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UK Kids Start School Lacking Toilet Training

From an unfazed BBC News:

BBC News – More pupils wetting themselves, say teachers

More pupils wetting themselves, say teachers

Hannah Richardson – BBC News education reporter
6 February 2012

More children are starting school before they are fully toilet trained, teachers say. A snapshot survey suggests many primary school staff are noticing a rise in the number of children wetting or soiling themselves.

The online survey of 848 staff for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers suggested the main cause was a lack of toilet training. ATL said the problem put extra pressure on school staff.

The ‘Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ is a British teachers union.

Two-thirds of the respondents to the survey, carried out by the ATL with the charity Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence, said they had noticed an increase in children having toileting accidents during the school day.

It also found that 38% of respondents were in schools with no written policy for dealing with such issues.

Perhaps it is just understood that the schools are against toileting accidents.

ATL general secretary Mary Bousted said: "Schools need to give staff clear guidance on how to deal with toileting accidents so that they know what they are allowed to do, and who should be dealing with an incident.

"It is also important that education staff feel that have support from their school nurse or head, and that they know where to obtain guidance should they need it."

Probably because they are afraid of getting charged with sexual abuse.

A foundation stage teacher from Wales stated: "We used not to take children until they were fully toilet trained. Now we accept them anyway as we operate in a deprived area and attendance at nursery is usually deemed to be in the child’s best interest."

You see, some parents are too poor to provide toilet training. But exactly how much does toilet training cost?

Another foundation stage teacher said: "This is a major problem for us – over 45% of our nursery children are not toilet trained when coming into nursery when they are three years old.

"We also have children who soil and wet a great deal, even in reception.

"Our parents just have no idea when and how to toilet train their children. We are having to put on a workshop to support them."

Who are these so-called ‘parents’?

Children normally start school in the academic year that they turn five, but increasing numbers are attending pre-schools from the age of three.

Jenny Perez, director of ERIC, said: "Schools should be clear about their expectation that children should be using the toilet independently when they start school.

"They can support parents to achieve this by providing resources and information at the time the child’s school place is confirmed."

And to think how people used to laugh when some warned about a ‘cradle to grave’ nanny state.

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11 Responses to “UK Kids Start School Lacking Toilet Training”

  1. River0 says:

    I lived in Britain for many years, off and on, between 1965 and 2008. There has been a severe breakdown of society and personal responsibility. It’s the inevitable price that socialism/collectivism collects. The social safety net becomes a hammock, and few people feel the need to excel. There’s a heavy social price to pay for bucking the system and swimming upstream toward individual goals.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I just got done working with a late-20’s Brit who is actually a conservative. He is disgusted by what his nation has become and he is traveling the world, taking advantage of his skills to raise himself up financially. A capitalist and an opportunist in a good way. He no longer lives in the UK and has figured out how to legally keep them from getting any taxes from him. He is very bright, has a stellar future ahead of him and looks and hopes for a day when Yurp and the UK return to earth, as he puts it. I’m 25 years ahead of him and I certainly do hope he sees it in his lifetime.

      But they are out there. Those staunchly independent thinkers and doers of good things, who work hard and don’t want some government taking their money to use to “help the poor” or support some ridiculous social program that always turns out to be an economic black hole.

      I hope to keep in touch with him for many years to come and see how things go.

    • proreason says:

      Many people think that England laid the foundations for the modern world and freedom. Mark Stein has written about this. The secret is English Common Law, which is the basis for an amazing number of the most successful political entities in the world: the US, Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, many more. And the influence of England goes well beyond that, since, beginning with the Magna Carta, England has significantly influenced western civilization well beyond the old English Empire.

      All of that certainly hasn’t disappeared, but it sure is a tragic thing that the English people themselves, for the most part, seem to have abandoned the very principles that made that small island the beacon of freedom for the world.for nearly a thousand years. The reason is that immediately following WWII, the socialists in England siezed upon the relief and fatigue of the English people after six years of the most brutal war ever waged to persuade them that they deserved free stuff forever….specifically, free health care. It’s been downhill from there. Something to keep in mind for fans of Romneycare.

      Of course, if you think that Sharia Law is just as good as English Common Law, just different, than ignore all of the above.

  2. proreason says:

    This situation cries out for a bunch of new laws.

    I’m not sure that anybody except lawyers can solve this one.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    This is surely the second from last Sign of the Apocalypse when human beings lose their ability to do their bidness cleanly and not involve others in HOW TO DO IT

  4. fallingpianos says:

    Future OWS-ers.

  5. Right of the People says:

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the increasing number of Mooselimbs living in the UK since indoor plumbing is probably still and mystery to most of them and feared as a plot by us infidels.

  6. Helena says:

    This is truly horrifying. This is ENGLAND we’re talking about, not rural Guyana. Britain had toilet systems in the 31st Century BC. It just shows how thin the veneer of our civilization is. We are literally one generation from living like savages.

    Form the Wikipedia history of toilets:
    circa 31st century BC: Britain’s oldest neolithic village, Skara Brae, Orkney used neolithic hydraulic technology.[2] The village’s design used a river and connecting drainage system to wash waste away.

    Flush toilet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  7. untrainable says:

    the charity Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence
    Seriously? EARFICC…..?
    Schools need to give staff clear guidance on how to deal with toileting accidents…
    Toileting? Toileting Accidents? When did jonny on the spot become a verb? Toileting? There is no toileting. They make it sound like a sport! Dooood… I blew out my knee last weekend on a wicked toileting run… Broke my arm during my toileting routine. Awww, man. What happened to you?? Toileting. WTF?

    As a species, we have peaked. Now we’re falling back down the evolutionary path towards pond scum. Some, it seems, have a head start on the rest of us. Time to make room for the cockroaches. Or, maybe Bigfoot.

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