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UK Cops Search House Of Sweden Bomber

A begrudging report from Reuters:

UK police search house in link with Swedish blasts

By Patrick Lannin And Niklas Pollard
December 13, 2010

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Middle East-born man who died in a blast in Stockholm was wearing an explosives belt and likely aimed to attack a crowded train station or department store when the device went off prematurely, an official said on Monday.

Sweden’s chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand told a news conference the man had been well equipped with explosives and he assumed the man had accomplices as the attack was well planned.

"He was wearing a bomb belt and was carrying a rucksack with a bomb. He was also carrying an object that looks something like a pressure cooker. If it had all exploded at the same time it could have caused very serious damage," Lindstrand said.

A car containing gas canisters blew up in a busy shopping area in central Stockholm on Saturday followed minutes later by a blast nearby which killed the bomber and injured two people.

"It is not a very wild guess that he was headed to some place where there were as many people as possible, perhaps the central station, perhaps (department store) Ahlens," he said.

No, it’s an all too easy guess. In fact, he was probably headed to the place with the most women and children. These freedom fighters are so predictable.

He said the man was almost certainly Taymour Abdulwahab, who has been widely named in media reports.

He said Abdulwahab was born in 1981, became a Swedish citizen in 1992 and came from a Middle Eastern country, although it was unclear which. The Swedish immigration service told Reuters he came to Sweden in 1992 and got citizenship in 1998.

It sounds like a DREAM Act come true.

He had lived in Sweden and spent time in Britain.

The University of Bedfordshire in the southern English town of Luton said a student called Taymour Abdulwahab, a Swedish national, had registered in 2001 and graduated with a degree in sports therapy in 2004.

We are told that these academically low rated British universities attract a lot of foreigners who attend just to get a student visa.

British police were searching a house in Luton…

A post on a Muslim dating website showed Abdulwahab was born in Iraq, was married with two young daughters and looking for a second wife.

So he was just another pious Muslim seeking to spread the joy.

Shortly before the blasts, Swedish news agency TT received a threatening letter criticizing Sweden’s troops in Afghanistan, caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad drawn by a Swedish cartoonist and which spoke of a Middle East trip for "jihad."

"To all Muslims in Sweden I say: stop fawning and humiliating yourselves for a life of humiliation is far from Islam. Help your brothers and sisters and do not fear anything or anyone, only the God you worship," the letter said.

In the letter, he said to his family: "I never went to the Middle East to work or earn money, I went there for jihad. I hope that you can understand me some time."

Most of this information about Mr. Abdulwahab has been available for a couple of days now. But somehow the wire services are just now getting around to reporting it. Now that it is ‘old news.’

The man worshipped at the Luton Islamic Center Mosque in 2007. "He was very friendly, bubbly initially and people liked him. But he came to the attention of our committee for preaching extremist ideas," secretary of the center Farasat Latif told Reuters. When he was confronted, he stormed out and was not seen again at the mosque

Though Sweden has never had such an attack before, the Security Police have acted over the years to stop people traveling from Sweden to conflict zones, particularly Somalia

Really? Famously open and tolerant Sweden won’t let people fly to "conflict zones" like Somalia – and presumably vice versa? Where is the outrage?

This might help explain the lack of attacks up until now, however.

Still, why hasn’t such a ban ever occurred to our government masters? Why are we instead importing people from "conflict zones" into our country, particularly those from Somalia?

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7 Responses to “UK Cops Search House Of Sweden Bomber”

  1. Mae says:

    In the Hellish next life, he has met his leader. Actually I take no joy in writing that. It is a tragedy that any person die as a completely unrepentant sinner. There will be no Paradise for him, no virgins, no life of bliss forever. None of that for a murdering jihadist. And in the coming days there will be more to join him and the misery he has chosen.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    Irreconcilable differences are just that.

  3. Right of the People says:

    “I hope that you can understand me some time.”

    I understand this dysfunctional, goat-raping murderous cult member perfectly, it is okay to kill people if your cult leaders say so. Jim Jones would be envious.

    What the leaders of this cult do is brainwashing on a massive scale plain and simple. Through their mad ravings they convince even highly educated people to die for their cult. Islam is a cult, not a religion and if more people referred to it as such we might be able to combat it better.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    You cannot reason with the irrational. The best you can ever hope for is a delay in their quest. We are at a time when they are completely enamored of their “faith” and something has gone horribly wrong with their brains. Can’t be fixed so it has to be eliminated.

    Religion of pieces.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    “became a Swedish citizen in 1992”

    I guess interacting with non-Muslims in a multicultural society for 18 years didn’t change his views?

    Allowing this Muslim to immigrate only gave an enemy of Sweden opportunity to learn, hide, and better plot a death wish against the infidels. Not a surprise.

    I wonder if other liberally engineered multicultural societies such as the U.K. and France are going to put up with similar terrorist attacks by their Muslim citizens for decades, if not centuries to come.

    “married with two young daughters and looking for a second wife. ”

    Does his chattel get a say? If she has any sense at all (which is doubtful given the effect of first cousin marriages over multiple generations), then she’ll see his death as a blessing. But something tells me – oh, a little nagging feeling – that this woman will raise her children to sympathize with their “martyr” father and his homicidal tendencies. Oh, the bravery of trying to butcher people going out to stores for Christmas. Call me a cynic.

  6. canary says:

    Reuters: (Dec 13 2010) – In a message to his detractors, a supporter of Abdulwahab wrote on a Facebook page set up in his memory: “It’s a real shame none of you died.” —-

    hmmm. Luton is home to a large Muslim community, and was the place where the suicide bombers behind a deadly July 2005 attack on London’s transport system met to begin their operation.

    Like you can really believe what any mosque tells you. He could have been hiding in a room underground at a mosque for all we know.

  7. Papa Louie says:

    “It could have killed up to several hundred people and caused lots of injuries,” said Bo Janzon, weapons expert at the Swedish Defense Research Agency. Five of the six pipe bombs did not go off.

    How long can the West rely on luck to prevent terrorism?

    He wrote that he loves his family and asked his wife to kiss the children on his behalf. “Tell them that daddy loves them.”

    But daddy loves killing other people’s children much more than he loves his own.

    “Several hundred people walked close to the suicide bomber, who chanted Arabic slogans seconds before committing the attack.”

    Famous last words: “Let’s get closer to that crazy looking Muslim over there so we can hear what he’s chanting.”

    Ron Paul claims Muslim terrorists will leave us alone if we get out of the Middle East and leave them alone. Does anyone seriously believe that? Won’t they make up any excuse to kill us, even if its just a cartoon they don’t like or something that happened 1000 years ago?

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