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US Cubans Haul Goods, Medicine ‘Home’

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Cuban-Americans haul goods home on holiday visits

By Peter Orsi, Associated Press Sat Dec 18, 2010

HAVANA – In Cuba, Santa’s sleigh is a Boeing 737.

Thousands of Cuban-Americans are heading to Havana this holiday season carrying everything from electronics and medicine to clothing and toiletries to help relatives back home supplement monthly salaries averaging about $20.

They celebrate Christmas "this holiday season" in communist Cuba?

Not only are Cuban-Americans visiting the island in far greater numbers since President Barack Obama lifted travel restrictions last year, they are bringing more stuff. One carrier says the average bag weight per passenger is up 55 percent — and many Miami-Havana flights are shadowed by a separate cargo plane just to haul the load.

"They bring you things for the family," said Paulo Roman Garcia, a 45-year-old Havana native who makes $9.50 a month selling fruit at a market in the city’s historic quarter.

Roman Garcia was looking forward to a visit in the New Year from his older brother, who lives in New Jersey and will be coming down with stocking-stuffers such as clothing and treats, as well as big-ticket items including a stereo.

"My son has asthma, and he’s bringing inhalers for his asthma," Roman Garcia said. "Medicines are very important. Some don’t exist here, or they’re hard to find."

What is the AP doing posting such obvious ant-Castro propaganda? Cuba has the most wonderful healthcare system in the world. We know that because the AP and the New York Times and the rest of the media tell us this day in and day out.

During the administration of former President George W. Bush, Cuban-Americans were allowed to visit only once every three years and were limited to $100 a month in remittances…

Cuba watchers and charter flight operators say travel between the United States and Cuba skyrocketed after the change and continues to climb steadily…

"The U.S. is now sending the second-most visitors to Cuba than any other country," after Canada, Jones said.

The great majority are of Cuban heritage, and the rest are non-Cuban Americans traveling for officially sanctioned activities such as academic, cultural and sports exchanges.

Yes, like Code Pink’s sister operation, ‘Global Exchange.’ (This was part of their payback for their noble work for Mr. Obama and the Democrats over the last eight years.)

The figure does not include the small but growing number of Americans who sidestep the travel ban by flying in through Canada, Mexico or other countries, risking a stiff U.S. fine if they are caught

We suspect no one is ever caught. Not by this administration.

The visits are something of a lifeline in Cuba, where, five decades after the Cuban Revolution, many basic goods that Americans take for granted are in short supply — from office supplies to clothing, makeup, aspirin, batteries and even cat food.

The Cuban government blames the 48-year U.S. embargo, which prohibits nearly all commercial trade with the island, with the exception of food and medicine.

Er, so who do the Cuban government blame for their food and medicine shortages?

A historically stagnant Cuban economy hasn’t helped

You see it is just the fault of the US and history. Cuba’s terrible economy has nothing to do with being a communist dictatorship for the last fifty odd years.

We simply have to lift this inhumane embargo. Especially, now that it’s Christmas the "holiday season."

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6 Responses to “US Cubans Haul Goods, Medicine ‘Home’”

  1. proreason says:

    How fitting.

    At last Americans are free to travel to a just society.

    This should radically escalate the pace of “change”.

    Maybe even Marco Rubio will finally see the light.

  2. bousquem says:

    I remember a guy in knew in college who use to go visit with his parents and siblings the rest of the family that lived in Vietnam. He said they would pack suitcases full of medicine both for malaria but also common OTC items like tylenol, benadryl, and alot of other common medications that cost a couple of dollars here for huge bottles but are extremely expensive and hard to find over there.

    • proreason says:

      If the Moron gets his way, people who have relatives in Cuba will be looking forward to them brining supplies to us.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …..”What is the AP doing posting such obvious ant-Castro propaganda?……..”

    Well, Obamacare is the law of the land, now. No need to hide the obvious any more. Besides, as Peloser said, we’re gonna love it……once we find out what’s in it.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Rush talked today about Michael Moore and how his movie about the Cuban medical system was banned….in Cuba.

    Isn’t irony ironic?

    With all the money he’s made, at the end of the day, he’s still a fat, disgusting moron. Sorry for the ad-hominem but….I just can’t say it any other way. He probably smells like cheese, or heavy BO because he won’t use deodorants, not so much because he’s against the chemicals in them…but because he’s just disgusting. Probably hasn’t seen his willy in over 30 years. Hates himself (obviously) and looks for emotional fixes by degrading others. A serious insecurity case. I’ll bet when he walks into a place frequented by other Hollyweird celebs, they high-tail it to the door lest they have to put up with his whining and swearing.

    The only thing that allows him to sit near the cool kids is his hatred of Bush and anything conservative…but ask any hot starlet if she’d really go out with him and she would vomit on your shoes. http://www.whosdatedwho.com/celebrities/people/dating/michael-moore.htm

    • proreason says:

      “Hates himself (obviously)”

      I wonder if this is the true root cause of liberalism. So many are so filled with hatred of many others. It really is uncanny. Perhaps it is all projection of their own self hatred. Moore, of course, is a cartoon caricature of the phenomenon. No Hollywood screen writer would dare to conceive of such an flagrantly obvious parody of liberals. People like Moore can only exist in real life.

      Maybe there is a book there for a psychologist who is about to lose a practice because of ObamyCare.

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