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UK Will Cut 1/2 Million Government Jobs

From an outraged Agence France-Presse:

Britain unveils spending cuts to tackle huge deficit

October 20, 2010

LONDON (AFP) – Britain will unveil billions of pounds in public spending cuts Wednesday in a sweeping review of government expenditure expected to trigger half a million job losses as it tackles a huge deficit.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition wants to cut spending by 83 billion pounds (130 billion dollars, 95 billion euros) by 2014-15, and the review will reveal exactly where the axe will fall.

In its biggest challenge since taking power in May, the coalition wants to eliminate Britain’s 154.7-billion-pound deficit [$243.5 billion] — a legacy of the previous Labour government and the recession — over the next five years.

Finance minister George Osborne is expected to say his plans, which will see departmental spending reduced by an average of 25 percent, will map out "a hard road to a better Britain," according to reports.

Osborne is set to brace the public sector for nearly 500,000 jobs to be culled over the next four years — a fact unwittingly revealed by a Cabinet minister who was photographed reading confidential briefing papers.

Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, was snapped Tuesday with the documents on his lap as he was driven away from his office.

Britain’s welfare and justice systems are expected to be hard hit, and the BBC is braced for a 16 percent cut to its budget in real terms over the next six years, the broadcaster’s website reported.

The coalition started the process Tuesday, announcing that it would shrink the country’s armed forces and scrap key assets like its flagship aircraft carrier in a defence review that forms part of the wider programme of cuts.

Cameron said 17,000 service personnel would go from the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy by 2015 — but vowed there would be "no cut whatsoever" to the level of support for forces in Afghanistan.

In reality, if any cuts ever come to pass, they will end up coming from Britain’s defense budget. Which is already practically that of a third world country.

The harshness of the measures has worried some economists who fear they could plunge Britain’s economy back into recession, a concern shared by the opposition Labour party, which was ousted from power in the May election…

Yes, trying to balance your budget is always bad economics.

Trade unions have reacted with anger and thousands of union members and protesters rallied in London Tuesday, waving placards that said "Don’t Break Britain" and "No more cuts"

The scale of the cuts has provoked disquiet among some Liberal Democrats, the junior coalition partners, who fear they could cause lasting social damage.

Yes, we can’t have people have to get real jobs.

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6 Responses to “UK Will Cut 1/2 Million Government Jobs”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Most ‘government jobs’ are no more than income redistribution. In effect, a position made of straw. Other people’s straw, at that.

    A straw man finally either rots, or burns up.

  2. proreason says:

    Well, at least this lets us know how many US government jobs are ‘officially’ useless. That would translate to 3 million in the U.S.

    3 million fewer Civil Servilants would be about 300 Billion fewer dollars per year stolen from our pockets, wouldn’t it?

    As an added bonus, we would need 3 million fewer illegal immigrants because those former Civil Servilants would eagerly take the jobs the immigrants are doing now, wouldn’t they?

    Of course, since the Civil Servilants are so skilled and educated, them being qualifed for the gubamint and all, they just might prefer to re-invent the future for us. I can just see it now……30 hour weeks, platinum retirement packages, 30 days sick leave a year, hours a day surfing porn, those endless queus we all appreciate so much….it will be nirvana.

  3. Petronius says:

    “83 billion pounds (130 billion dollars, 95 billion euros)….”

    Remember a little while ago when one dollar was worth 1.25 euros?

    Well, now the US dollar will buy only 0.716 euros.

    The dollar has lost almost half (43%) of its value against the euro in a matter of months.

    The US dollar is crashing. Thanks to Nerobama’s and Pelosi’s out-of-this-world spending, American fiscal and monetary discipline has gone out the window. The markets are telling us that Europe –– despite Greece, despite Ireland, despite Spain, Portugal, and France –– is a better bet than the USA.

    The regime is devaluing our currency. It is happening gradually and quietly, but it is happening.

  4. Gladius et Scutum says:

    My guess is that if you asked American conservatives who their favorite Prime Minister of Britian was, 99% would answer “Winston Churchill”. But if you read Churchill’s “The Age of Revolution: A History of the English Speaking Peoples”, it becomes apparent that his favorite Prime Minister was Robert Walpole.

    Walpole was the First Lord of the Treasury under George’s I and II, and the term “Prime Minister” was invented for him as a term of derision. He was a skilled political intriguer, but made it his sole aim to pay off the massive debt Britain had incurred as a result of its endless wars on the continent. He forced parliment to adopt a “sinking fund” toward that end, and did everything he could to keep Britain at peace. When he died, Britain was by far the most prosperous nation on earth.

    • Petronius says:

      On this Trafalgar Day, allow me to put in a word on behalf of William Pitt the Younger.

      Pitt, at age 24, became Prime Minister under George III, and led Britain during the perilous days of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, including the period after the defeat of Austria when Britain stood alone against the might of the French Empire.

      Pitt, too, restored Britain’s finances, and established a sinking fund to that end. Popularly known as “Honest Billy,” Pitt literally worked himself to death in the defense of Britain. In 1806, a few months after Nelson’s death and victory at Trafalgar, Pitt died at age 46, as the result of illnesses brought on by overwork.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    Gladius, well done. I’d forgotten Walpole.

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