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Union Thugs Attack Protester In Tampa

Another report from a citizen journalist on Kathy Castor’s townhall meeting in Tampa, via YouTube:

"Union Allowed In to Set Up" Kathy Castor Town Hall

Person asked why people were not allowed in. This constituent was allowed to ask a question, but the congresswoman had already snuck out the back door without being asked any questions.

Background: When we entered the room, they thought we were union members when in fact we were against Obama’s Health Care plan. There were 2 rows reserved for Union Members who were ushered in via the back door of the room. Those who opposed Kathy Castor’s support of Healthcare were not allowed in. Union members blocked the doors.

And once again there is graphic evidence that these planted union thugs attacked a man for protesting – the man in the green shirt near the end of this YouTube clip:

Kathy Castor – Healthcare Town Hall Meeting in Tampa – 8/6

Kathy Castor’s union thugs beat up a guy (in the green shirt – evidence 3:21) and shut the doors to prevent the opposing opinions from being heard. She then proceeded leave, not taking any questions, because "she couldn’t hear." Translation: she doesn’t have answers ’cause she hasn’t read the House bill.

Here is a clip of the victim after the event, again via YouTube:

Victim of Attack at Healthcare Townhall

A concerned citizen, who hoped to attend the Healthcare Townhall meeting in Tampa, FL with Congresswoman Kathy Castor, was attacked as he tried to enter. Union members assaulted him as he stood near the doors waiting to enter.

This is not the way a republic is supposed to operate. Townhalls should be the most central core of our representative democracy.

This is the way Mr. Chavez does things.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, August 7th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

30 Responses to “Union Thugs Attack Protester In Tampa”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Unreal. What do you suppose will happen if the bill actually passes?

    Meanwhile, the criminal cabal in charge of the White House is stepping up its intimidation tactics:

    White House Vows to Defend Democrats on Health Reform, Will ‘Punch Back Twice as Hard’

    Top White House officials counsel Democratic senators, promise the party and allies will respond with twice the force if any individual lawmaker is criticized in television advertising.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, it’s a very interesting choice of words. I wonder if they would’ve ever used such words when defending anything Bush wanted to do. After all, he was their supposed “Hitler” was he not?

      But the American people are speaking out and from what I understand, there is a large majority who absolutely oppose this universal healthcare garbage.

  2. Melly says:

    Can you say “Hitler?.”

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    You want to see Nazis in action? You are seeing the face of Fascism rise and take on the populace one Town Hall at a time.

    Barack Hussien Obama = Adolph Hitler in black face

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In this republic, you are seeing what US Citizens have the right to do. That being challenge directly the elected officials who are not listening to the people they represent. To think they can just live a life of waving magic wands without being held accountable is absurd.

    I find it sickenly eerie that the only people “allowed” in to these TH meetings are those who support this ridiculous, financially unsustainable bill. And their support is solely based on a wishy-washy “I WANT” mentality. No amount of logic, fact presentation or reality check will work against their lame-brained utopian pie-in-the-sky dreams of all marching in lock-step mit der schwartzer.

    —-(Still thinking of moving)

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Don’t move bro ……… America is worth fighting for …..AGAIN!!

    • jobeth says:

      “I find it sickenly eerie that the only people “allowed” in to these TH meetings are those who support this ridiculous, financially unsustainable bill.”

      If only the supporters are allowed in, then they can go back to Washington and say they received high support for the bill. Its all a game with them. Thugs have been doing this to the conservatives for years.

      I heard on Fox someone in Washington say that the conserves were “pushing back” and they (the libs) would push back even harder.

      So we just have to stand firm and let NOTHING intimidate us. Some of us are going to suffer in this war against this totalitarian mind set but like any war we must be willing to fight and possibly suffer for the cause.

      Note to the lefties…Fight for our cause does NOT mean violence! I mean we are going to fight with every LEGAL tool at our disposal.

  5. alphasun2 says:

    These union attacks are indeed disgraceful, but Mr Shackleford’s ludicrous equation of Obama with Hitler is also. This is ridiculously simplistic. I would be very surprised if the Democrats stand by these tactics, whereas for the Nazis they were official policy. Plus of course the Nazis regarded black people as inferior, one of the groups like slavs, gypsies and homosexuals that they were happy to exterminate.
    Going further into Nazi philosophy, it idealised strength and death — the idea of universal health care would be anathema. Selective health services for nordic whites (and brunette party members) would be more likely. Actual euthanasia was widespread well before the war.
    I saw a Connecticut woman who appeared to be in her late sixties talking about that state’s near-universal health care, and she said that she felt protected. Surely that is the point, not these abusive, childish allegations about jack-booted Democrats.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      So your okay with gestapo tactics taken out against Americans voicing their dissent against stupid policy by our elected government? Fellow citizens denied their birth right by Jack Booted Union thugs?
      Not all of us what the government up our ass 24/7, 365 day a year pal!

