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UK Seeks Homosexuals To Guard Queen

From the UK tabloid, The Daily Mail:

Scotland Yard advertises for ‘gay, lesbian or transgender’ bodyguards for the Queen

By Rebecca Camber
22nd September 2009

It is a role that demands a highly specialist set of skills.

Police officers applying to join the elite royal protection squad must be highly trained in personal protection, willing to travel, work 12-hour shifts and be constantly on the alert for any hint of danger to the Queen and her heirs to the throne.

But now Scotland Yard is on the lookout for a new type of bodyguard for the Queen – one who is lesbian, gay or transgender.

Yesterday the Met was facing a diversity row after posing an advertisement inviting ’special groups’ to apply for the role protecting the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral.

Police chiefs ordered the recruitment drive amid concerns that there aren’t enough officers from minority groups guarding for the Queen.

But critics accused the Metropolitan Police of political correctness.

The advertisement by Scotland Yard’s Royalty Protection Branch, known as SO14, invites armed officers from all backgrounds to apply for the role to ‘deliver residential protection through a combination of fixed posts and mobile patrols’.

The recruitment notice posted internally within the Met reads: ‘Successful officers can expect to work at London palaces or Windsor Castle and officers are required to perform tours of duty in Scotland.

‘Applications are particularly welcomed from women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and black and minority ethnic communities/people as these are under-represented within SO14.’

Successful candidates will have to be ‘currently or previously firearms trained’ and will be expected to work 12-hour shifts…

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, said: ‘I don’t know whether the Royal Family are going to feel that much safer knowing there’s a transgender outside protecting them.

‘This is absolutely ludicrous. This does more harm than good by building up resentment. What’s wrong with just employing the best for the job?’

He added: ‘I couldn’t give a stuff whether these officers are gay or straight – it’s about the best person for the job. It’s utter nonsense.

‘I wonder what’s the cost to the Metropolitan Police for all this ­equality and diversity nonsense? The money would be better spent putting more bobbies back on the beat.’

Yesterday a spokesman for Scotland Yard said the force was keen to boost the number of under-represented groups in specialist units, although they stressed that the selection for the post would be based solely on merit.

There are around 30 vacancies for the post, which offers a salary between £28,605 and £41,208 depending on the experience of the police constable.

A Met spokesman said: ‘We want to recruit the best people from London’s many different communities.

‘This includes ensuring that this diversity is reflected across the Metropolitan Police Service.

‘In units where particular groups are under represented, applicants are particularly encouraged from minority communities, however all selection is based solely on merit.’

Formed in 1983, the Royal Protection Squad is an elite Scotland Yard unit charged with providing 24-hour security for the Royal Family.

Around 400 SAS-trained officers, including uniformed officers and personal bodyguards, are responsible for guarding about 20 members of the Royal Family and their various homes.

They include the Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra, who carries out only 120 engagements a year and lives in a vast house in Richmond Park which is afforded 24-hour protection.

Earlier this year the Met asked for funding for up to 150 extra protection officers amid fears that police are so overstretched guarding jetsetting young royals that senior members of the family are being put at risk.

The annual protection bill for the Royal Family alone is estimated at £50million. [$81,894,690 US dollars.]

Most of it is spent on salaries and overtime for round-the-clock armed guards at Royal homes as well as hi-tech security measures.

There’s a joke in there somewhere.

But we will content ourselves with pointing out that it wasn’t all that long ago that being a homosexual would have guaranteed you would be removed from such a detail.

Why was that?

Was everybody wrong?

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9 Responses to “UK Seeks Homosexuals To Guard Queen”

  1. proreason says:

    The Queen probably regrets she didn’t think of this idea when Dianna was fulfilling her role as the official reproduction vessel.

  2. Confucius says:


    –The lesbians can protect the queen. I just know they’re tougher than those sissified bobbies.
    –The gays can keep the queen. They might even introduce her to makeup.
    –The transgenders can be decoys. They’re used to being confused.

    I am wondering, however, what their new uniforms and march will look like.

  3. arb says:

    “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times; do not fan the girls when they’re wet! But you’ll never learn, you’ll be a eunuch all your life.”

  4. Helena says:

    Very funny, Confucius.

    But seriously, isn’t it pathetic that that everyone feels forced to kow-tow to quotas to protect their butts politically?

    “Yesterday a spokesman for Scotland Yard said the force was keen to boost the number of under-represented groups in specialist units, although they stressed that the selection for the post would be based solely on merit.

    “There are around 30 vacancies for the post, which offers a salary between £28,605 and £41,208 depending on the experience of the police constable.”

    That’s a pretty decent salary, not to mention the prestige of the position, the perqs (there’s travel, and there must be occasional staff parties) and the patriotic pride factor (am I allowed to count that as an incentive – or is that too jingoistic?) So why isn’t a simple ad enough to attract a decent pool of applicants? Why do they have to “reach out”?

  5. Ted Abhour says:

    The advertisement, and hiring criteria are in violation of the EQUALITY ACT, Chapter 2, Section 13 (1)

    The crime is DIRECT DISCRIMINATION based on sexual orientation.


    Scotland Yard is the Criminal in this one.

  6. Right of the People says:

    Scotland Yard, where God Save the Queen has an entirely different meaning than it used to.

  7. GL0120 says:

    Think of the advantages – if someone is intent on harming the queen, they’ll never be sure which queen is which!

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    How safe is ‘Her Majesty’ if they all break out doing “SHOW” tunes?

  9. Reality Bytes says:

    How many of the Queens guards does it take to make a Cosmo?

    One to mix & pour & two to stand around waving their arms saying “FA-BU-LOUS!”

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