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US Official Says ‘This Was A Kill Operation’

From an insistent Reuters:

U.S. commandos knew bin Laden likely would die

By Mark Hosenball Tue May 3, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. special forces set out to kill Osama bin Laden and dump his body in the sea to make it harder for the al Qaeda founder to become a martyr, U.S. national security officials told Reuters on Monday.

"This was a kill operation," one of the officials said.

If so, isn’t this illegal? Aren’t there US laws prohibiting the assassination of a political leader? At the very least, we seem to recall an executive order to that effect from President Ford.

"If he had waved a white flag of surrender, he would have been taken alive," the official added. But the operating assumption among the U.S. raiders, he added, was that bin Laden would put up a fight — which he did.

Bin Laden "participated" in a firefight between the U.S. commandos and residents of the fortified compound near the Pakistani capital Islamabad where he had been hiding, the official said.

Really? How did Bin Laden "participate" in a firefight if he was unarmed? Haven’t we heard from other reports that Mr. Bin Laden was reading in his bedroom when the attack occurred?

Other U.S. officials said the U.S. strike team shot the al Qaeda leader dead with bullets to the chest and head during the course of the 40-minute operation. He did not return fire

Reuters is certainly doing its best to make it sound like Bin Laden was armed.

By the way, reports vary as to how Bin Laden was killed. Other reports say he suffered two shots to the head. Which does not suggests that he died in a firefight.

[John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser] said the commandos were prepared to capture bin Laden alive, but they knew that was a remote possibility.

"If we had the opportunity to take bin Laden alive, if he didn’t present any threat, the individuals involved were able and prepared to do that," Brennan told reporters.

"The concern was that bin Laden would oppose any type of capture operation. Indeed, he did. It was a firefight. He, therefore, was killed in that firefight, and that’s when the remains were removed."

Exactly how did Bin Laden oppose being captured? Why haven’t we been given any details? And why hasn’t our watchdog media asked for any details?

U.S. officials said the key information that eventually led to bin Laden’s trail came from questioning of militants detained by U.S. forces following the Sept 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington.

Captured militants, including some held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, told intelligence officials of a particular al Qaeda "courier" whom they had heard was close to bin Laden.

They also mentioned two captured al Qaeda operations chiefs, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, widely believed to have masterminded the attacks…

In other words, Mr. Obama’s historic achievement was actually rooted in information that he claims was gathered illegally. So why didn’t he refuse to use it? Especially after all of his condemnations.

(This story was corrected in the seventh paragraph to say commandos were prepared to capture bin Laden alive, not Obama)


This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “US Official Says ‘This Was A Kill Operation’”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Whitewashing History.

    It’s difficult to enjoy victory when our government and media masters can’t even get their facts and narratives straight, let alone square their success with years of policies that everyone is claiming credit for now which were once derided by the same people as absolute evil.

    Kudos to Steve for staying completely on it. Levin wasn’t letting them get away with it either last night.

  2. proreason says:

    If you can believe the account of one shot to the head and one to the chest, which has changed now at least once, then isn’t it remarkable that our guys could land in helicopters, scale a high fence or fences, charge up 3 stories, defending themselves against resistors, arive at the second most dangerous man in the world’s room, and while dodging fire from the mastermind and others, meticulously shoot him in the head, then wait for his human shield to curve her body out of the way, and meticulously shoot him in the chest?

    Well, I know they are amazing humans, but that is Spiderman level. They assasinated him.

    And the other account is even more clear. Double-tap to the head.

    So the question isn’t really whether he was killed in a fire-fight, the question is whether the Moron ordered an assassination (wouldn’t that be illegal if Dubya had ordered it?), or whether the Seals violated orders to save the country from the horror of the Moron having a 2-year propaganda nighmare. I’m picking door 2.

