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UN Hails Latest (Laughable) Iran Nuclear “Deal”

From those lovers of nuclear proliferation at formerly biased BBC NEWS:

Mohammed El Baradei

UN hails Iran nuclear agreement

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency says it has reached a deal with Iran to allow new inspections and safeguards at key nuclear facilities.

Tehran will allow inspectors into Arak heavy water plant and agree safeguards at its Natanz uranium enrichment plant, the UN nuclear watchdog said.

The agency’s deputy director described the deal as a framework for resolving a range of nuclear issues with Iran…

The BBC’s Bethany Bell, in Vienna, where the International Atomic Energy Agency is based, says a number of significant questions about its nuclear work could be cleared up if Iran holds to this deal.

However Tehran is still enriching uranium, in defiance of the UN Security Council – the key sticking point between the West and Iran, and one not dealt with by the latest agreement.

Ollie Heinonen, the deputy director of the IAEA, announced the deal after meeting two senior Iranian negotiators in Tehran this week.

Under the terms of the deal a new team of nuclear inspectors will be put together.

That team will then quickly granted access to the heavy water reactor plant at Arak before the end of July, Mr Heinonen said.

The head of the IAEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, has said that deals such as this will serve as a way to defuse the ongoing diplomatic crisis over Iran…

The IAEA also said it had agreed with Iran on the designation of new inspectors as well as how to deal with safeguards at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant.

What a joke. How many times are they going to play this game?

Of course it is just an excuse for the UN to avoid actually doing something about Iran’s relentless pursuit of the bomb.

And it will pad a few more Swiss bank accounts.

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