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US Embassies To Close Longer (Terrorists Win!)

From Reuters:

US extends embassy closings, lawmakers say threat serious

By Tabassum Zakaria | August 5, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States extended embassy closures by a week in the Middle East and Africa as a precaution on Sunday after an al Qaeda threat that U.S. lawmakers said was the most serious in years.

The State Department said 19 U.S. embassies and consulates would be closed through Saturday "out of an abundance of caution" and that a number of them would have been closed anyway for most of the week due to the Eid celebration at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

In fact, some reports say the embassies will be closed through the end of August. For the record, Congress has also taken off until the second week of September, too. Probably ‘out of an abundance of caution,’ too.

"There is an awful lot of chatter out there," U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on NBC’s "Meet the Press." …

A National Security Agency surveillance program that electronically collects communications on cellphones and emails – known as intercepts – had helped gather intelligence about this threat, Chambliss said.

It was one of the NSA surveillance programs revealed by former spy agency contractor Edward Snowden to media outlets. Those programs "allow us to have the ability to gather this chatter," Chambliss said. "If we did not have these programs then we simply wouldn’t be able to listen in on the bad guys." …

The timing of this alert sure has been handy. It makes it look like Obama is very serious about protecting our embassies and missions. Contrary to the claims made regarding the ‘phony’ Benghazi scandal. And it will also help ‘rehabilitate’ NSA, after its phony scandals.

It’s a two-fer. What are the odds?

The threat also has prompted some European countries to close their embassies in Yemen, home to an al Qaeda affiliate that is considered one of the most dangerous: al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula…

But doesn’t this mean the terrorists have won? Why not increase the guards around these missions, and give them guns and real bullets this time, and encourage the terrorists to attack?

And we also have this from Reuters:

Interpol Issues Global Security Alert after Prison Breaks

August 4, 2013

PARIS (Reuters) – Interpol issued a global security alert on Saturday advising its members to increase their vigilance against attacks after a series of prison breaks in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan that the agency is investigating to determine if they were linked.

The Lyon, France-based Interpol said given that al Qaeda was suspected to be involved in some of the incidents, it was asking its 190 member countries to watch out for information connected to the prison breaks, with an aim to determine whether they were coordinated and also locate the escaped prisoners…

Prison breaks took place in Pakistan on July 31 in a Taliban-led operation, and in Iraq at the Abu Ghraib prison overnight on July 22. Some 500 convicts, among them senior al Qaeda operatives, escaped from Abu Ghraib. More than 1,100 inmates broke out of a prison on the outskirts of Benghazi on July 27.

How confusing. We are told that Al Qaeda breaking terrorists out of jails in Iraq and Libya and Pakistan is a bad thing. But Obama letting terrorists out of Guantanamo is a good thing. Why is that?

Interpol also noted that August was the anniversary of several violent attacks over the past years, including in Mumbai and Nairobi.

What month isn’t the anniversary of some violent Muslim attacks?

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6 Responses to “US Embassies To Close Longer (Terrorists Win!)”

  1. untrainable says:

    I’m waiting to hear the left defend these closings as “caution” or that they care about the safety of their people overseas. Yeah, and the Obama administration will get to the bottom of Ben Ghazi and those responsible will be brought to justice. Obama and his crack team of foreign policy geniuses (sorry… team of foreign policy geniuses on crack) are projecting a very specific message with these closings. That message will permeate the region and drive more and more into the jihad against the great Satan. That message is that America is weak and afraid. So afraid that the default position of this administration in a “fight or flight” situation is flight… before there is even a situation to flee.

    With these closings, Obama and his lackeys have done more to embolden the terrorists than any pyramid of nekkid terrorists with panties on their heads ever could. Any 10 year old who has ever faced a bully knows that if you run it only makes things worse. Now, our illustrious leader probably never had to face a bully because he WAS and still IS a bully. He doesn’t know how to deal with people that he can’t brow-beat with race. There is no greater example of how upside down Obama’s policies are. He runs from Al Qaeda, but continues to mercilessly bully the American people. We have been bullied for 5+ years… into healthcare, higher taxes, green policies, stimulus spending, monetization of debt, quantitative easing ad-infinitum.

    It’s time to punch the bully in the face… HARD. We have to show the bullies of the world that we aren’t afraid of them, and that as a people we actually stand for something.

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    It is all false flag propaganda, give the people something to be afraid of so they are at ease with all the domestic spying. There are no terrorist, remember. Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. All hail Obama.

    • Petronius says:

      Agree, Banned. I smell more Bravo Sierra.

      We’ve been lied to so much that I am inclined to view everything emitted by the regime as unreliable and a distraction from Nerobama’s phony scandals, phony Benghazi, phony Fast & Furious, phony Solyndra, phony IRS crimes, phony spying-on-reporters, phony New Black Panthers, phony Fort-Hood-Massacre-is-work-place-violence, phony it’s-a-hateful-video, phony you-name-it.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Closing the embassies is probably the best news possible for the host countries. They will no longer be threatened with US Aid.

    • Petronius says:

      Exactly, GBJ.

      And an added bonus for us: As long as our embassies are closed, they can’t issue visas to more Mohamed Attas.

  4. Noyzmakr says:

    These closings remind me of a phenomenon that’s been infecting our liberal school boards in the last couple of decades so it should come as no suprise that it’s worked it’s way into the federal government which is also run by liberals.

    Everytime the weather man even suspects it will snow the schools all announce they will be closed the next day even before a single snowflake is seen anywhere in the region. Inevitably there is no snow and the little crumb crunchers leave their parents scambling to find somewhere to store them for the day so they can work. Later, after months of planning the summer vacation, mom and dad learn that the school now requires the kids to make up the missed days, throwng a huge monkey wrench in their plans.

    Is the Yemeni Intelligence Service so reliable that we are willing to rely so heavily upon it? And why tell everyone about it?

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