    And if you aren’t convinced it’s door 2, than consider this: have you heard the make believe media hint, in any way shape or form, that this might have been an assassination, or even questioning in the eentsy tiniest way the double-tap or head/chest surgical firing range precision? They will never do that, because the most moral man who has ever walked the face of the earth can’t be sullied by such talk.

    What I find absolutely amusing is that the Seal who did it has the Moron in a box, and the media in a pickle. The media can’t even hint at it because either their hero is a killer or else he has to throw America’s heros under the bus. And that’s a dilemna the MBM can’t allow to happen.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Omg, on that note please tell me you heard the satirical movie trailer Rush just played. Absolutely brilliant – I’m still in tears laughing. I hope he plays it one more time, it’s so dead on.

    • proreason says:

      “If we had the opportunity to take him [bin Laden] alive, we would have done that,” said John Brennan, national security advisor to the president. But as they had thought might happen, bin Laden resisted, a fire fight occurred, and because of the administration’s determination to not “put our people at risk,” bin Laden was killed.”

      Via NRO http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/266246/more-details-emerge-about-bin-laden-operation-katrina-trinko

      So there ya go. The double tap was to protect obamy’s precious subjects. Apparently, our harvard-graduate rulers, whose idea of stress is deciding how much to cheat on their taxes, who have never had so much as a paper cut in their lives, who would shit their pants rather than run to a bathrom with diarrhea, while squinting on their video feed from helmets of hard men running, jumping, shooting, ducking, hiding and screaming, determined that the guys were at risk and issued the fateful order. Despite the fact that they now say Osama was unarmed. Mayber he was going to scratch them. Or something.

      Isn’t the boy wonder something else !!!

    • jobeth says:

      ” Despite the fact that they now say Osama was unarmed”

      I heard about an hour ago that they are saying now, there was no security at all at the compound? Public enemy No 1 and there is no security? None? Wierd..

      Rumors of no internet, no phone, but all kinds of disks and thumb drives? Weird

      Could he have been that comfortable with Pakistani protection he didn’t even need his own guards? Weird

      Have I lost my mind and no one told me?

  3. canary says:

    The first reports, I heard were the Special Forces (turns out Navy Seals) decided to take Osama bin Laden out “with or without” orders. Dead or alive was not mentioned.

    But think scenerios. The Navy Seals are hearing plans are to take Osama bin Laden to his birth country Saudi Arabia where 9/11 took root. What are your first thoughts of this bizarre idea?

    If they’d brought him to U.S. for trial like civil rights Obama 1st priority over other masterminds of 9/11brought the African muslim mastermind who blew up over 200 Americans in our embassy in Kenyan. He was slapped on the wrist, as someone who conspired but not enough evidence.

    Osama bin Laden did not fly those planes, and Obama would have acquitted him. (tongue in cheeck. not)

    What would you do?
    Obama states he’s known since Aug of this compound.
    Peter King (R) NY, former CIA and intelligence, (certainly form than 1 report on this), saying they gathered information from one they “water boarded” of the courier who they at least found and started watching in reportedly 2007. Report circulating watched heavily 2 years.

    We hear since Aug/Sept the courier entering and leaving a heavy security (reports by former intelligence, counter-terrorist with years of experience in Pakistan (his father former counter-terrorist over Pakistan way back) saying
    “compound” 35 miles from Pakistan’s capital.
    A compound used to our helicopters flying over for years.
    A compound “owned by the Pakistan Military” !
    A compound owned by the Pakistan Military where other military retirements lived.
    A compound with 3 military regimes bases within “few yards according to counter-terroirst” “could be according to reporter on ground pointing just behind those trees” so let’s estimate “100” yards as another reported. Or equivalent to U.S. West Point in the U.S.

    What would you do?
    The commander of chief would rather risk your lives than bomb the compound when anyone there deserves to die for hiding a monster that was worshiped like he was a god.
    Would you take the time to capture someone with martyrs guarding him, knowing that one of your small Black Hawk choppers was failing, and leaving was going to be a squeeze.
    That as you are severest danger that you have to make sure you get streamed live to Obama, Biden, and Hillary whose first words are we hope to continue our partnership with Pakistan.

