon only Congress and most Muslims will be left in this country.
      since neither contribute to the United States well being, ..
      and when all Taxpayers are gone,
      there will no longer any more US Welfare Aid going to over sea’s Country’s.
      and we know how that will turn out.
      Heck, this could wipe out Everyone .

      and sooner than planned.
      The Perfect Doomsday Device.

      “Mein Führer! I can walk!”

  3. BillK says:

    Cool – if we’re all going to die anyway, we don’t need Obamacare or to address pollution at all!

  4. canary says:

    Well, this explains my global green neighbor just telling a heat wave will burn up many in 25 years old and for me to trust her because she knows all about it. Now I know her source. sigh

    I’d say a nuclear bomb is more of a threat

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