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UAW Creates VW Union, Despite Vote Against Union

From the Tennessean (a Gannett owned newspaper):

Despite roadblocks, UAW finds a new path in the South

By G. Chambers Williams III | July 10, 2014

CHATTANOOGA — In a move that is unusual but not unprecedented, the United Auto Workers union has sidestepped its loss in a worker vote in February and created a local union to represent workers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee.

Apparently, ‘no doesn’t mean no,’ at least as far as unions are concerned. Elections mean nothing to them. Just like with the rest of the left. They keep pushing until they find another way.

And what’s surprising, considering decades of fierce anti-union efforts from the other foreign-transplant automakers in the South, this time the union has the tacit approval of Volkswagen itself…

That is not surprising to anyone who has been following this story. In fact, VW is in the clutches of the unions back in Germany.

UAW International President Dennis Williams announced the formation of Local 42 during a charter-signing ceremony Thursday afternoon at the union’s offices a few miles from the plant, where 1,500 workers assemble the Volkswagen Passat sedan.

That is, they just announced the union — as a fait accompli. How Obama-like of them.

Williams said the union had two reasons for establishing the new chapter in Chattanooga:

First, the February vote was a narrow loss — 53 percent to 47 percent — and the result showed strong support among workers, despite heavy opposition from outside groups and Tennessee legislators.

So ‘close’ elections don’t count. Got it!

Second, the UAW said it already had signed cards from a majority of the workers prior to the election, saying they favored representation.

So ‘card check’ proves that nobody how people voted in the secret ballot, they really wanted to unionize. Got it! (And what a great testimony to the power of intimidation that is ‘card check.’)

The union took that as a mandate to represent any workers who want to join the new local, even though membership will be voluntary and, for now, no dues will be collected.

"We said we wouldn’t give up on these workers, and we’re not going to," Williams said. He pledged the union would work with Volkswagen to train and educate workers so they would be the best the automaker could get…

Union thuggery on parade. ‘You say you don’t want a union? You voted against a union, even after being threatened and bribed? Well, that’s tough. You’re getting a union, anyway. — Somebody has to protect your interests.’

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5 Responses to “UAW Creates VW Union, Despite Vote Against Union”

  1. canary says:

    “This time the union has the “tacit approval of Volkswagen itself.””

    The well-known tacit to move union jobs to other countries perhaps Mexico.

  2. yadayada says:

    “so they would be the best the automaker could get…”

    because an employer always needs interference from a middleman working counter to the company’s best interest in order to hire the best qualified person for the job.

    quality is job 1 – right after we return from our mandated break time

  3. GetBackJack says:

    This is how a serial rapist gets encouraged. No doesn’t mean no and (wink) you know she wants it ..

  4. Enthalpy says:

    How can this “new union” have standing? Well, it doesn’t. All progressives do this: they continue to vote until the desired outcome is reached. BS.

    • canary says:

      Enthalpy; The unwanted Union will terrorize & stock workers and their children, block workers, slash tires, vandalize, and even send death threats.

      And I do mean chase a woman who has to grab and run holding her toddlers and hide behind a big garbage dumpster, shaking and heart beating watching til they pass on by and it’s safe to finally take off running in the opposite direction and finding a better place to hide.

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