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UK Unions Strike Over 3.2% Pension Increase

From a cheering Agence France-Presse:

Two million strike in Britain over pension changes

By Guy Jackson
November 30, 2011

Two million public sector workers in Britain went on strike on Wednesday over changes to their pensions in the biggest walkout for decades, closing thousands of schools and disrupting transport.

"Transport" is British for transportation.

Three-quarters of schools were estimated to be closed during the 24-hour strike, hospitals were operating with skeleton staff and local authorities were paralysed.

Notice how the children and the sick are always made to suffer first by these heartless union members.

By the way, this is one of the reasons why states like Wisconsin and Ohio have moved to take away the right to strike from some public sector unions.

Striking workers picketed public sector buildings in central London and more than 1,000 demonstrations were expected to take place across Britain in scenes reminiscent of the 1970s.

Fears of long delays at London’s Heathrow airport, one of the world’s busiest air hubs, failed to materialise on Wednesday morning as two-thirds of immigration officials turned up for work

Actually, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Heathrow is running more smoothly than usual. The border agency strike has sped up their ‘passport control.’ Which suggests that maybe they don’t need so many "immigration officials."

The strike is the biggest test so far of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, which sparked the unions’ fury by making public sector workers pay more into their pensions and work longer.

Notice how this AFP article does not ever bother to report exactly what these changes to these pensions amounts to. In reality, these public sector union workers are only being asked to contribute a 3.2% more to their retirement pension. (They already get free lifetime healthcare.) No wonder they are hopping mad.

Anger rose further on Tuesday when finance minister George Osborne targeted the pay of teachers, nurses and soldiers and revealed plans to cut an extra 300,000 public sector jobs as he slashed Britain’s growth forecasts.

Osborne infuriated the unions by announcing a new two-year, one-percent cap on public sector pay rises.

These overpaid public sector union workers are having their salaries capped for two whole years? How outrageous! It’s a wonder they don’t burn the government building down.

On Wednesday, Osborne said the strike would only harm the economy, and called for unions to return to the negotiating table…

But Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) [which represents the UK’s trade unions], said the public sector was "under attack" from the government and the strike was fully justified.

"There comes a time when people really have to stand up and make a stand," he told ITV

Really. How can anyone live when their (wildly inflated) salaries are capped at 1% increases? In reality, the war between the unions and the taxpayers has just begun.

Unfortunately, in our country, there is no doubt about which side Mr. Obama is on. He believes in a nation of the unions, by the unions for the unions. After all, they are his most dependable voters.

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