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US Gov’t Is Making School Kids Eat Broccoli

From Connecticut’s New Haven Register:

School cafeterias to require fruits and vegetables nationwide

By Brian McCready
Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beginning next school year, students across the country may be in for a shock when they purchase their lunch in the cafeteria.

In an effort to fight childhood obesity and diabetes, the federal government is requiring students of all ages to buy at least one serving of fresh fruit or vegetable for lunch. Even if they toss the produce into the garbage.

Fresh fruit and vegetable portions will double next year. “Some students don’t take one now, but they will have to,” Eileen Faustich, Milford’s food services director, said Friday. “We can’t let a child go by the cashier without a fruit or vegetable on their tray.”

So it turns out that the federal government can not only make us buy health insurance, they can make us buy broccoli.

There’s more, a lot more, in the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Brought to you by Michelle Obama and her good friends at the SEIU.

Next year, students can buy only nonfat flavored milk or 1 percent white milk. Half of the grains must be “whole” next year. In 2013-14, all products must be whole grain. School cafeterias must offer green and orange leafy vegetables, and drastically reduce sodium use over the next three years. Trans-fats are banned.

If a student refuses to take the fruit or vegetable, the cafeteria employees will have to charge an a la carte fee, which typically is higher because the lunch will not be reimbursable under federal guidelines.

Which sounds like a tax to us. Unless it is better to not call it a tax.

The federal mandate will result in extra costs for municipalities nationwide. Federal officials estimate there will be a 30-cent increase in lunch prices, and the government will provide another 6-cent reimbursement.

It may be difficult for local school districts to not raise lunch prices, food service officials predict.

State Department of Education spokesman James Polites [sic] said if a student next year declined to take a fresh fruit or vegetable, the school system cannot claim the lunch for federal reimbursement.

Polites added the new federal mandates tie in with Gov. Dannel [sic] P. Malloy’s education reforms on healthful eating.

Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Policy Director Vin Mustaro said the impetus for the federal program is to combat childhood obesity, and to tackle childhood hunger.

And what better way to do that than by raising the price of school lunches by 30 cents?

Faustich said cafeteria employees will do their best to make the mandate fun, including offering samples and incentives such as giving bookmarks to students who choose fruit.

She said a majority of students already take two or three servings of fruit and vegetables daily, but estimated 20 percent of students take no produce. Faustich said cafeteria workers nationwide have no wiggle room in implementing the new mandate.

There will be no ‘waivers.’

Schools receive federal reimbursement for school lunches. In order for a meal to qualify, a student must choose three of five requirements from proteins, grains, two choices of fresh produce, and milk. If a student, for example, just takes a slice of pizza, that does not count as a federally approved lunch, and the child will be charged a higher, a la carte fee

But it’s not a tax. Unless it needs to be called a tax.

“You’re defrauding the government if you’re not meeting a minimum requirement,” Faustich said. “If you don’t have all three components, you can’t claim it as a meal.”

Ms. Faustich would have made a good Nazi. She is at best a dangerous fool.

Also notice how, despite ‘mandates’ being in the news right now, this country-wide development is only being reported by one local newspaper. Why is that?

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9 Responses to “US Gov’t Is Making School Kids Eat Broccoli”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    You can lead a child to broccoli, but you can’t make them eat.

    Good diet is a parent’s duty, not the nanny state’s.

    • untrainable says:

      …requiring students of all ages to buy at least one serving of fresh fruit or vegetable for lunch. Even if they toss the produce into the garbage. So how does throwing veggies in the trash do anything for the nutritional value of the lunch in question?

      The phrase that cmoes to mind is “FOOOOOOOOOOD FIGHT!!!” Have fun kiddies.

      Also, I wish they’d make up their minds. Are kids starving, or are they too fat. Or, as with global warming, does being too fat actually cause starvation?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And think of all the fuel-a-hol that could be produced with the wasted veggies. This has Moochelle’s fingerprints all over it.

      A bad idea, poorly enacted, expensive and wasteful with no participation from the people it’s designed to serve. Foisted on kids who don’t know any better.

      And as a lover of broccoli with lemon and butter and salt, have you ever tasted/seen broccoli prepared in a school cafeteria? It’s not green, it’s tan. It doesn’t have any taste or crispiness and all the nutrition that once resided in it is over-cooked out of it.

      Granted, I didn’t like broccoli until adulthood. But the only restaurant I ever went to that did it right was The Black-Eyed Pea.

    • untrainable says:

      Between the tan broccoli and the pink slime I don’t understand HOW kids are getting fat. They’re supposedly malnourished at home because their parents aren’t responsible enough to feed them good healthy food. And the nutritional value of what they’re serving at school makes absolutely no difference if the kids aren’t eating it. I know, let’s threaten fines. Kids respond to fines. Don’t they?

  2. Astravogel says:

    Fight childhood hunger by raising the price
    and serving stuff they won’t eat? I know, make
    the politicians eat the same stuff served to the kids.
    A better idea would be to issue MRE’s for lunch. If
    it’s good enough for the troops, it should be good
    enough for their replacements. But, that would put
    a lot of folks on unemployment, wouldn’t it? Is there
    anything the government can’t screw up? Anybody
    checked the rotation of the planet lately?

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    Despite the obvious insanity of this proposition, and the overt example of government intrusion (an idea they actually bring up dismissively in the full article) the real frightening thing here is how we are starting to see the government rteally start flexing its muscles on mandates. Between the lines here is the big point of this, the government is hlding the municiaplities hostage via their funding. Now think about how many things are touched by federal funding. Yep, pretty much everything. You add to that the number of businesses who are at the mercy of various feeral agencies for licensing, safety inspections of their products and facilities etc etc, and you realize that the fed can pretty much foist this on anyone at any time. And they will have no shortage of lickspittle goose-stepping twits to spout on about how great it all is.

    Astra, MRE’s should not be forced on anyone for any reason, and they are any damn thing but nutritious, espescially for kids who largely don’t move much more in a week than from the couch to the fridge to the bus stop and back. They are packed with calories. But thaat brings me to a neat little point about this nutrition thing. While recently in a chowhall in a large base in Afghanistan I notied all these little placards on all the food telling us what was good to eat. IT was color coded for ignorant grunts to be able to understand. REd bad, orange ok, green good. The green foods were things like lemon wedges, lettuce, onions, ice water. Things with little or no nutrional value at all, particularly for people who use a lot of energy in a day. I mean, water has no caloric value at all, and plants are largely water and indegestible cellulose. How is that really all that good for us. OF course the pastas and breads were all “orange” due to carbohydrates or some such nonsense and pretty much all meat was red. Chicken and fish were the only exception. This was in a military chowhall I remind you, and if you are ticked about what your tax dollars go towards funding in schools, thats a pittance compared to what this place cost to run.

  4. Petronius says:

    Famous last words. 27 Mar 2012, second day of oral argument, ObamaCare :

    Justice Antonin Scalia :

    “Everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli.”

    Solicitor General Donald Verrilli :

    “No, that’s different. That’s quite different.”

    Listen to the usual suspects at MSNBC scoff at Scalia and the idea that the government may, following the principle of ObamaCare, require people to buy broccoli :


  5. canary says:

    I’ve mentioned before students/parents are forced to buy this for at least the last 2 years.
    They did cut the number of servings of the above from 3 to 2.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Yet another bankrupt idea from a bankrupt administration. Keep your hands off my children! Grrrr ……..

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