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US Begs Iran To Negotiate; Taliban Mock Shutdown

First we have this from an irony proof Agence France Presse:

US renews nuclear overtures to Iran

October 9, 2013

New York (AFP) – A top US official on Wednesday stepped up overtures to Iran to prove that it wants a nuclear proliferation deal with the West.

"We should be cautious but cognizant of potentially historic opportunities," Rose Gottemoeller, US assistant secretary of state for arms control told a UN disarmament committee.

"We must continue to push to bring Iran back into line with its international nuclear obligations," Gottemoeller told the forum, which included Iranian diplomats.

"The United States is ready to talk. We are ready to listen. We are ready to work hard and we hope that every country in this room is ready to do the same," Gottemoeller said.

"The road toward the next steps might not be familiar and it will require difficult negotiations and complicated diplomacy," said the US official…

So the Obama administration can’t wait to negotiate with Iran without any pre-conditions. But they won’t negotiated with the Republicans.

Meanwhile, we also have this from the Agence France Presse:

Taliban mock US over government shutdown

October 9, 2013

Kabul (AFP) – Taliban militants fighting US troops in Afghanistan taunted Washington over the government shutdown on Wednesday, accusing US politicians of "sucking the blood of their own people".

The Islamist militants issued a statement describing how US institutions were "paralysed", the Statue of Liberty was closed and a fall in tourist numbers had hit shops, restaurants and hotels in the capital.

"The American people should realise that their politicians play with their destinies as well as the destinies of other oppressed nations for the sake of their personal vested interests," the Taliban said.

The insurgents accused "selfish and empty-minded American leaders" of taking US citizens’ money "earned with great difficulty" and then "lavishly spending the same money in shedding the blood of the innocent and oppressed people".

They don’t seem to realize who is President.

"Instead of sucking the blood of their own people… this money should be utilised for the sake of peace," they added…

Lest we forget, the Obama administration is negotiating with the Taliban, who have killed thousands of our soldiers. (Joe Biden even says they are our friends.) But they refuse to negotiate with the Republicans.

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2 Responses to “US Begs Iran To Negotiate; Taliban Mock Shutdown”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Even the stupidest of criminals know which houses are the easiest to rob; Just look for the one that is the most mismanaged household, stuff all over the yard, dysfunctional family, etc.

    The United States is a laughing stock right now. This is, perhaps intended on the part of president golf-kick. What was not intended is that the rest of the world identifies him, specifically and many of his fellow comedians as the object of their derision and entirely responsible for making the US look like a Keystone Kops episode.

    After witnessing the all-too-obvious shutdown shenanigans, with things never-before shuttered and the outright lies portended by the media and “the party of evil”, I can only shake my head and reaffirm in my mind that corrupt people, when given power, will eventually but always show their ass.

    The tone of news articles is slowly shifting but will never be totally anti-president the way they were with evil BushHitler. But they will and are asking more difficult puzzlers for the brown clown in office. Oh, sorry. “The magic negro” as stated by the LA Times in 2008.

    I am conflicted, still, though about trying to determine if it’s malice or evil. Or is it a bit of both where his malicious intents, which he thinks are so clever an will be unnoticeable, run headlong into his incompetence because all his life he’s been told that conservative Americans are stupid and can’t hook two paper clips together.

    Therein lies the beauty of it, however when the truly incompetent suddenly discover that their opponent is a lot smarter than they expected and thus, finds themselves in a huge pickle with every attempt at subterfuge and insurgency was expected and met with direct force, as the republican party is (finally) doing now.

    But watching the PP CACA act implode, with worse consequences yet to be seen, I can’t side with those who say, “Let it”. This is because of the great number of people who will be harmed by the whole debacle in both the long and short run. Some say, “That’s unfortunately necessary” but we have here a case where the government says it’s out to “protect the people” when, we have witnessed over and over for the past five years that the exact opposite is true.

    Most of us know why.

    So while the world laughs at the clown nation trying to put on its shoes, they will be figuring out ways to come here and kill us and know that nothing will happen to them, like the criminal staking out the house where the kid leaves the front door open when he goes to pick up his drugs.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Rusty, you gonna wear out your keyboard, amigo.


    Everything you say is 10x what I’d pen, so .. Effing A, dude. Well done.

    PS – to be mocked, correctly, by ragheads viciously dedicated to a 9th century lifestyle is almost too much to bear.

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