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UN To Cut Nuclear Aid To Iran “Almost In Half”

From those lovers of proliferation at Reuters:

The International Atomic Energy Agency flag flys in front of IAEA headquarters in Vienna. The UN atomic watchdog agency has fully or partly halted almost half its aid programmes to Iran in support of UN calls for Tehran to allay fears it seeks nuclear weapons, an IAEA report said.

U.S., developing nations accept Iran aid cut plan

By Mark Heinrich

VIENNA (Reuters) – Western and developing nations broadly accept a U.N. nuclear agency plan to cut almost half its aid projects in Iran, diplomats say, easing fears of a row over how strictly to apply U.N. sanctions against Tehran.

The plan, to cut technical aid projects based on a review by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts, must be approved at a March 5-9 meeting of the agency’s 35-nation Board of Governors.

But members ranging from Iran’s arch-foe the United States to its close ally Cuba raised no objections when IAEA aides, at a briefing this week, explained their criteria for shutting down some projects while continuing others, diplomats present said.

"No one is totally satisfied. But the review is as balanced as can be under the circumstances. I see no one wanting to pick a fight when the board convenes," a senior diplomat from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which includes Iran, told Reuters.

This suggested the board may ratify the review by consensus rather than amend and vote on it, averting a damaging split.

Iran was hit with U.N. sanctions over its failure to prove to the IAEA that its efforts to enrich uranium are geared only toward generating electricity, as it maintains. Western powers suspect Iran wants to produce fuel suitable for atom bombs.

The December 23 resolution bans transfers of sensitive nuclear materials and expertise to Iran as well as IAEA technical aid — traditionally given to bolster peaceful uses of nuclear energy — if it has any possible use in yielding atomic fuel.

Of the 55 IAEA aid projects in Iran, 10 were frozen and 12 others restricted to comply with the sanctions

That will show Iran the UN means business all right.

They will give them half the usual amount of money and technical support for their nuclear weapons program.

That’s brutal.

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