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UAW Freezes Pay Of Non-Union GM Workers

From the Wall Street Journal:

GM Cuts Benefits for Salaried Staff

February 16, 2012

General Motors Co. is freezing the pay of its 26,000 U.S. salaried employees and will eliminate its traditional pension contribution for those salaried workers who still receive them in moves to reduce financial risks and cut costs.

The Detroit company also will shrink the 2011 bonus for all salaried U.S. workers because it failed to meet its financial goals last year, people familiar with the matter said.

It’s funny how even the Wall Street Journal dares not mention that "salaried employees" actually means non-union workers. I guess even the Wall Street Journal is afraid of union goons. And, after all, they are unionized, too.

The changes comes as GM prepares to disclose on Thursday a record annual profit of around $8 billion for 2011, people familiar with the matter said

The UAW is earning record profits and yet they are freezing the salaries and ending the pensions of non-union workers? Is that social justice?

And remember, GM does not even have to pay taxes on its record profit, thanks to Mr. Obama.

While its white-collar, salaried U.S. workers won’t receive a pay raise this year, they will receive an additional week of vacation. Workers in key jobs also will have a shot at bigger bonuses, the company said

Gosh the union masters are kind.

The pension change aims to reduce the risk GM faces in its massive pension plan, which is a top concern among investors.

It’s the UAW’s pension plan that is the problem. Not the measly pension plan of the non-union workers.

About 3,000 salaried workers who are part of GM’s finance arm won’t be impacted by the pay freeze or pension change…

So GM’s engineers are losing their pensions and having their pay frozen. Not the people who make the car loans. (Which is Ally Financial, which owes the government $12 billion dollars, just on its own.)

The company will pay smaller annual bonuses to most white-collar workers despite an expected record profit because net income is only one factor in determining payouts, those people said…

The auto maker’s 48,500 United Auto Workers-represented hourly workers receive bonuses under a different formula, which hinges on profitability and quality.

Uh huh.

Salaried workers at rival Ford Motor Co. will receive both bonuses and a salary increase, the company has said.

Well, Ford is not owned by the UAW.

At least, not yet.

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6 Responses to “UAW Freezes Pay Of Non-Union GM Workers”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This behavior immediately reminds me of this …


    Wait for it ….

    • Petronius says:

      Outstanding find, GBJ.

      But I’m a bit confused.

      Is this video offered as an example of union thug behavior?

      Or is it an example of USDA’s new school lunch program?

      And wouldn’t it apply to Liberal behavior in general, as they are all predators with the morality of hungry cannibals and bloodthirsty vampires?

    • GetBackJack says:

      There’s a difference?

  2. canary says:

    The auto union thugs heads know darn well they cause auto factories to outsource to foreign countries.
    The members do not understand their union tops are all in it for themselves and spark outrage for a smoke screen to get more member dues.

  3. P. Aaron says:

    It’s gonna fail…not right away but give it time, the auto(workers) will have to be bailed out again.

  4. finebammer59 says:

    in a related story:


    i’m convinced the white house invited the alabama auto makers with the specific purpose of publicly snubbing them in front of the goons.

    the people in the mobile al area have suffered greatly under the regime. from the oil spill to the faux restoration to the lost tanker project (again to unions) and now this. yet this is what passes for harsh condemnation from the liberal mobile press/laxative.

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