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US Halves Deportations Upon Request

We almost missed this news from the ‘ethnic news’ outlet, New America Media:

Salvadorans exit a plane at El Salvador’s international airport in Comalapa, 27 miles from San Salvador, January 12, 2010, after being deported from Texas.

Salvadoran Deportations Down in First Week of 2010

El Tiempo Latino, Posted: Jan 09, 2010

WASHINGTON — El Salvador authorities are taking credit for a drop in the number of Salvadoran nationals ICE has deported this year, reports the Spanish-language weekly El Tiempo Latino. Officials at the Salvadoran embassy told the newspaper that the change was in direct response to a request they made to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to stop the raids and evaluate deportation conditions. In 2009, ICE deported some 400 Salvadorans every week. In the first week of January, El Tiempo Latino reports, only 220 Salvadorans were deported.

Salvadoran authorities also hope to improve the conditions of the deportees. Salvadoran Ambassador to the United States Francisco Altschul plans to travel to Arlington, Texas next week to follow a group of 100 deportees from the time they get out of jail until they arrive in El Salvador. “The idea is to get to know first-hand what these people are going through," he said, "and then we’ll be able to draw conclusions to analyze what can be changed.”

In other words, the Salvadoran government asked the US to cut back on its deportation of Salvadorans – and the US happily complied.

They cut deportations for the year so far practically in half. Now that is service.

If only our border authorities would be this responsive to requests from American citizens.

For the record, here is the original story from the Washington Post owned El Tiempo Latino — and Google Translate:

Stopping deportations

Management by the government of El Salvador, reduce flights deported to that country

Special Collection Tiempo Latino

Following the request of the government of El Salvador to the United States to stop the raids, from Friday, the number of flights of deportees fell from four to two per week, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of El Salvador, Francisco Altschul, on Wednesday 6.

Altschul said that this is an achievement gained after Salvadoran Foreign Minister’s visit in December, Hugo Martinez, who helped form a working group headed by representatives of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the government of El Salvador.

Other sources Salvadoran Embassy officials told El Tiempo Latino that the decrease in flights resulting in a decline in the number of deportees. For flight are approximately 100 people, which numbered about 400 a week. And with this new measure two weekly flights were recorded in the first week of January, an average of 220 deportees.

In addition, Altschul said they want to improve the conditions of deportation. So travel to Arlington, Texas, the week of 11 to track a group of 100 deportees. Participate in the process since leaving prison until they come to El Salvador.

"The idea is to learn first hand what these people live and after that will draw conclusions to analyze what can be changed," Altschul said during the press conference where he reported on the distribution of funds for victims of Hurricane Ida.

The money raised by the Emergency Coalition Salvadoran in the area, about $60 thousand, will be used to build 20 homes in one of the worst affected areas.

For his part, about the deportations, Saul Solorzano, executive director of the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) felt that "it is best to expedite the deportation proceedings so that people are not suffering in the prisons."

Funny, but we don’t recall reading anything about this in the Washington Post.

The editors must not have thought it newsworthy for its English speaking readers.

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4 Responses to “US Halves Deportations Upon Request”

  1. proreason says:

    “Illegal El Savadoreans for Obama / Pelosi 2012 !! “

  2. MinnesotaRush says:

    How’s the deportation thing going for o-blah-blah’s Auntie ca-ching (or whatever her name is) – you know, the one that was ordered to leave this Country 4 some years ago???

    Musta cut those flights down, too.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Just got to wondering about the young Somali pirate that the SEALS didn’t shoot.

      S’pose he’s living at the Hilton on the taxpayers dime by now, too, huh(???).

  3. beautyofreason says:

    Population of El Salvador: 6,133,910

    Population of United States who want to lower illegal immigration: 158,410,000

    (73% of U.S. citizens over 18, based on a CNN poll, derived from the percentage of respondents who answered “yes” on lowering illegal immigration)

    Knowing that the federal government takes a third world country of six million more seriously than one-hundred-and-fifty million Americans? Priceless.

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