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Benefits Cut For British Who Refuse Jobs

From the Agence France-Presse:

Govt to stop benefits for some unemployed

by Danny Kemp
November 11, 2010

LONDON (AFP) – The coalition unveiled plans to withhold handouts for up to three years for those who refuse a job Thursday in the biggest shake-up of the post-war welfare state, a day after violent protests rocked London.

The government also plans a "universal credit" instead of the current system of separate benefit payments for housing and childcare as part of reforms aimed at cutting Britain’s massive deficit…

"This government is unashamedly pro-work," Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said in a speech to a volunteer group before he unveiled the plans before parliament.

Do notice that for all their talk of being "unashamedly pro-work," the government is still offering what amounts to a permanent guaranteed income to people who don’t work.

The government wants to introduce a sliding scale of penalties for those who either decline a job offer, fail to apply for a job they are advised to, or do not turn up for mandatory four-week manual labour placements.

The weekly 65-pound [$104] unemployment benefit will be stopped for three months for those who violate any of the conditions. That would rise to six months for a second violation and three years for a third.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition describes the plans as the most radical since Britain’s wide-ranging welfare state was put in place just after World War II.

Welfare now accounts for roughly a third of government spending.

Which is simply amazing. And can there be any doubt that it is true for the US as well? But the government manages to hide these numbers in the morass of its budget figures.

Speaking in South Korea where he is attending the G20 summit, Prime Minister David Cameron said: "It simply has to pay to work. You can’t have a situation where if someone gets out of bed and goes and does a hard day’s work they end up worse off.

"That’s not fair. And it sends entirely the wrong message, both to those on benefits and to the hard-working majority who are being asked to support them," he added.

Officials say the universal credit payment will make two and a half million people better off, but critics say plans to cap housing benefit in particular amounts to "social cleansing" that will drive the poor out of Britain’s cities.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said on Sunday he had a "lot of worries" about proposals to make long-term claimants of unemployment benefit carry out month-long placements of 30 hours a week doing unpaid tasks like clearing litter.

Asking people to put in some token effort, like picking up trash, for their taxpayer supplied income is now considered "social cleansing"?

Under the existing system, claimants who do not cooperate with officials can lose their unemployment benefit for 26 weeks maximum but aides insisted this rarely happens

Heaven forbid they start enforcing the rules. Gosh those conservatives are mean-spirited.

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3 Responses to “Benefits Cut For British Who Refuse Jobs”

  1. proreason says:

    “Welfare now accounts for roughly a third of government spending.

    Which is simply amazing. And can there be any doubt that it is true for the US as well? ”

    Hopefully you aren’t counting Social Security and Medicare as welfare.

    The way I look at it, I’ve put many times more into those systems than I will ever get out of them. I’m ready to duel with anybody who calls it welfare.

    Welfare is when you get something for nothing, which of course, is the goal of all ‘liberals’.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    They can start by cleaning up the mess left by those spoiled brats that trashed the Conservative party’s offices.

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