      If not Nazi what would you call it? Fascism? Neo-Nazi?
      No matter what you call it ……….. it ain’t “AMERICAN”!!
      After 6 months of the Bungling Barry Show I can say without any regret that Barry is anything but American!! He going after the very fabric of America with every Socialist thread in his body!!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      You beat me to it, LD.

      alpha, you missed my point.

      That being (mostly what LD said). I do not want my healthcare administered by DMV-type operatives who can only function to the limits of what’s up on their computer screen. To take it a step further, to ultimately result in rationing because a national plan is financially unsustainable.

      My analogy to Hitler was lost on you in the regard that the truly ignorant of this nation are falling in behind a slick-talking socialist who has no greater desire than to punish the nation he (for some reason) hates so much, apologizes for and believes needs to be knocked down a peg.

      Many Americans love a sales pitch and buzzwords. Many Americans who voted for this clown on an intentionally vague platform of “hope and change” are being suckered yet again by the wishful thinking of “universal” healthcare…which will be neither universal, nor healthcare. Indeed the very term is an invention anyway..because it’s about insurance. Until 1960 or so, health insurance wasn’t even on the public’s radar.

      Thanks to vaccination programs that were so successful, we now live way past the ripe old age of 65, the social security collection age, that the system is going broke and we also want health insurance to hedge our bets in the event something catastrophic occurs, like cancer.

      But I digress.

      My main point in referring to Obama as Hitler is not a direct correlation to him, but to the methods of swaying the public, getting them to believe something that just isn’t true and to aquire huge amounts of power over the people by forcing them to submit to government-run medicine. In all nations that do it, it has been proven to be financially unsustainable but my argument is that reasonable discussion is impossible with the zombie-like followers of this idea.

      Thank you for your input.

    • proreason says:

      “Twice the force”

      It’s the most amazing 3 words I’ve heard in my life.

      Coryn and company should be all over this.

      Heads may have to roll to stop these criminals.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      PR, I liken it to the code words used during WWII radio broadcasts. Giving marching orders to his SEIU foot soilders.

    • Yarddog1 says:

      If you “would be very surprised if the Democrats stand by these tactics”, you are indeed in denial. These are the very tactics and the political strategy practiced from whence you beloved Obama comes. What message are you getting when your own government encourages the reporting of dissent? Are you not reading what is being spewed forth by the members of Congress and from the White House. Do you think their efforts are really out of altruism? Is it blindness, denial, immaturity, naviete or lack of intellect? They crave power over your life and the lives of all humanity through any means. What would you call this philosophy – Facism, Socialism – what? Some can be blindly led – others question the validity and purpose of all factors affecting their lives. If you don’t question the motives of these esteemed government officials and their minions, you may very well find yourself being loaded on a cattlecar and shipped to the ovens. Some of us will resist.

    • proreason says:

      “Mr Shackleford’s ludicrous equation of Obama with Hitler is also”

      You think Hitler was roasting Jews in 1923 or 1933?

      It took him decades to consolidate his power.

      But there are plenty of parallels between Obama and his predecessor facists that fall short of the ovens. And nobody here is suggesting the Moron is about to gas conservatives, either.

      Here are a couple of quotes from the “unifier”. “they bring a knife. We’ll bring a gun.” “respond with twice the force”.

      And then there is his budding little brown shirt army, and the union thugs. There is the litany of illegal activities from this White House. 1. Releasing the Black Panthers intimidating voters ar polling places 2. Overturning contract law to hand GM to Union thugs. 3. Demonizing a policeman doing his job protecting the property of a black man. 4. Giving U.S. legal rights to terrorists. 5. Encouraging violence against senior citizens who don’t want the Thug’s Death Care 6. Illegally forcing compensation levels for private citizens 7. Constantly using threats and intimidation against other private citizens who oppose the Thugocracies tactics. 8. Voting fraud….and on an on.

      The parallels with facist regimes are overwhelming.

    • catie says:

      So, what’s with all the Kos Kids coming on board, too bad we’re not welcome there but I digress. It is not a ludicrous equation as others have said. You saw someone in CT who felt “protected” by their near universal health care. I know someone whose mother in law was on that and was not given chemo because of the cost. So you and your little elderly lady may feel protected but wait till you get sick.

    • jobeth says:

      Hey there, Catie…as to us not being welcome at Kos (spit…spit), that’s typical. ONLY leftie views can be espoused there. Then they are suprised that there are so many against their views later.

      As to the (protected) CT woman…Along with your example, I could add my father in law dying while being “protected” by socialized medicine in the UK. Actually starved to death after his stroke with NO treatment being given to him.

