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UAW Now Planning To Bring Down Ford

From a cheering Reuters:

United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger (left) announces his successor, UAW Vice President Bob King (right).

UAW meets as union looks to claw back from crisis

By Kevin Krolicki And David Bailey Sun Jun 13, 2010

DETROIT (Reuters) – United Auto Workers delegates will gather in Detroit this week to elect new leaders as the union emerges from the U.S. auto industry’s near-death experience with fewer workers, lower wages and an uncertain set of bargaining chips.

Bob King, 63, a veteran of UAW negotiations with Ford Motor Co who was endorsed as president by UAW leadership last year, faces an unusual and last-minute challenge from a dissident candidate, a sign of the simmering tensions within the battered union.

Still, King is expected to be voted in as union president on Wednesday and to face immediate calls to win back some ground lost in the auto industry downturn during contract negotiations next year that will center on Ford, the only U.S. automaker to have avoided bankruptcy.

The UAW leadership vote this week comes almost exactly a year after U.S. government intervention saved General Motors Co and Chrysler and made the union a major shareholder in the restructured automakers…

The UAW gets ownership of General Motors and Chrysler while the real shareholders are driven out, and Reuters pretends it is a ‘”concession,” a setback for the union.

"It’s going to be interesting to see what path they take," said IHS Global Insight analyst Aaron Bragman. "There are a number of UAW workers who are frankly disenfranchised with the fact that they had to make these big concessions."

The union’s current president, Ron Gettelfinger, is retiring after an eight-year term where he steered the union through historic givebacks on pensions, health care and wages for new workers as the U.S. auto industry slid toward crisis

Again, this is errant nonsense. Thanks to Mr. Obama, Mr. Gettelfinger managed to put the US taxpayer on the hook for the UAW’s pension and healthcare plans, which were already deeply under-funded.

In another milestone, the union agreed to create a trust fund to take over responsibility for funding retiree health care. That deal, which was reached in the union’s 2007 contract talks with Detroit automakers, removed an obligation estimated at almost $90 billion from GM, Ford and Chrysler.

For which they were given ownership of GM and Chrysler, courtesy of Mr. Obama:

It also gave the union’s healthcare trusts a financial claim that turned into a 55-percent stake in Chrysler and a 17.5 percent stake in GM when both of those companies were restructured in bankruptcy by the Obama administration.

Gettelfinger said the financial representatives of the healthcare trusts would make the final decision on whether to participate in GM’s expected initial public offering which would allow the U.S. government to reduce its stake in GM.

"I think taxpayers will come out fine," he said.

Meaning that Mr. Obama is going to give the remaining government shares of GM and Chrysler to the UAW, and to hell with the US taxpayers. And, of course, to hell with those suckers who actually owned stock in the two car companies.

President Barack Obama, then an Illinois senator, had delivered a videotaped message of support to the last UAW convention in Las Vegas in 2006. The union campaigned heavily for Obama in 2008 and for his health care reform agenda.

Huh. Is Reuters suggesting that there is some kind of connection here?

When did they first begin to catch on?

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5 Responses to “UAW Now Planning To Bring Down Ford”

  1. proreason says:

    There’s still meat on Ford’s carcass.

    It’s surprising it took this long.

    The lives of Ford executives lives are in serious danger.

  2. Tater Salad says:

    If the UAW executive board doesn’t step away from their Progressive/Scoialist agenda in the future and the companies executives of these car companies do not refrain from excessive bonus’s and salaries, these car companies will become dinosaures all over again and the cities will end up like this:


  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Unions! What’s good for them is good for them. What’s good for everybody else doesn’t matter.

  4. FCAFlyer says:

    Two words for the UAW . . . oh, well, guess I’d better not use them here . . . . . .

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