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No Tax On Union ‘Cadillac Healthcare’

From the National Journal:

Unions Tentatively Strike A Deal Regarding Excise Tax

by Anna Edney, with Billy House contributing

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010

Unions tentatively struck a deal Tuesday to exempt collectively bargained healthcare plans from a tax on high-cost plans expected to be used to help raise revenue for the healthcare overhaul…

We knew it would happen.

The only people who won’t have to pay a tax on their ‘Cadillac health insurance plans’ are the people who make Cadillacs.

And their other Democrat union colleagues.

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13 Responses to “No Tax On Union ‘Cadillac Healthcare’”

  1. TwilightZoned says:

    I’m still praying mandated health insurance/care will be ruled unconstitutional as well as all these backroom deals.

  2. nascarnation says:

    This one was “in the bag” all the way along.

    Now we not only get to pay our tax dollars to fund 52 yr old UAW retirees @ $3000/month plus silver plated bennies, we can also pay taxes on our health care so they don’t have to.

    I really hope some Republicans are able to take all this and jam it up the Dems backside in 2010. It’s absolutely stinks. It stinks worse than the Ben Nelson deal in my view.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Obama to Union: “Is that a Cadillac in your pocket or are you all glad you voted for me?”

  4. U NO HOO says:

    I did my part, bought a Ford built in Mexico.

    Ole. Picture the accent over the e.

  5. U NO HOO says:

    Those bozos behind Obama sure look like men I want to build my car.

    Did I ever tell you about the order of toast in wax paper I found in the rocker panel of my ’70 Torino…not made in Mexico?

  6. U NO HOO says:

    They look like a police line up or kids at the end-of-year detention class graduation ceremony.

    They had to print “Change we can believe in” 100 times everyday after school because they were guilty of mopery with intent to gawk.

  7. GetBackJack says:

    Equal Protection Under The Law


    Must be how the Crips and Bloods figured out that if you put enough guns and muscle on the street the system leaves you alone.

    Like the Unions.

  8. Rip Cord says:

    I thought the unions loved taxes. Oh, on somebody else, never mind. LOL

  9. wirenut says:

    I’m with U NO, on this one. Back row, left to right. # 1. You owe me, pay my dues.
    # 2. I worked, now my children can pick up the tab.
    # 3. I could kick everybody’s ass on this stage, and I’m to old to be a prop.
    # 4. I hope this sign stops a kick in the crotch!
    Middle row, # 1. I got some outrageous smoke dude!
    Podium: Front and Center, ACT, ACT, AACTK, UUHMN! ACT, UHMNNN. AATK! ACTKK! ACT!

  10. Media_man says:

    More hubris on the part of the Democrats. This just serves as a painful lesson to those not paying attention that the Democrats are garden variety thieves.

    So will the NEA get a waiver to? Will there be an exemption for Trial Lawyers? Who knows where it ends. Only private sector employees will pay for this, and they will end up paying twice in terms of higher premiums and than taxed on the same premiums to pay for this monstrosity.

  11. MinnesotaRush says:

    My gawd .. they still got those ridiculous “Change we can believe in” signs?!?!?

    Their willingness to use them cements their lunacy.

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