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UN: Give Poor 1/3 Of G-20 $1.1 Trillion

From those champions of global social justice at Reuters:

U.N.’s Ban urges $300 billion in G20 aid for poor nations

Sun Apr 5

LONDON (Reuters) – At least $300 billion of the $1.1 trillion stimulus package agreed by G20 leaders last week should be allocated toward helping developing countries, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Sunday.

He also called on the G20 to turn its summit pledges into "concrete action," adding that the stimulus package agreed would help the world economy overcome the financial economic crisis.

"I believe that at least $300 billion should be going to official development assistance for developing countries, the most vulnerable countries, and this is very important," Ban told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show at the conclusion of Thursday’s London summit.

The U.N. leader also played down criticism that Italy, which hosts the next meeting of leaders from the G8 countries in Sardinia in July, had failed to meet financial pledges to poor countries made four years ago at the Gleneagles summit.

Anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof said last week that Italy should be stripped of its G8 presidency for failing to meet its aid obligations.

Ban said he had a "constructive" bilateral meeting with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the London summit.

When asked if that meant Italy would provide more money for aid, Ban said: "I hope so."

He added that world leaders were aware that unless they managed the economic crisis properly, it could spill over into political instability.

"These commitments made by G20 leaders must be translated into a concrete action. This is what we have committed," he said.

"With this stimulus package, unprecedented stimulus package in the history of the world, I am quite confident that we will be able to overcome this economic crisis.

How foolish those crazy right-wingers are to claim that Mr. Obama, the G-20 and the UN are using the financial crisis as an excuse for global income redistribution.

Surely there is no better way to stimulate the world economy than to give hundreds of billions of dollars to countries whose leaders will immediately put that money into their Swiss bank accounts.

After skimming off a suitable kickback to those keepers of the flame at the UN, of course.

Of course this request from Mr. Ban is not all that far from the original G-20 plan, anyway:

In fact, the extra $50 billion dollars or so he is demanding is probably just the UN’s ‘surcharge.’

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5 Responses to “UN: Give Poor 1/3 Of G-20 $1.1 Trillion”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    1) I see this as a ploy for Obama to make himself, upon his retirement from “office” the richest man in the world
    2) How blind we must be to not see that the money the US sends will go to terrorists, warring factions, crime, etc etc etc. Oversight on it, once it has left the US, is impossible.
    3) On the other hand, if we jut print the money, it’s worthless anyhow. Might as well be chits, or cowrie shells or some other form of ancient currency.

  2. proreason says:

    poor (pr)
    adj. poor·er, poor·est
    1. Having little or no wealth and few or no possessions.
    2. Lacking in a specified resource or quality: an area poor in timber and coal; a diet poor in calcium.
    3. Not adequate in quality; inferior: a poor performance.
    4. An African dictator or U.N. Official

  3. jrmcdonald says:

    If you give food, medicine and shelter to people who cannot care for themselves, in twenty years their population will double. Consider Haiti. As the great Nick Lowe said, ‘ Sometimes it’s cruel to be kind.”

  4. jobeth says:

    Much more of this “giving to the world’s poor” and I’m going to qualify myself!

  5. Professor_Repulso says:

    If they need food aid, I think this might be a winner. Send them over some Obama Fried Chicken. Check it out at: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/04/03/2009-04-03_nycs_obama_fried_chicken_restaurants_ruf.html

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