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Union Deal Might (Not) Settle Boeing Fight

From the Politico:

Deal could settle Boeing plant fight

By: Burgess Everett and Adam Snider
November 30, 2011

A deal between Boeing and its Machinists union Wednesday could quiet GOP attacks against the Obama administration and National Labor Relations Board about the fate of a South Carolina 787 Dreamliner plant.

If the tentative deal is ratified allowing the Boeing’s new 737 MAX aircraft to be built in Renton, Wash., the union said it will withdraw its grievances against the aerospace manufacturer over the South Carolina plant, potentially putting an end to a seven-month, highly charged labor debate

Yes, but Obama’s NLRB could still go ahead with their lawsuit. After all, there is an election coming. And unions are his foremost foot soldiers.

Wednesday, Boeing and its Machinists union reached a tentative agreement on a four-year labor extension, ensuring that the new 737 MAX aircraft is built in an existing Boeing facility in Washington state. The deal would also preserve pensions for new workers, includes 2 percent yearly wage increases and raises some health care premiums

How soon will it be before taxpayers are asked to bailout out Boeing for its generosity?

South Carolina Republicans are still skeptical, however.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said a deal that would result in NLRB dropping the grievance “would certainly be welcome,” but he was wary of the NLRB’s role in the Washington negotiations.

“If the NLRB is becoming an extension of negotiation, and they’ve become a tool or device to be used by unions to make business do what they would like, that’s a disastrous outcome,” he told POLITICO. “It would be terrible if the NLRB has become a hammer in negotiating.”

Well ,then it is terrible, because the NLRB has long since become part of the negotiations. After all, they are the ones who filed the lawsuit against Boeing.

Rep. Trey Gowdy said the NLRB’s case against Boeing is “unprecedented” and “grounded in an activist agenda.” As far as Wednesday’s tentative Boeing deal goes, Gowdy has some questions.

“Did a party settle because they don’t want protracted litigation for the next decade, or did they settle because it was really in their best interest to do so? And I don’t know the answer to that,” he said

Because the deal has not been ratified, an NLRB spokesman withheld comment on whether its complaint will be dropped. Still, NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon called the agreement a “very significant and hopeful development.”

In other words, it could turn out that Boeing gave away the store to the machinists union, and they still won’t be allowed to build the 787 in South Carolina. And the unions can claims that it wasn’t their fault.

How perfect.

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One Response to “Union Deal Might (Not) Settle Boeing Fight”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Unions may win this battle but, Right to Work will win this war.

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