    Then news reports that Obama had given the order 2-3 hours prior to the actual operation taking place.
    The reported poor weather conditions being a “low moon, too dark”.

    My scenario by the photo of Obama, vp Biden not even facing the screen, turning his head to look because Hillary has cupped her mouth. Obama curled up the smallest though the closest to the
    screen, other stern faces, but Gates grinning.

    Obama: Okay, men when I point my finger, start the operation.
    Heroic Seals: Sir, it’s too dangerous right now. (We have a great chance of failing and dying)
    Obama: Well, we’ve got to do it while it’s still dark.
    Heroic Seals: kiss our a***s, it will probably be a couple of hours because one of our fricking helicopters isn’t running too good.

    Obama: (to those in the room) Darn, I wanted to get some hoops in. I’m gonna step outside, you tell me the minute those guys are ready. ”
    Hillary: Oooobammmaa. Hurry, I think their ready. Obama steps back in not even having time to take his
    “warm-up jacket” off. Obama posed looking like it’s the final moments of a basketball game.

    • canary says:

      I have some big questions, when a couple of weeks ago, Obama announced removing CIA director Peonatta (sp?) Head of U.S. military Robert Gates, and some other top brass guy (Hillary’s plans to retire about the time the compound was found)

      Why? Were they disgusted with Obama’s rules of engagement. Disgusted with Obama lack of action in knowing where Osama bin Laden was, and not doing anything? Did they give Obama an ultimatum where not going to puppet and say what you want us to say anymore? Did Obama say okay, we’ll capture bin laden, but you guys are done and will be replaced. (And I’m just trying to give benefit of doubt towards to these individuals that don’t impress me one bit)
      But….something that makes that scenario not make since.

      Why, if our intelligence and military defense chief do such a good job, why has Obama be in such a hurry to push replacing them a few weeks ago?

      Did they ask Obama how the hell can you randomly drop bombs in Libya in their matter, and put our own U.S. troops in 24/7 danger of being blown-up?

      Another question, is spy technology is so fine tuned, that there is no way, no way, they waited 9 months to be sure bin laden was there. No telephone or internet is b.s. You can see the damn phone poles, and it’s easy to go in the pushes and plug in a phone or anything by either bin Laden, Pakistan, yet especially by the U.S.

    • jobeth says:

      It just gets curiouser and curiouser…Each question seems to breed more questions….and those questions even more still.

      That fishy smell is getting really ripe.

      Either he is doing this to keep us chasing our tails while he puts it to us or he is about to come unraveled. I’m not sure if he is laughing at us or if he is hiding panic.

  4. platypus says:

    Obviously, all of the SEALS had read Lone Survivor. They decided that since mercy cost three fellow warriors their lives already, mercy was not in the cards any longer.

    And they were right, which is why they all came home alive.

  5. Chase says:


    A couple of things to throw into the mix here – night time illumination is always a consideration in regards to night ops. I don’t think low illumination is a problem for us. Cloud cover – yes. Our advantages with night vision (NVG) gives us a tremendous advantage in many of these circumstances, which, however can be a problem if there are spotlights, motion-sensor driven lights, or the helos are providing spot lights. Then again, if the helos are shining glaring spots into the face of those looking towards our infil of troops, they are both illuminated and blinded.

    Consider that a few weeks ago too we had a possibly-CIA related contractor in custody in Pakistan over the shooting of two Pakistanis who were purportedly trying to rob him. Perhaps getting him free and clear first was a consideration in the mix.

    The NYSlimes gave up cell phone monitoring a long time ago. Osama’s voice was well known and has been publicly talked about in each of his videos/tapes as being authenticated or not by voice recognition software. He was NOT going to be using a phone, and relied on couriers or others to make those calls. It is not in the least suspicious that there were no electronic comms in and out. AQI leadership stopped a long time ago using phones and such for the same reasons, going back to trusting personal couriers.

