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UN Ratchets Up ‘Global Warming’ Hysteria

From the Chicken Little drum corp at the AFP:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Rajendra Pachauri (L) and United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon hold the IPCC report on global warming.

Grim climate change report prompts UN call for ‘breakthrough’

by Marlowe Hood

VALENCIA, Spain (AFP) – The world’s top scientific authority on climate change published on Saturday its starkest warning yet, declaring that the impact of global warming could be “abrupt or irreversible” and no country would be spared.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seized on the report by the Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to demand that politicians next month smash the deadlock on tackling the greenhouse-gas peril.

The historic report “has set the stage for a real breakthrough,” said Ban, referring to a key conference running on the Indonesian island of Bali from December 3-14.

“We cannot afford to leave Bali without such a breakthrough,” he said, as he described climate change as the “defining challenge of our age.”

Ban said global warming bore the seeds of “catastrophe” but stressed that there was also hope.

The IPCC report was an “overarching message for all of us: that there are real and affordable ways to deal with climate change,” he said.

The new report is intended to act as a guide to policymakers for years to come.

It encapsulates the findings of three massive assessments, published earlier this year, on the evidence for global warming; its impacts; and the options for tackling the emissions that cause it.

The report said notably:

Evidence of a human role in the warming of the planet is now “unequivocal” and the effects on the climate system could be “abrupt or irreversible.”

— Retreating glaciers and loss of snow in Alpine regions, thinning Arctic summer sea ice and thawing permafrost shows that climate change is already on the march.

By 2100, global average surface temperatures could rise by between 1.1 C (1.98 F) and 6.4 C (11.52 F) compared to 1980-99 levels, while sea levels will rise by between 18 and 59 centimetres (7.2 and 23.2 inches).

Heatwaves, rainstorms, tropical cyclones and surges in sea level are among the events expected to become more frequent, more widespread or more intense this century.

— “All countries” will be affected by climate change, but those in the forefront are poor nations, especially small island states and developing economies where hundreds of millions of people live in low-lying deltas.

Reducing emissions can be met at moderate cost relative to global GDP, but the window of opportunity for quickly reaching a safer, stable level is closing fast.

We need a new ethic by which every human being realises the importance of the challenge we are facing and starts to take action through changes in lifestyle and attitude,” said IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri.

“Every country in the world has to be committed to a shared vision and a set of common goals and actions that will help us move toward a much lower level of emissions.

Green groups said the Valencia document had rammed home the dangers of warming more forcefully than in any other assessment issued in the 19-year history of the IPCC.

“This is the strongest document the IPCC has produced,” said Hans Verolme, director of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF’s) Global Climate Change Program…

Emissions are now spiralling, driven especially by carbon dioxide (CO2) spewed from coal-fired plants in fast-growing China and India, and Kyoto’s present commitments will not even dent the problem.

Reducing emissions implies a cost in converting to cleaner energy or more efficient energy use.

The cost of such a switch is a mighty political hurdle, even though experts say the cost of inaction will be many times higher just a few decades from now.

What a laughable attempt to panic the great unwashed.

The IPCC seems to think that the louder they scream the more believable they are. Science doesn’t work like that. Or at least it’s not supposed to. But maybe these days it does, which is the real danger here.

Hey, if global warming is “irreversible,” why get so exercised about it? Oh, wait, it’s almost irreversible. Well, that is convenient, isn’t it?

Mind you, this self-same United Nations doesn’t think that Ahmadinejad developing nuclear weapons is a threat to the world.

Instead, they think that a (highly questionable) increase in world temperature of perhaps a degree or two over the next century will bring about the end of the world. Of course the folks at the UN really don’t think any such thing. Or even care to find out the truth about such matters.

Rather, they see the global warming scam as just the latest way to redistribute some of the wealth in the world in a more just and equitable fashion. And they plan to skim off their cut — just as they always do.

Meanwhile, maybe the UN will do its part to cut carbon emissions by turning off the electricity, the heating and cooling at the UN building. They should also prohibit their members and employees from having cars.

Better still, the UN should simply prohibit anyone from using airplanes or using any other such harmful transportation.

In fact, they should make all of their delegates and their bloated staffs stay home in their mud huts and sit in the dark and the cold.

— And no burning cow pies!

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