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US Annoyed By UN’s Remarks On Iran’s Nukes

From those lovers of nuclear proliferation at Reuters:

West complains to IAEA chief over Iran atom remarks

By Mark Heinrich

VIENNA (Reuters) – U.S. and allied envoys met the U.N. nuclear watchdog chief on Friday to voice concern about remarks he made suggesting it was too late to get Iran to shut down its uranium enrichment program, diplomats said.

Iran has made advances towards creating a nuclear energy industry recently while big powers have stuck to a demand, which Tehran has repeatedly rejected as humiliating, that it suspend all enrichment-related activity to win talks on trade benefits.

International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed ElBaradei is increasingly concerned Iran’s festering stand-off with the West could lead to conflict engulfing the Middle East.

He irked major powers by suggesting this month that their insistence, reflected in U.N. Security Council resolutions, on zero enrichment in Iran to prevent it gaining nuclear knowledge was obsolete since Tehran could already refine uranium.

ElBaradei called for a face-saving compromise that would cap Iranian enrichment activity at its current modest scale, before it reaches industrial proportions yielding large stockpiles of fuel convertible into material for atom bombs.

The point of the visit by U.S., British, French and Japanese ambassadors to the IAEA to ElBaradei’s office was to stress that Security Council policy was law, adopted unanimously and that they wanted his support, diplomats said.

“Today the (four) ambassadors met the director-general to discuss Iran and the latest IAEA report (on Iran). It was a good constructive meeting,” said U.S. mission spokesman Matt Boland.

“They all agreed on the importance of Iran fully cooperating with the IAEA and complying with its international obligations.”

One diplomat said the envoys asked ElBaradei to clarify his remarks. IAEA officials had no immediate comment…

What a joke.

Yes, Mr. Mohamed ElBaradei conceded Iran was far beyond stopping. But it’s not like the IAEA ever tried to stop them.

Indeed, as we have noted, they have given Iran technicle support all along.

The UN decided long ago that Iran should be allowed to have the bomb. (And you can bet that they have the upticks in their Swiss bank accounts to prove it.)

All the UN worthies have done since is try to prevent the US and the rest of the sane world from imposing any meaningful sanctions upon their client.

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