    Again, JoBeth, there is nothing suspicious about his using technology and computers to make or read CDs that were couriered in and out on his behalf. Some of you folks are allowing the mistrust and enmity towards Obama, which I hold as much as any of you, to cloud things a bit. Osama lived this long just because of his justified paranoia and smarts as regarding his COMSEC and OPSEC practices. (And the likely collaboration and enabling by Pakistani authorities…)

    Finally, I cannot write about reconnaissance but think about it….a guy walking in his garden is totally non-descript unless you get a very low angle, or catch him leaning back and gazing upward. His shadow might be measurable to ascertain height, or his gait recognizable but all those things offer very slim chance of being picked up or detected. Perhaps they did have sightings such as these that strengthened their analysis.

  6. canary says:

    Chase, you mention Cloud cover a problem, yet don’t think a low moon would effect night vision as the helicopters most likely had no lights on. I think their high technology to see in the dark, could refute
    the news 1st reporting poor weather conditions, then later saying it was a low moon. Hard to trust the reports as it may have been a reason to delay having to with lighting of the military compound and surrounding buildings. Perhaps the Navy seals waited til the area was less lit.
    What I meant by saying I don’t believe they had access to phones is that there are hubs where you see the phone lines over the targeted area, and you can use a neighbors phone line. And people can take wireless computers and get on neighbors internet channel thingy. (The tech term slip from my mind right now) I’m not computer literate, and never can remember muslim names and pronouncing them.

    I also wonder what will come out of the places we watched the courier visit. 8 months to spy on the places he went to. Since we knew without a doubt the courier was a terrorist, then those places he went to being watched should have been surrounded by our troops ready to “hold them”.
    Even if those in those target felt they were being watched and Obama did not have instant access to phone or internet they would not have been able to warn them, that we had something up our sleeves.
    So, I’d guess they upped and moved immediately when they heard bin Laden was dead, as it was soon announced after Bin Laden’s death, that we knew since Aug/Sept the couriers actions. Hope we know where they moved to.
    And now news reports the WH did “not” get to view the sting operation live.

    Some may remember when Obama first came into office he made it clear the military couldn’t do any offenses without first getting his approval. It was over the top and unrealistic and a stale mate. Perhaps soon when it’s a more politically correct time, Obama’s “dithering” after he was sworn in, will be pounded on, during the campaign.

  7. Chase says:


    Cloud cover can affect communications, as well as unmanned reconnaissance vehicles orbiting overhead in a force protection mode. They might not have wanted to go in without sufficient coverage, for instance, to see if there were Pakistani police or military responding from nearby installations.

    And now this –


    a daughter of 12-13 has provided eye-witness accounts to the (lying) Pakistanis, who apparently have turned the unwounded children over to “relatives” living in Pakistan? Hmmmm

    Excerpted –

    “Al Arabiya reported that the young bin Laden daughter told Pakistani investigators that commandos had captured her father alive and shot him to death in front of the family in the compound. ”

    “The official said the wife and children were left behind after an American transport helicopter, possibly an MH-60 Sea Hawk, was abandoned because of mechanical problems.

    He said there was not enough room for the group on the other helicopters, which were transporting bin Laden’s body, other male captives and the commandos. ” (If they took others along, they are not admitting it yet. Seems strange to admit in detail to numbers of hard drives and computers, spooking Al Qaeda worldwide, while hiding info on a hostage….then again, the Gitmo quandry would support the secrecy on this issue – though with (lying) Arabs and Pakistanis now controlling some of the flow of eye-witness information, the identity and numbers of captives won’t stay quiet long.)

    “Asked by a reporter how bin Laden resisted if he was unarmed, Carney said, “I think resistance does not require a firearm. But the information I gave you is what I can tell you about it.” (Me, personally? I think Osama threw shoes at the Seals.)

    From the front lines, Chase (formerly known as Wamp) reporting….LOL

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