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Ukraine Begged US, NATO For Missile Defense Equipment

From Eli Lake at the Daily Beast:

Exclusive: Ukraine Asked U.S. for Tech to Counter Russia’s Jet-Killers

Last month, Ukraine quietly asked the United States and NATO for sensitive equipment to jam the radars that Russian anti-aircraft systems use to lock their missiles on planes.

By Eli Lake | July 23, 2014

As the United States and NATO last month began to publicly acknowledge the sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft systems moving into rebel held areas of eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev asked for gear that might be used to counter those weapons.

According to a former senior U.S. defense official who has worked closely with Ukraine’s military and a former head of state who has consulted with the government there, Kiev last month requested the radar jamming and detection equipment necessary to evade and counter the anti-aircraft systems Moscow was providing the country’s separatists…

Philip Karber, a former strategy adviser to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, has conducted detailed assessments of the country’s military since the crisis began this year. Karber returned from the Ukrainian front earlier this month. He told The Daily Beast, “I was told in June by the Ukrainians that one of their top five priorities that they had conveyed to the United States and NATO that month was to get help in electronic warfare,” which gives a military the ability to detect, spoof and jam the radars of enemy anti-aircraft missile batteries.

Mikheil Saakashvili, the former president of the Republic of Georgia, also said that in his meetings this month with Ukraine’s leadership he was told by the country’s national security adviser, Andriy Parubiy, that Ukraine had requested technology to detect anti-aircraft systems. Saakashvili was Georgia’s president when Russia invaded two Georgian republics—Abkhazia and South Ossetia—in 2008 and has offered his views to Ukraine as they face a similar crisis today. “He told me they desperately needed electronic warfare capabilities from the Americans,” Saakashvili told The Daily Beast…

To be fair, we already know that Obama doesn’t want to risk offending Vladimir Putin by giving anyone the ability to defend themselves against him. (Cf. Poland.)

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has been reluctant to send them sensitive military technology. The Daily Beast obtained this week a list of equipment Ukraine requested in April that included encrypted communications gear, mine-detection vehicles, and night-vision equipment—some of which has arrived only in recent weeks.

In May, The Daily Beast reported that it took months for the United States to even send the most rudimentary gear to Ukraine like boots, uniforms, and spare tires…

Meanwhile, last night Fox News’ ‘On The Record With Greta Susteren,’ John McCain blasted Obama for not helping the Ukrainians more. In fact, McCain said: “It’s cowardly not to help people who are begging for our help to eject people who are invading their country.”

But was he talking about Ukraine situation or the situation on our southern border where Obama has refused to help Rick Perry?

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One Response to “Ukraine Begged US, NATO For Missile Defense Equipment”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    We’ve also learned that the leadership of Iraq begged Obama to drone ISIS last year before they started their reign of terror on Christians and other Iraqis.

    I’m convinced Obama is a Sunni at heart..

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