      ALPHA SUN…YOU are welcome to stick your head up your A** but stop expecting the rest of us to do the same. WE are AMERICANS…and will resist ANY un American laws and behavior…like union thuggery. Like socialized health care. I could go on but, useful idiot that you are…you will see us in action now. You and your ilk have gotten us off our couches and into the fray. We will not sit back down until we win this battle!!!!!

      Most good Americans are slow to anger. But once angered they are very dogged about their actions. As I said above we are AMERICANS. We are not European serfs who lay down and get stepped on. WE fight back. Don’t ever forget it.

      And Alfa Sun…If you like socializm so much why in the H*** are you here? You have a large choice of countries you can move to to find your utopia…Please take a bunch of you friends with you!

    • Right of the People says:


      Let me ask you this; Why when it was the Democrats dissenting on President Bush’s policies they said it was “patriotic” but when people are questioning the all mighty and omnipotent one’s policies it is okay to have thugs beat them into submission?

      The Dimocraps are the party of intolerance.

  6. CGardner says:

    Interesting that this time, there’s actually a paper trail leading directly back to Obama, which is telling the O-Zombies and thugs to fight back. Things which come immediately to mind is Obama’s letter on Organizing for America and Messina’s remark “punch back twice as hard.”

    Trying to de-fuse the situation apparently never occurs to the Street-Thug-in-Chief.

  7. alphasun2 says:

    Liberals Demiise, I made it clear that I deplored any strongarm tactics by these union people. But is it typical Democrat behaviour, or their official policy? I suspect not, and am waiting for their condemnation of what happened here if it is confirmed to be as claimed. Also, Gestapo tactics would be more along the lines of arresting the victim later and ensuring that he disappeared without any information to his relatives — the sort of policy that was applied by the fascists in Argentina and Chile not so long ago.
    It is more for you than for me to say what is American — but I believe President Obama received a very large vote.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Historically speaking he did NOT receive a very large vote. But, for the sake of argument, he won, as he so likes to remind us.

      However, my question to the union members is, “What is it you are so afraid of that you won’t let people voice their opinions?”

      And I would like to hope you are right that the democrats would condemn this behavior, but, you see, I’ve been watching and when it comes to things like this, they don’t. If you want to mention that Obama “condemned” the actions of the Iranian government against its own citizens, well, it took him two weeks, under pressure, to come out with anything that even remotely sounded like it.

      I’m afraid I have to disagree with your position. The democrats seem quite satisfied with letting thugs, be they hired or independent, doing their dirty work for them.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      WRONG on all counts!!
      The trail leads straight back to Obama as far as the Gestapo tatics. “If they hit us we will hit back twice as hard!!” That “IS” their official stand and has been witnessed over night.
      Our media has taken a “Code of Silence” for I haven’t seen or heard about this on any of their reports! Hence, it must not be true or it is a “Right Wing” fabrication of the truth!!
      Barry did not get a “HUGE” vote here in America. Just enough to get him jacked into the presidency. I take it you aren’t from here so I’ll just say when he runs for KING of the world………he will steal your vote from you ala ACORN and SEIU thugs sent out to strong arm you and your family.
      Welcome to the Chicago way of rule!! (BANG-BANG)

    • curvyred says:

      I have been watching the “news” today I have not seen much coverage nor have I seen any condemnation from the Democratic officials, nor do I expect any.

    • proreason says:

      “is it typical Democrat behaviour, or their official policy?”

      Both, obviously.

      But only since the Chicago-way strong-armed its way to power.

      Obama got 53% of the vote.

      It isn’t even close to a mandate. It does not give this criminal cabal the right to make wholesale socialist changes to this country or impose their facist will at the point of a gun.

      If they slowed down, allowed a real debate, and a consensus emerged, we would accept it. That isn’t even close to happening. They are attempting to shove their Facist will down our throats by force.

      We overthrew a despot before and we will do it again if necessary.

      We will not allow the labor of 230 years to be confiscated and handed to people because there is a group of criminals who ignore the laws and traditions of this country.

      We will not agree to force our children to live in poverty so that incompetants can get vindication for unfortunate events that happened hundreds of years ago.

    • catie says:

      Get it through your thick heads liberals-Chicago Thugocracy is in town. I doubt the “Family Guy” will have a lot to say on the matter. It will be the victim’s fault.

