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UN: Global Rioters Demand Cheap Food

From those worshippers of Gaia at Reuters:

Haitians look at the damages caused by looters at a gas station in Port-au-Prince April 10, 2008.

Food riots to worsen without global action: U.N.

By Robin Pomeroy

ROME (Reuters) – Food riots in developing countries will spread unless world leaders take major steps to reduce prices for the poor, the head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on Friday.

Despite a forecast 2.6 percent hike in global cereal output this year, record prices are unlikely to fall, forcing poorer countries’ food import bills up 56 percent and hungry people on to the streets, FAO Director General Jacques Diouf said.

“The reality is that people are dying already in the riots,” Diouf told a news conference.

“They are dying because of their reaction to the situation and if we don’t take the necessary action there is certainly the possibility that they might die of starvation. Naturally people won’t be sitting dying of starvation, they will react.”

The FAO said food riots had broken out in several African countries, Indonesia, the Philippines and Haiti. Thirty-seven countries face food crises, it said in its latest World Food Situation report.

Some of the worst tensions have been in Haiti where protests at high cost of living descended into riots last week and four people were killed in clashes with security forces. There is concern about rising prices in the Philippines, but it was not clear what incidents FAO was referring to there.

“I am surprised that I have not been summoned to the U.N. Security Council as many of the problems being discussed there would not have the same consequences on peace, security and human rights (without the food crisis),” Diouf said.

Increased food demand from rapidly developing countries such as China and India, the use of crops for biofuels, global stocks at 25-year lows and market speculation are all blamed for pushing prices of staples like wheat, maize and rice to record highs….

Well, the United Nations knows all about food riots. Remember when one of their restaurants closed early and their employees rioted, looting the food and even the equipment?

But how confusing it all is.

Hasn’t this selfsame UN assured us that Global Warming is the biggest crisis the world faces today?

Never mind that an increase in global temperatures would give the nations around the world a longer growing season in which to produce more food. Just as the cold periods in the past, such as the “Mini Ice Age,” have inevitably led to devastating famine and pestilence.

Meanwhile, as even this article deigns to note, the headlong rush to biofuels such as ethanol to counter Global Warming have put an additional strain on food costs. (Corn is a cereal, of course.)

But forget all of that. We need to address this current crisis right now or untold millions will die.

And of course the UN has its usual solution: send money.

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