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UK Muslims Want To Ban Rightwing Sites

From Iran’s IRNA:

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Muhammad Umar

Any website bans must include far right, say UK Muslim youths

London, Jan 17, IRNA

A leading British Muslim youth organisation Thursday welcomed the government action against websites promoting hatred but expressed concern about plans announced Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that they could be “discriminatory”.

The Ramadhan Foundation said it was “concerned that action is not being taken on far right and fascist websites that also promote violence and hatred.” Many that promote hatred and violence against minority communities that should be also closed, it said.

In her first major speech on terrorism, Smith spoke of introducing measures to ban extremist websites but singled out Muslim youths as being “most at risk when the propagandists of violent extremism spread their messages of violence.”

“We are already working closely with the communications industry to take action against paedophiles. I believe we should also take action against those who groom vulnerable people for the purposes of violent extremism,” she said.

The Ramadhan Foundation pointed out that it was already clear Islam totally forbids the killing of innocent people and terrorism and said it believed that the “threat is one for the whole country.” It welcomed the change of language used by the government since Prime Minister Gordon Brown took over last year, moving away from such inflammatory labels as “War of Terror”, “Muslim Extremist” or “Islamic Terrorist”, that tarnish and isolate a whole faith.

But the government was warned again about its strategy in not wanting to deal with root causes of terrorism, like the discriminatory nature of UK Foreign policy and wanting to engage young people yet not have dialogue with representative groups.

“The government is typically not willing to discuss the issues of double standards of UK foreign policy; unless you deal with the root causes we will not rid terrorism,” the foundation’s chair Muhammad Umar said.

Smith acknowledged that there may be grievances about Britain’s foreign policy or what is perceived to be the country’s foreign policy and those derived from the experience or perception of socio-economic disadvantage.

But she insisted that the government was prepared to debate grievances but only when they are “not only legitimately expressed but well founded.”

Gee, isn’t it amazing that the media in Iran would busy themselves with a news story about a Muslim “youth organization” in the UK?

Still, it’s good to see Iran trying to help end the relentless scourge of bombings, beheadings and other terrorist attacks from the “far right” that have bedeviled the UK and the rest of the world.

By the way, in case anyone has any doubt about the Ramadhan Foundation’s inclinations, they should check out their past events. Such as the confab this time last year, which they ironically called “Hidden Agendas.”

Its top speaker was George Galloway. And it was sponsored by Interpal, the Palestinians Relief and Development Fund. 

So, no, their agenda is not all that hidden after all.

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