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Unions Organize Marijuana Growers In CA

From Fox News:

In California, Unions Go To Pot

by Claudia Cowan | October 11, 2010

With thousands of workers, and estimated sales in the hundreds of millions, California’s medical marijuana industry has never been bigger. Now, with a ballot measure to legalize recreational pot use for adults gaining in the polls, some of the state’s most powerful labor unions are "growing" their membership… by going to pot. At Oakland’s Patient ID Center and head shop, manager Chad Gilmore says the staff is grateful to have organized labor on their side. "Unionizing is giving us representation," he says, "and representation is what employees in the standard industry needed these days."

It’s only fair. It would appear that the UAW, for instance, has been representing pot workers for years.

Just like employees in other service industries, Gilmore says he and his 13 co-workers want to be able to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, get pensions, vacation time, and health benefits.

And, of course, they want to get their ‘medical marijuana,’ just like everybody else.

He adds, the staff welcomes the legitimacy that union representation brings to an industry that isn’t always seen in a favorable, or legal, light. They can’t count on getting workplace protections or benefits under federal workplace laws.

While 175 workers have joined the local United Food & Commercial Workers Union, about 40 clippers, trimmers, and cloners for Oakland-based Marjyn Investments LLC have teamed up with the Teamsters Local 70.

And you thought pot heads were lazy before, just wait until there are ‘Teamster pot heads.’

It’s the country’s first group of unionized marijuana growers, and “a win-win for everyone," says the company’s attorney, Clinton Killian. "The workers get the benefits, and we get a very stable workforce."

"Stable workforce"? That’s a good one.

Among other things, the worker’s current wages of $18.00 per hour will increase to $25.75 an hour by 2012.

The trend has critics shaking their heads.

Anti-pot crusaders say these labor groups are misguided, and doing their newest members a disservice by encouraging them to do work that’s considered a federal crime

Nitpicker. After all, it’s not like Eric Holder is going to crack down on the ‘patchwork’ of marijuana laws across the country.

But experts say it’s easy to understand why unions are taking more than a budding interest. "It’s not a surprise to me that the United Food & Commercial Workers and the Teamsters would say, here’s an area where there’s potentially going to be job growth, an area where workers want representation, it’s a logical place to go," says Ken Jacobs, chair of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UC Berkeley.

If the unions thought there was any money in it, they would try to organize the Taliban.

If voters legalize marijuana next month, labor experts predict even more unions will get involved– not just as negotiators for employees, but allies for the marijuana growers, as the industry fights the legal challenges certain to come from the federal government.

As if the unions haven’t been pushing for ‘legalization’ already. When George Soros says jump, the unions say, "how high, man?"

Of course it is a laugh to think that the Obama administration would fight this. Why would they? It’s a win-win for them, too.

And they need all the chemically induced Democrats they can get.

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7 Responses to “Unions Organize Marijuana Growers In CA”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I actually love this. Wait until the potheads have to start paying union dues. Wait until the owners of the pot growing farms have their profits extorted from them by the teamsters and other union leg-breakers. Wait until they have to provide pensions, 401ks, insurance, etc. for their cabal of lazy do-nothing potheads that do nothing but sit around and chuckle like Beavis and Butthead. When the owner/operators can’t make the profits they got into the business to make and they can’t afford to keep their operations going because they’re saddled with unreasonable demands from unions, they’ll understand what the rest of us have been saying and they will go out of business.

    My big question is when is the Justice Department going to file a lawsuit? Here you have a bunch of states taking over a federal responsibility: There are laws, Federal Laws, regarding drug trafficking. We can’t have states taking federal matters into their own hands. The DOJ proved that with its lawsuits in AZ. The state officers also lack the authority (according to the left) to enforce these laws, so we should send federal officers, marshalls, DEA, and FBI to handle the problem, and fast.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    We’ve entered territory that is so effing stupid no rational commentary can make a difference.

    Soon , the DNC will have a Hells’ Angels chapter and then Unionize them.

  3. ConservativeChristian says:

    Jesus said to treat other people the way we would want to be treated. I know I wouldn’t want my kid to go to jail with the sexual predators, or my aging parents to have their house confiscated and sold by the police, over a little marijuana.

    Let’s change the world. Let’s get registered and vote.

    Just Google your state name and the phrase, voter registration. In many states, you can simply print off the form and mail it in, but do it today! Registration deadlines are upon us!

    • mr_bill says:

      Tell them not to smoke dope. Generally, property can only be seized if it is used in the commission of a felony. Its unlikely that a home would be seized for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and first-time offenders are typically granted probation for offenses. Of course, the easiest way to prevent this is to abide by the law and not smoke weed.

      FYI: The majority of states’ voting registration deadlines are 29-30 days prior to the election, a date which has come and gone. I guess the pothead vote procrastinated a bit too much, again. Be sure to get your registered pothead friends to vote on Nov. 5th, though.

  4. NoNeoCommies says:

    I can see it now.
    The union thugs will harass and intimidate anyone trying to grow or sell pot in the state until they join the union.
    If they don’t, they will be out of business in no time as amateurs undercut them.
    Not to worry, though.
    The union will get their pets in the state assembly to make it illegal to sell or grow without proper licensing and union membership.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    Problem solved! Union labor will do more to slow the flow of pot than the government could hope for.

    • eaglewingz08 says:

      Gee, I thought state laws that contradicted and interfered with national laws were anti american (see lawsuits against Arizona). But, it its euthanasia and drug dealing (culture of death laws) that’s ok to the Death Panelist In Chief.

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