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UAW (GM) Gives Itself Bonuses And Raises

From their comrades in solidarity at Reuters:

GM labor deal heads toward UAW vote

By Bernie Woodall and David Bailey
September 20, 2011

DETROIT (Reuters) – About 48,500 General Motors Co workers at U.S. factories will begin considering the details of a proposed four-year contract on Tuesday that represents the first labor deal for the automaker since its 2009 bailout by the Obama administration.

Local leaders from the United Auto Workers union are scheduled to meet on Tuesday in Detroit to review and approve the deal, which will then be sent to a ratification vote by GM workers expected to be completed within a week

It must be fairly easy for the UAW to negotiate with the GM management, which is now comprised of the UAW and their minions in Washington, the Obama administration.

At stake are wages and benefits for about 112,500 unionized U.S. auto workers at GM, Chrysler and Ford, who have gone without a base pay increase since 2003

Boo hoo. Why should they have gotten raises? Last year was GM’s first ‘profitable’ year since 2004.

Sources with knowledge of the proposed GM contract have said it includes recalling about 570 laid off GM workers, one-time bonus payments of about $5,000 and bringing new assembly work to an idled Tennessee plant that had been the home of the Saturn brand.

Workers hired at a second-tier entry level wage of about $15 per hour under the 2007 agreement between the union and U.S. automakers would also receive wage increases of about $2 per hour under the proposed deal

In other words, the UAW and the Obama administration have agreed to give every UAW ‘worker’ a $5,000 bonus and the new hires a raise. What a nice deal. (Now we know what Mr. Obama was doing in Detroit back on Labor Day.)

The UAW gave up its right to strike GM or Chrysler as part of the government bailouts.

How could the UAW strike against companies that they own?

The UAW has hoped to use new labor agreements with the Detroit automakers as a springboard to winning first-ever contracts to represent workers at U.S. factories operated by Japanese, Korean and German automakers.

That is laugh out loud funny.

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7 Responses to “UAW (GM) Gives Itself Bonuses And Raises”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Over at PJM, they’re talking about the Solyndra/LightSquared/Gunwalker scandals and how they have suddenly come to the fore in the past three weeks, as opposed to the MSM ignoring such things.


    Hopefully, this UAW activity will also gain some momentum and the gravity-well will just grow stronger and suck some seriously ethically deficient democrats into the singularity.

  2. BigOil says:

    I can not wait to see the UAW sales pitch to the workers at the foreign-owned automaker factories.

    We can deliver benefits to you so lucrative they are assured to bankrupt the company. Since all your dues will be funnelled into the hands of Democrats, we simply have the government turn over ownership of the bankrupt company to you, with the treasury on the hook for all liabilities. At which point, you give yourself bonuses and raises as you so desire.

    What worker could turn down such a model for collective prosperity?

  3. sticks says:

    To win “first-ever contracts to represent workers at US factoies operated by Japenese, Korean and German automakers.” all the unions need is a simplification of the process of organizing the workers (in case they might not actually want the union) such as card check and a law that makes it illegal for a foriegn automaker to close a plant in America (in case it gets too expensive to keep one open).

  4. proreason says:

    Here’s an easy prediction. When the Uncle Sugar money dries up, the next target of the UAW thugs will be their own retirees.

    They will be desperate to keep the scam alive.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    What’s with the background sign BUILD POWER Geez, that’s not even subtle

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