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‘UN Comm’ Orders Afghan Vote Recounts

From those champions of open and honest elections at the Associated Press:

From left to right: Judge Johann Kriegler (from South Africa); Associate Professor Shah Sultan Akifi (Human Resources Director General at the Wolesi Jirga); the Chairperson, Judge Sayed Murad Sharifi (of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan);   Mr Safwat Sidqi (from Iraq); Mr Ahmad Zia Rafat (of the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Kabul).Mr Rafat is the official spokesperson for the Commission.

Afghan election commission orders recounts

By Eric Talmadge, Associated Press Writer
September 26, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s election commission has ordered a recount of votes in some areas for recent parliamentary elections, a senior official said Sunday, raising further concerns of misconduct and fraud during the polls.

Election commission Chairman Fazel Ahmad Manawi said recounts have been ordered in parts of at least seven provinces.

He said the number of places subject to recounts was expected to increase because not all results have been fully examined. He said the votes under question would be recounted under the supervision of his commission and the electoral complaint commission, along with national and international observers

The Sept. 18 elections were seen as a test of the Afghan government’s commitment to rooting out corruption

About 2,500 candidates are vying for 249 parliamentary seats. Final results are not expected until late next month…

We will assume that the commission in question is the United Nations-backed Electoral Complaints Commission. Of course the AP couldn’t be bothered to tell its readers that.

So, just like last year, it will be the UN who decides who wins. What could be fairer?

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2 Responses to “‘UN Comm’ Orders Afghan Vote Recounts”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Paper Tiger demands a chad recount for fair treatment.
    Ah……make that a purple finger recount.
    Maybe Jimma Carter can peel away from rewriting history……..

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”About 2,500 candidates are vying for 249 parliamentary seats…..”

      You can’t tell the bastards apart without a score card!

      That works out to 10 candidates for every position. With odds like that you’d be hard pressed to pick your own nose, let alone the best candidate.

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