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UN To Debate Giving Earth Human Rights

From Fox News:

U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether ‘Mother Earth’ Deserves Human Rights Status

By Jonathan Wachtel
Published April 18, 2011

United Nations diplomats on Wednesday will set aside pressing issues of international peace and security to devote an entire day debating the rights of “Mother Earth.”

A bloc of mostly socialist governments lead by Bolivia have put the issue on the General Assembly agenda to discuss the creation of a U.N. treaty that would grant the same rights found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to Mother Nature.

This has always been about the other kind of green — money. And redistributing it to the right people.

Treaty supporters want the establishment of legal systems to maintain balance between human rights and what they perceive as the inalienable rights of other members of the Earth community — plants, animals, and terrain.

Communities and environmental activists would be given more legal power to monitor and control industries and development to ensure harmony between humans and nature

Just imagine how easy it will be to get dragged into ‘Mother Earth Court.’ And then, ‘Mother Earth Jail.’

The General Assembly two years ago passed a Bolivia-led resolution proclaiming April 22 as “International Mother Earth Day.” The measure was endorsed by all 192 member states. But Bolivian President Evo Morales envisioned much more, vowing in a speech to U.N. delegates that a global movement had begun to lay “out a Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.”

Morales, who repeatedly says “the central enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism,” called for creating a charter that defends the right to life for all living things. Morales, who was named World Hero of Mother Earth by the General Assembly, has since made great strides in his campaign.

In case you haven’t guessed, the "World Hero Of Mother Earth," Evo Morales, is a firebrand communist.

In January, Bolivia became the world’s first nation to grant the natural environment equal rights to humans

The Bolivian law establishes 11 rights for nature that include: the right to life and to exist; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered; the right to have nature’s processes free from human alteration.

So there goes agriculture or indeed any effort to improve our environment. And with it, civilization.

The law also establishes a Ministry of Mother Earth to act as an ombudsman, which will ensure nature is “not being affected my mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities.”

George Orwell must be (ahem) green with envy at all of these ‘newspeak’ terms.

Emboldened by this triumph, Morales’ goal is to emulate his domestic achievement as a U.N. treaty. In a 2008 address to a U.N. forum on indigenous people, he said the first step in saving the Earth is to “eradicate capitalism” and to force wealthy industrialized countries to “pay their environmental debt.”

Again, Mr. Morales shows his interest in that ‘other green.’

Morales presented 10 points, or Evo’s Ten Commandments, as they are affectionately called by devotees, to save the planet.

Among them is a call to end the capitalist system, and a world without imperialism or colonialism. Respect for Mother Earth is Commandment 6

We on his side. Let’s end all foreign aid and put a stop to any money flowing out of the country.

Bolivia’s ambassador to the U.N., Pablo Solon, who will represent Morales at the debate and ‘expert’ panel discussions at U.N. headquarters, said, “Presently many environmentally harmful human activities are completely legal,” including those that cause climate change

But don’t worry. That won’t be the case for much longer.

It is not clear if Bolivia’s new tough environmental laws will actually go as far as to protect life forms like insects, but the legislation does include all living creatures

Of course mosquitos have rights. Are you a hater?

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18 Responses to “UN To Debate Giving Earth Human Rights”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The Vatican started this mess by creating the legal fiction of Corporation Sole. Ever since, this legal fiction has been employed to expand and expand rights to those who neither owned nor created by granting rights to Non-Human persons. Granting rights to bugs and dirt and creeping crawling things is the logical finis to creation of the non-human person.

  2. usmcmgb says:

    “It is not clear if Bolivia’s new tough environmental laws will actually go as far as to protect life forms like insects, but the legislation does include all living creatures…

    Slap a mosquito, wind up in jail. These people are just so mind numbingly stupid and childish. But of course as has been pointed out by so many others, this is just another incremental step to world socialism and the abolishment of individual liberties. The thing that angers me the most I guess is the absolute refusal of the MSM to even HINT at the absurdity of stuff like this and the blinders they have on when it comes to seeing where this is all headed.

  3. TerryAnne says:

    United Nations diplomats on Wednesday will set aside pressing issues of international peace and security to devote an entire day debating the rights of “Mother Earth.”

    How kind of them.

    This just makes me want to punch my computer.