  8. Curmudgeon says:

    That is not surely the point. A lady feeling protected is nice… but feelings have little to do with reality in any case.
    Comparing these tactics to Nazi tactics may be a bit hackneyed, but acting as though the comparison is unwarranted is either dishonest or stupid, or both. No one advanced the idea that this administration is the exact duplicate of Hitler’s Germany. Does it need to be alike in every circumstance to have some areas of similarity? No.
    There is nothing “childish” about commenting on the suppression of free speech. This is not an isolated incident and cannot be discounted as if it were. These incidents show an absolute disregard for truth and dialogue. It shows a mentality that is willing to intimidate those who dissent, to orchestrate false evidence of widespread support for a policy by excluding those who do not support it from meetings, to produce propaganda.
    I am honestly alarmed. I am scared of what will happen if this bill passes, and I am certainly not the only one. I am also scared to stand up as against Obama’s policies because I have received the message these incidents give… “Keep quiet so that we can ignore you and exclude your input. Otherwise, beware.”

  9. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    You should never be afraid to stand up and voice opposition against the POTUS whatever party he’s from, that’s what they want you to do. It’s been said that George W. polarized the nation into two camps, but Obama has taken it to a higher level in a much shorter period of time. I wish we could figure out who his puppet masters are and cut the strings for good.

  10. nicefly says:

    This is, IMHO, even worse than the strongarm tactics used during the 1968 DNC in Chicago. Where is OUR Sen. Ribikoff to stand up to the thugs and declare THIS is wrong? I’m still waiting to hear from our brave politicians. Republican or Democrat, to condemn this kind of action against American citizens engaging in peaceful dissent in a public forum. As Bill O’Reilly would say “They’re hiding under their desks.”

  11. neocon mom says:

    Taken in full with Linda Douglas’ message to report anything “fishy” directly to the White House–I’d say we have reason to be very concerned. Doesn’t look like America to me, Alpha, these tactics are tantamount to those employed by any totalitarian regime.
    The Sedition act which was in place during the Civil War probably represents the only time that free speech was officially limited in our history. While this isn’t an official limit, Obama is giving his opponents a proverbial “decapitated horse in bed” message. It is thuggish intimidation meant to discourage dissent.
    Once the poison pill of a government option is swallowed, it will only be a matter of how long until our private system, the one that has manufactured the greatest number of advances and innovations in health care because it is private, will be gone.
    No matter in which dominion of the British crown you live, I guarantee that you don’t enjoy the freedoms that we do–specifically the right to bear arms, speak and assemble freely, petition our government for a redress of grievances. You have never enjoyed these freedoms and no doubt must submit to an increasingly paternalistic state. Maybe you’re happy to be unburdened of the more important, fundamental decisions of life.
    Maybe you’ve put your trust in government to tell you when you can have an MRI, knee replacement, cancer treatment or a simple procedure for bladder incontinence. Maybe it’s just that you don’t understand our perspective because you will never enjoy those freedoms.
    Or maybe it’s just that misery loves company.

  12. MinnesotaRush says:

    It appears that o-blah-blah .. the MSM’s messiah .. the great uniter .. this (supposed – alledged) constitutional scholar .. is showing his true stripes. The stripes of a skunk.

    The thought that this bird won with a huge majority of people in this country behind him and wanting his “fixes” for everything is as phony as the claim that he’s the first african-american president.

    This o-blah-blah guy got 53% of the vote of people that voted, which only represents 33% of the total block of eligible voters in this country – many people simply didn’t vote. No big win or mandate of any sort.

    And .. his heritage is caucasian and african – a mixed heritage. No big deal (?), but his claim is very representative of his usual talent of deception.

    This phony steward of our Constitution may want to learn it. It is extremely apparent that he hasn’t got a clue. Witness .. his disregard for it!

    Can you say Freedom of Speech??? It’s very clear he hasn’t got a clue!

    This Trojan Horse, o-blah-blah, is clearly trying to fulfill his own personal agendas which appear to be every bit as sick, if not worse, than Hitler’s.

    I fast forward this film and it keeps getting worse and worse and worse. I pray for our Country and its’ allegiant and caring citizenry!

  13. Yarddog1 says:

    I agree with Pro – this is the tip of the spear. I certainly hope real Americans posess the strength and will to do whatever it takes to reclaim freedom. It has slowly eroded since FDR and now we find ourselves at the brink of total collapse. We have been complacent far too long. We have allowed this slow march towards Socialism, created an underclass who is totally dependent upon the government, allowed special interest groups to form policy, accepted rogue behavior from public servants and forfeited much of our freedom. I really question whether it is already too late without total anarchy. Can we stop it from devouring everything? Or, has it grown so large as to be uncontrollable? It is without a doubt a monster, and resolution is very complex. I am in the winter of my life and fear not for myself, but for those who will come after. With regulation, taxation, death of freedom and the elitism that pervades the government, many of us already feel like serfs to the crown. They exempt themselves to laws we must obey, become rich on the backs of the general populace and have little regard for us. I thought they were supposed to be working for us. The time is now. We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated, nor can we submit to the chains.

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