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US Botched Attempt To Rescue James Foley This Summer

From the Washington Post:

U.S. staged secret operation into Syria in failed bid to rescue Americans

By Adam Goldman and Karen DeYoung | August 20, 2014

U.S. Special Operations forces staged an unsuccessful operation this summer to rescue photojournalist James Foley and other Americans being held in Syria by Islamic State militants, according to senior Obama administration officials.

Obama really is Jimmy Carter, II. It’s downright eerie. Still, notice how artfully the headline and lead underplay that this was a botched rescue attempt. Carter didn’t get this kid glove treatment from the press for his failed hostage rescue attempt.

The attempt, involving several dozen U.S. commandos, one of whom was injured in a fierce firefight with the militants, was the first known U.S. ground operation in Syria since the country’s descent into civil war. It came after at least six European hostages freed by the militants this spring had been debriefed by U.S. intelligence.

“The president authorized earlier this summer an operation to attempt the rescue of American citizens held by ISIL,” said one of two senior officials who provided information on the mission, using one of the acronyms that refer to the Islamic State.

ISIS changes its name more often than the Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

“We had a combination of . . . intelligence that was sufficient to enable us to act on it,” the official said, and the military moved “very aggressively, very quickly to try and recover our citizens.” The official said the effort “was not ultimately successful because the hostages were not present . . . at the site of the operation.” Other officials said the captives were believed to have been there but had been moved before the raid, possibly several weeks earlier.

So, once again, our intel fell short. (Speaking of which, imagine how the news media would have howled if this had happened under Bush.) But why release this information now? To try to show that Obama is doing something, after all? All it does is hurt any future efforts.

In an announcement after the initial publication Wednesday of details about the operation, the White House and Pentagon issued statements confirming that President Obama had authorized the mission following assessments that “these hostages were in danger with each passing day.” …

Has Gitmo run out of top Taliban detainees to swap?

The two officials, who were authorized by the White House to speak anonymously to a small group of reporters, would not specify the number or identity of Americans being held alongside Foley. They are believed to number at least four, one of whom, freelance journalist Steven Joel Sotloff, also appeared in the Foley video, as the executioner warned that “the life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”

The failed operation “was conducted by a joint force with virtually every service represented,” one of the senior officials said, including “special operators and aircraft both rotary and fixed-wing,” with surveillance aircraft overhead…

In a statement Wednesday night, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said: “We never intended to disclose this operation. An overriding concern for the safety of the hostages and for operational security made it imperative that we preserve as much secrecy as possible. We only went public today when it was clear a number of media outlets were preparing to report on the operation and that we would have no choice but to acknowledge it.” …

BS. How hard would it have been to keep this completely secret?

The officials said that U.S. forces landed modified, heavily armed Black Hawk helicopters flown by the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which works with both the Army’s Delta Force and Navy SEAL commandos. The regiment is known as the “Night Stalkers.” …

There is absolutely no reason to release any of this info, except to try to make Obama look like he cares.

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