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Unidentified “Youths” Still Riot In Paris Suburbs

From South Africa's News 24:

File photo.

Youths riot near Paris


Versailles – Seven French police officers were hurt during clashes with scores of youths that broke out after a car chase in Les Mureaux, in the western Paris suburbs, justice officials said on Monday.

The incident late on Sunday followed the arrest of man who drove his car into a police vehicle after being chased for a traffic offence.

As the man was being taken to the police station in another vehicle, it was set upon by a crowd.

"There were about 250 people – very angry and very hostile," police officials said.

The prosecutor's office said the number was close to 130.

Some of the police were hurt when a stone hurled into their car detonated a tear-gas grenade. One of the police cars was gutted by fire. There were no arrests.

Attack on riot police

On Wednesday seven youths suspected of the September 19 beating of two riot police officers in Corbeil-Essonnes south of Paris were arrested during a raid on a housing project.

Both officers suffered injuries to the face and head and bruising to the body.

One was hospitalised.

The attacks underscored continuing concern over violence in Paris's depressed suburbs, where riots broke out nearly a year ago.

In a letter sent to French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy last June, a senior government official warned of a sharp spike in crime and the active incitement of Islamic radicals in the northern suburbs.

Only if you read the whole article do you even get a hint as to just who these "youths" are.

And of course the fact that there were no arrests in the latest incident.

Oh, well. Youth must be served.

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