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IRS Made More Than $100B Improper Payments Last Year

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Government made $100B in improper payments


WASHINGTON (AP) — By its own estimate, the government made about $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them – tax credits to families that didn’t qualify, unemployment benefits to people who had jobs and medical payments for treatments that might not have been necessary… Congressional investigators say the figure could be even higher.

‘A hundred billion here and a hundred billion there, and soon you are talking about real money.’ — Still we wonder if any of those billions might have gone to illegal aliens? And have they even begun to add up the billions passed out on fraudulent Obama-Care subsidy claims?

"Nobody knows exactly how much taxpayer money is wasted through improper payments, but the federal government’s own astounding estimate is more than half a trillion dollars over the past five years," said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. "The fact is, improper payments are staggeringly high in programs designed to help those most in need – children, seniors and low-income families." …

Who would ever think that welfare programs would attract fraud?

Some improper payments are the result of fraud, while others are unintentional, caused by clerical errors or mistakes in awarding benefits without proper verification…

Such as the lack of proper verification of citizenship or income, which is responsible for about 3 million ‘discrepancies’ in the applications for  Obama-Care subsidies.

[And a] new report by the Government Accountability Office questions the accuracy of agency estimates, suggesting that the real tally could be higher…

Come on. Government agencies would never lie about such things to cover their capacious rears, would they?

"The federal government is unable to determine the full extent to which improper payments occur and reasonably assure that appropriate actions are taken to reduce them," Beryl H. Davis, director of financial management at the GAO, said in prepared testimony for Wednesday’s hearing.

Davis said some agencies don’t develop estimates for programs that could be susceptible to improper payments. For example, the Health and Human Services Department says it cannot force states to help it develop estimates for the cash welfare program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The program is administered by the states.

The largest sources of improper payments are government health care programs, according to agency estimates. Medicare’s various health insurance programs for older Americans accounted for $50 billion in improper payments in the 2013 budget year, far exceeding any other program…

Just wait until they start totaling up the Obama-Care fraud.

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One Response to “IRS Made More Than $100B Improper Payments Last Year”

  1. yadayada says:

    just wait til the “refugees” start posting their claims.

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