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US Government Is Buying A Border Fence – For Ukraine

From the Weekly Standard:

Feds Buy Border Fence … for Ukraine

By JERYL BIER | August 14, 2014

As part of the U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine announced by the White House in April, the State Department awarded a $435,000 contract to B.K. Engineering System in Kyiv for razor wire to help "defend the newly imposed borders between Ukraine’s mainland and the Crimean peninsula." The contract was awarded on June 12, but was just posted online this week.

And here we were thinking that fences on the border didn’t accomplish anything. But, to be fair, it makes perfect sense that the Obama administration would want to help with this fence. After all, Ukraine is being invaded by foreigners who are trying to colonize their country. Which is a completely different situation from what we are facing on our southern border.

An $8 million "non-lethal assistance" package was announced at the same time as a larger $50 million aid package for Ukraine to "help Ukraine pursue political and economic reform and strengthen the partnership between the United States and Ukraine." The razor wire (Concertina) is included under "[e]ngineering equipment, communications equipment, vehicles, and non-lethal individual tactical gear for Ukraine’s Border Guard Service" that was spelled out in the April Fact Sheet. The contract notice posted online says:

[T]his order is for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine referenced in the Office of the Vice President’s Fact Sheet entitled "U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine" dated 22 April 2014. This Fact Sheet includes Security Assistance in which the Office of the Vice President announced the provision of urgently needed non-lethal assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to fulfill its core security mission…

In any case, the Russian-Ukraine border is 1,426 miles long. While the US-Mexico border is 1,933 miles long. And that 500 mile difference must be  why it is possible to have a border fence on that border, but not on ours with Mexico.

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2 Responses to “US Government Is Buying A Border Fence – For Ukraine”

  1. FortuneHunter says:

    Having seen a REAL wall in action (I’ve been through Checkpoint Charlie into the former East Berlin–thank you Ronald Reagan for tearing down that wall and giving millions freedom) I can speak to their effectiveness. An open border is an invitation to the disintegration of one’s culture and the decline and fall of the nation.

    • captstubby says:

      The Great Wall of China
      structure on these lists of Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

      “purposes of the Great Wall have included border controls, allowing the imposition of duties on goods transported along the Silk Road, regulation or encouragement of trade and the control of immigration and emigration. Furthermore, the defensive characteristics of the Great Wall were enhanced by the construction of watch towers, troop barracks, garrison stations, signaling capabilities through the means of smoke or fire, and the fact that the path of the Great Wall also served as a transportation corridor.”


      The Great Wall of China was built over 2,000 years ago, by Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China during the Qin (Ch’in) Dynasty (221 B.C – 206 B.C.). In Chinese the wall is called “Wan-Li Qang-Qeng” which means 10,000-Li Long Wall (10,000 Li = about 5,000 km).

      After subjugating and uniting China from seven Warring States, the emperor connected and extended four old fortification walls along the north of China that originated about 700 B.C. (over 2500 years ago). Armies were stationed along the wall as a first line of defense against the invading nomadic Hsiung Nu tribes north of China (the Huns). Signal fires from the Wall provided early warning of an attack.

      The Great Wall is one of the largest building construction projects ever completed. It stretches across the mountains of northern China, winding north and northwest of Beijing. It is constructed of masonry, rocks and packed-earth. It was over 5,000 km (=10,000 Li) long. Its thickness ranged from about 4.5 to 9 meters (15 to 30 feet) and was up to 7.5 meters (25 feet) tall.

      During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Great Wall was enlarged to 6,400 kilometers (4,000 miles) and renovated over a 200 year period, with watch-towers and cannons added.

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