    Thought I’d pass this on, since it’s relevant here. Here at Pentagon City Mall, we always have a little UN group that has a kiosk and tries to assault you with stuff as you walk by. I’ve always managed to escape their grasp…until last week. Some guy imported from Africa to sell the goodwill of the UN to mind-numbed shoppers (irony is ironic afterall) tried to stop me. I told him I wasn’t interested, did the hand wave (backhanded thing that says go away, fly), and tried to move on. He blocked my way with his arm and asked why I wasn’t interested. I finally got to tell him: I don’t believe in the UN. He tried to laugh it off, but let me go. :)

  4. Right of the People says:

    Do we need anymore evidence that the UN needs to go? If we can’t stop this stupidity, at least if we tell them to find another home so we won’t be payrolling our own demise.

    I’ve been telling my wife for years that plants have rights too, that’s why I don’t want to mow the grass, I don’t want to injure the poor little darlings. It never works though.


    Stuff like that is why I avoid malls. It seems to me they would need a permit to do their crap in a public place. Next time call the cops and see what they say, I’m willing to bet they’ll roust them.

    • TerryAnne says:

      This is DC. It’s probably legit. It’s been here the 5 years I’ve been here; always in the same spot. All of the workers are obviously imported from elsewhere and they all wear the blue shirts.

      I should say it’s actually UNHCR…but it’s still the UN. The extra letters make no difference to me.

      I usually avoid malls like the plague as well, but I had a special invite to an event at Sephora and, as a make-up afficionado, I just had to go. I ended up getting about $100 of make-up and samples (which always last about a month) for free. In today’s economy: that’s rockin’!! ;)

  5. tranquil.night says:

    If we’re going to extend rights to Ma, then we have to hold her to the same standards, and so far she’s murdered more people than Assad, Qadaffy Duck, and Ahmadman combined.

  6. JohnMG says:

    …..”It is not clear if Bolivia’s new tough environmental laws will actually go as far as to protect life forms like insects, but the legislation does include all living creatures”…

    I’m sure if you read far enough you’d find protections even for cockroaches……..like Evo Morales.

  7. Mae says:

    I guess this means that Evo goes hungry? Can’t go around eating plants!!!! Or chickens!!!! Or dirt!!!! These people are certifiable.

  8. beautyofreason says:

    I was reading a book on Stalin the other night. Though the Soviet Union promised things like freedom of the press and of speech, the government rooted out and executed dissenters without pause. The law, it seems, means nothing. It is a phantom that hides the government’s consolidation of power.

    Same goes with this mother earth idea. The communists don’t care about insects or trees. They don’t care about biological diversity, logging, endangered species, or the Yanomamo tribes in the Amazon. Their policies have created enough dead bodies over the last century to fertilize the Amazon for decades, macabre as that sounds.

    The communists don’t care about people, given their history in executing dissenters. Their goal is to moan about Western countries while they perform some political sleight of hand. If I was a citizen in any of those socialist countries I would consider moving my property out before the government steals it. Of course if they’re socialist they are probably full of poor people without a cent to their names.

    Imperialism, racism, and environmental destruction are the newest popular covers for the communists. They don’t care about these issues except when they criticize Western countries. At the end of the day the would-be dictators just want more serfs.

  9. BillK says:

    So does that mean Mother Earth will also have a vehemently defended “right to choose?”

    If so, doesn’t that mean we need to stop meddling in decisions to save “endangered species?”

  10. Chase says:

    How much of Mother Earth’s clothing is being smoked in the halls of the UN?

    We need to have someone looking into their apparently unlimited, unfettered supply chain.

    Of course, it is likely diplomatic pouched deliveries…

    And have Bolivia’s contraband drug exports decreased since Evo the Cockroach came to power? Perhaps he is just performing hourly QA/QC of his country’s best before exporting.

    Finally, how much would support for the U.N. save us annually if we pulled out, and how much would crime drop in NYC if the whole coven were shipped abroad and their digs turned over to the homeless?

  11. bobdog says:

    Maybe it’s not so bad. I’ve been looking for an excuse to stop mowing my lawn for years. My wife is not going to be happy about this, but, hey — it’s the United Nations! We are all ONE!

    Gotta go. I want to get my evil lawnmower up on EBay before the market price crashes.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “I want to get my evil lawnmower up on EBay before the market price crashes.”

      Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of taxpayer money funding SmartCar production and subsidies. “Oh, look! You’ve got Re-cycling!”

  12. righthook38 says:

    This is absurd. So, should we stop mowing our grass and burning leaves? Are tree houses or tree swings out of the question? Can we not pick flowers? Good grief!

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