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US Icebreaker To Rescue Chinese, Russian Ships

From a quietly unhappy Associated Press:

US icebreaker to rescue 2 ships in Antarctica

By ROD McGUIRK | January 4, 2014

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A U.S. Coast Guard heavy icebreaker left Australia for Antarctica on Sunday to rescue more than 120 crew members aboard two icebreakers trapped in pack ice near the frozen continent’s eastern edge, officials said.

The 122-meter (399-foot) cutter, the Polar Star, is responding to a Jan. 3 request from Australia, Russia and China to assist the Russian and Chinese ships because "there is sufficient concern that the vessels may not be able to free themselves from the ice," the Coast Guard said in a statement.

The Russian research ship Akademik Shokalskiy has been trapped in ice-clogged Commonwealth Bay since Christmas Eve, while the Chinese ship which came to its rescue, Xue Long or Snow Dragon in Chinese, reported on Friday it too had become stuck nearby.

Isn’t irony ironic? The US is going to come to the rescue of the Russkies and Chi-Coms. Are we the world’s policemen?

A day earlier, the Chinese ship’s helicopter had retrieved from the Russian ship 52 scientists, journalists and tourists who are now on their way home aboard an Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis…

As usual, the AP fails to note that these ‘scientists’ and ‘journalists’ and ‘tourists’ (who were really activists) were on a mission to document how man made global warming is destroying Antarctica.

The Polar Star cut short its planned stop in Sydney, Australia, to assist. It left Sydney on Sunday morning local time, Coast Guard spokeswoman Chief Warrant Officer Allyson Conroy said in an email.

"Our highest priority is safety of life at sea, which is why we are assisting in breaking a navigational path for both of these vessels." Vice Adm. Paul F. Zukunft, the Coast Guard Pacific Area commander, said in a statement. "We are always ready and duty bound to render assistance in one of the most remote and harsh environments on the face of the globe."

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre, which oversaw the rescue, said the Polar Star, the Coast Guard’s only active heavy polar icebreaker, would take about seven days to reach Commonwealth Bay, depending on weather…

Where is the outrage from the world community? What is the US Coast guard doing so far away from its coast?

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5 Responses to “US Icebreaker To Rescue Chinese, Russian Ships”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Let’s not be to hasty to blast our Coast Guard. In order to abide by the SOLAS
    Treaties they have a world-wide area of responsibility, from navigational aids
    in the Med to fisheries law enforcement in the Arctic. It is just good luck that
    they were visiting their Australian counterparts, probably for mutual training.
    There’s only about 37,000 active duty personnel and 38,000 Auxiliarists, who
    do an incredable amount of SAR and other duties (unpaid) on our inland and
    coastal waters. Semper Paratus, Always Ready.

  2. drunyan8315 says:

    The Polar Star is not a “cutter”. It is an Icebreaker. Many Coast Guard patrol vessels are classified as Cutters, but not all.

    Similarly, not all “warships” are “battleships” (despite the assurances of hundreds of clueless reporters), but all “battleships” are indeed “warships”.

    The terms “cutter”, “icebreaker” and “battleship”, are used to describe a CLASS of ship that has a particular set of features, similar armament (if any), a general displacement range, and a common purpose to which it is applied.

    The term “warship” is a catch-all phrase to describe any ship that has a primarily military purpose, so all of the other types could be described as warships, although many would argue that an icebreaker is not a warship because it is not usually armed, even thought the Untied States Coast Guard is a military service.

    • canary says:

      Maybe the 2 trapped icebreaker ships kept ice cutting machines and motors running, but they are blaming the wind and waves so they can report more ice breaking.

    • Dean_from_Ohio says:

      Au contraire, mon ami!

      The Coast Guard uses the word “cutter” as an administrative term to describe any ship that is longer than 65 feet and maintains a 24×7 watch onboard.

      With regard to this icebreaker, the Coast Guard’s official website for the ship (http://www.uscg.mil/pacarea/cgcpolarstar/) correctly refers to it as “USCGC POLAR STAR (WABG-210).” The acronym “USCGC” stands for United States Coast Guard Cutter. The ship’s name is customarily given in all capitals, and the naval designation WABG refers to a Coast Guard (“W”) arctic-class icebreaker (“AGB”), which may mean “Arctic Gun Boat (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090426214205AAalCem). Certainly informal meanings of this naval designation abound.

      The historical roots of the Coast Guard term “cutter” stretch back to 1790 when Alexander Hamilton established the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, the forerunner of the U.S. Coast Guard itself. A cutter then was a small-to-medium sized sail ship with fore and aft jibsails that was quick, light, and adept at sailing upwind and maneuvering. The term “cutter” has been passed down to the present day.

  3. canary says:

    It’s in defense of the US Coastal Guard and Australia risking their lives for idiots who swear they know more about the weather and ice than anyone.

    Awesome videos taken by the rescuers.

    The US Coastal Guard could have gotten stuck and not been able to get supplies to the US Americans and US Military Personnel waiting on supplies with the weather getting colder.

    And the rich tourists and Scientists countries should have to reimburse Australia and the US.

    The article went on further to say :

    “The Polar Star left its home port of Seattle in early December to take part in one of its main missions, Operation Deep Freeze, to break a channel through the sea ice of McMurdo Sound to resupply and refuel the U.S. Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station on Ross Island.”

    And I couldn’t bear to read all the comments the one Scientist said in this article giving us an idea in Fox News.

    ‘Stuck in our own experiment’: Leader of Trapped team insists Polar Ice is Melting”

    By Paul Tilsley Dec 30, 2013

    The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in Antarctic ice says the team, which set out to prove climate change, is “stuck in our own experiment.”

    But Chris Turney, a professor of climate change at Australia’s University of New South Wales, said it was “silly” to suggest he and 73 others aboard the MV Akademic Shokalskiy were trapped in ice they’d sought to prove had melted.

    “We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
    – Professor Chris Turney, leader of trapped expedition

    “We’re stuck in our own experiment,” the Australasian Antarctic Expedition said in a statement. We came to Antarctica to study how one of the biggest icebergs in the world has altered the system by trapping ice. We … are now ourselves trapped by ice surrounding our ship.

    “Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up,” the Australasian Antarctic Expedition said in a statement.

    “The ice was swept across to this area by the South-East wind, its pieces creating a knock-on domino effect,” Turney told FoxNews.com, speaking from a tent erected on the stranded ship’s top deck.

    Turney‘s team is studying climate change, as well as how wildlife is adapting to it. He noted that numerous penguins have traipsed across the ice from the nearby mainland to curiously observe the explorers.

    Turney told FoxNews.com his team is in good spirits, though it only has 10 days of food supplies.

    Turney says that the captain of the Aurora has already offered specialized storage space for samples collected during the expedition.

    (rest of article and how the stupid Scientist wanted rescuers to risk their own boats)


    “”specialized storage space”” for samples collected during the expedition” ???

    I would say their evidence is tainted by the domino effect.

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