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UN Extends Its Mandate For US Troops In Iraq

From Al Jazeera:

UN extends forces mandate in Iraq

The United Nations has extended its mandate for US-led forces in Iraq after the country’s foreign minister said they were “vitally necessary” for security and regional stability.

Hoshyar Zebari called the UN security council’s move “very positive for Iraq”.

He said all Security Council members understood “what the Iraqi government is facing”, illustrated by the bombing of Samarra’s Askariya shrine on Wednesday by “terrorists … seek to destroy the fabric of Iraqi society”.

The resolution adopted by the Security Council last year, which extended the mandate of the multinational force for one year starting on December 31, authorised a review of the mandate by June 15.

At an open council meeting, Zebari said that despite Iraq’s daily violence, “the government has made tremendous strides toward the day when security will be provided by a self-sufficient, Iraqi national security force”.

He said: “While Iraqis will always be grateful for their liberation from an absolute despot, no Iraqi government official – indeed, no Iraqi citizen – wants the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil one day longer than is vitally necessary.

“But today, and for the foreseeable months at least, the presence of [foreign] troops is vitally necessary not only for Iraq but also to safeguard regional security and stability.” …

It’s funny how little we hear about the US being in Iraq under a UN mandate. Let alone that it keeps being extended.

I wonder why that is?

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