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Underwear Bomber Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

From his fans at the Associated Press:

Christmas terror suspect pleads not guilty

By Ed White And David Runk, Associated Press Writers

January 8, 2010

DETROIT – A Nigerian man pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he tried to blow up a packed U.S. Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab said little during a federal court hearing that lasted less than five minutes. The 23-year-old, who wore a white T-shirt, tennis shoes and light olive pants, said "yes" in English when asked if understood the charges against him…

When the judge asked if he had taken any drugs or alcohol in past 24 hours, he answered, "some pain pills." Siefer then said he was competent to understand the proceedings. Abdulmutallab, who is being held at a federal prison in Milan, Mich., had been treated at a hospital for burns after the attack.

His attorneys then waived the reading of the indictment, and the judge entered not guilty plea enter on his behalf [sic]…

Obviously the AP writers were a little emotional at that point.

But it all presages a very long, drawn out, and hugely expensive trial.

An earlier incarnation of this AP story went on to say:

Experts say that with so much evidence stacked against Abdulmutallab, his defense team is left with few options as the case moves forward.

Attorneys outside the case say the 23-year-old’s lawyers can challenge incriminating statements to the FBI, seek a mental-health exam for Abdulmutallab — and seriously consider a plea deal

Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, has said Abdulmutallab would be offered a plea deal in exchange for valuable information about his contacts in Yemen and elsewhere.

Abdulmutallab’s lawyer, Detroit’s top federal defender Miriam Siefer, declined to comment Friday, and Detroit’s new U.S. attorney, Barbara McQuade, said no offer has been made yet…

Some attorneys, however, doubt that Abdulmutallab would really want to help the United States by cooperating with investigators.

"A person who wants to blow himself up in an airplane over Detroit is not looking to shave some time off in the big house," said Lloyd Meyer, a former terrorism prosecutor at the Guantanamo Bay prison. "I have no doubt he will welcome the world stage of a federal courtroom. They want a public forum. They want the spotlight to show why they are holy warriors against the great Satan."

Mr. Meyer makes a great point.

And of course this will be true in all of the other terrorist show trials.

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21 Responses to “Underwear Bomber Pleads ‘Not Guilty’”

  1. conant says:

    Execute him by embalming him alive with pig urine

  2. ptat says:

    Not guilty, your honor! I was simply trying to get warm by igniting my underwear. The explosive residue must have come off of toilet paper somewhere. Bitch set me up. It depends what the meaning of is is. Temporary insanity. I had too much coffee. Too many Twinkies! Bush and Cheney made me do it.

  3. misanthropicus says:

    Having him in a civil court is an idiocy (I know, I know, Reid got an ugly deal there), because even he get what he deserves, the show and the mounds of compassion issued by MoveOnOrg an Amnesty International trump that and eforce the idea in the world that America is the soft spot where you risk not much if you do this type of business –

    The gitmo terros now got a companion –

  4. wirenut says:

    The only good case for training pants failure to date. Had it been successful in flight, could it have been determined what brought the flight down? Sure a bomb, but how did it get there? As far as flamer panties goes, look for fawning and flowers.

  5. bill says:

    This is nonsense … We are going to be face with a choice, throw out centuries of US jurisprudence, give up the liberties to convict this bomber — And I think Obama would like nothing more than to see Ameircan’s liberties traded off for conviction.

    The guy was found with alit bomb in his underwear and it didn’t go off bringing down the air plane by the grace of God.

    What the defendant deserves is when we have exhausted all the water-boarding we can, a prompt firing squad would be in order. What FDR did.

    You see what Obama is trying to do to our justice system? Faustian choice, your move America.

  6. Melly says:

    “….would be offered a plea deal in exchange for valuable information about his contacts in Yemen and elsewhere.”

    It’s a world gone mad.

  7. Insanity.. Please!

    Given that he would be locked up in an asylum and medicated out of being a threat.. or otherwise.. it would make a great set up.. The headline could be..

    “Islam defended as insanity..” if that doesn’t say a lot I am not sure what does anymore.

  8. joeblough says:

    This just in from someone with family in the field:

    … [somebody] called me and asked me to help spread this new information. She has [family members] that are Army Rangers. They have, and are, serving in Iraq and Afganhistan. Apparently one, or both, were home for Christmas and told her of a frustrating, and life-threatening, new directive thay have recently been given.

    They are no longer allowed to “Double – Pop” the enemy. This means that once you have shot or disabled an enemy, you are no longer allowed to shoot him again to insure that he cannot do you further harm. Apparently, Muslims consider this insurance shot to be a “disfigurement to the body”, and, therefore, extremely offensive !

    American soldiers, however, consider this new directive as putting their lives needlessly at risk from a wounded, but still dangerous, enemy. This directive against offending the enemy has come down from “on high”. Noone will own up to issuing it. However, since some of our nation’s leaders have strong Muslim ties in their background, they should be suspect.

    This is a dangerous new development. Please make others are aware of this new directive and it’s potential for harming our troops.

    Please pass the word.

    Our defenders are being ordered to avoid offending the enemy … at risk of their lives.

    This is an outrage!

    It must not stand.

    • canary says:

      That along with not being able to shoot til shot upon. There’s no gun ban, they can’t tell the good from the bad.

      The U.S. has to compensate Pakistan for every civilian killed, and of course they claim the ones we shoot civilians, while they brag of terrorists they kill.

      That along with not being able to shoot til shot upon. I saw some footage where our soldiers are determining whether the “civilian clothed man” with “the rocket launcher yelling” is really going to use it or not. It appeared so, so they took him down.

  9. Enthalpy says:

    Thanks in part to weak minded leaders like Pat Leahy and others, the underwear bomber is able to plead not guilty instead of pleading for his life-or death.

  10. canary says:

    He needs to be in Gitmo until it’s closed. Even if he gets the max, he’ll be set loose.
    Well, lonely Umar & Hansan who expected virgins are left with damaged manhood, so they will try harder to die.
    Do they wonder if allah will give them new ones when they get to heaven?

    Do the two wonder about allahs prize they get, when at least they tried to be martyrs. Or do they believe the pain is allah punishing them for failing. They need to revise the quran.

  11. proreason says:

    well, he’s insane isn’t he, just like everybody else who commits a crime.

    And we haven’t even begun to explore the forces that shaped his worldview in childhood. There must be many white oppressors there. How could anyone become a complete human being under those conditions.

    He deserves a hand-out, not jail time.

    And all of that belies the obvious. He didn’t do anything. The system worked. We don’t even know if he was trying to do something bad or whether he was just fiddling with his underwear.

    Chill out folks. He is innocent on about 5 fronts.

    in Obamyland.

  12. Tater Salad says:

    How to get the truth.??? In this case above, it might be a slightly different hook-up because of the “situational problem” of the moron who ownded the fruit of the looms.

    “If hooking up one rag head terrorist prisoner’s testicles to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying little camel shagger will save just one ________ life, then I have only three things to say, Red is positive, Black is negative, and make sure his nuts are wet.”

  13. Liberals Demise says:

    Is Farook a cross dresser? Those underwear look awfully effeminate to me.
    Let us hope that the court doesn’t ask to see exhibit “A” during the trial.
    That alone will be damning and run counter to the “Not Guilty” plea.

    • jobeth says:

      LOL, Thanks for finding a way to say that without being ‘uncouth’. I thought the same thing.

      Then I wondered if that dark spot on them was a burn mark or a ‘soiled’ spot. My money is on the latter. lol

  14. Tater Salad says:

    99 names of Allah:


    Notice how the terrorists use these same names!

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