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US Pressured Dissident To Take China’s Deal

From Obama’s praetorian guard at the Associated Press:

US says it’s still trying to help Chinese activist

May 3, 2012

BEIJING (AP) — U.S. officials said Thursday they are still trying to help a blind Chinese activist who says he fears for his family’s safety, and denied he was pressured to leave the American Embassy to resettle inside China.

As usual, with their headline and lead the AP does its best to defend the Obama administration and head off any criticism immediately.

The diplomatic dispute between Washington and Beijing over Chen Guangcheng is sensitive for the Obama administration. It risks appearing soft on human rights during an election year or looking as though it rushed to resolve Chen’s case ahead of strategic talks this week with China attended by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

After fleeing persecution by local officials in his rural town and seeking refuge in the embassy in Beijing for six days, Chen left Wednesday to get treatment for a leg injury at a Beijing hospital and be reunited with his family. U.S. officials said the Chinese government had agreed to resettle him in a university town of his choice.

Chen, 40, initially said he had assurances that he would be safe in China — which is what U.S. officials said he wanted — but hours later he told The Associated Press he feared for his family’s safety unless they are all spirited abroad. He also said he felt pressured to leave, both by Chinese and U.S. officials.

Now why would the State Department do that? (This is sarcasm.)

U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke told a news conference that he could say "unequivocally" that Chen was never pressured to leave. Locke said Chen left the embassy after talking twice on the telephone with his wife, who was waiting at the hospital.

"We asked him was he ready to leave. He jumped up very excited and said ‘let’s go’ in front of many, many witnesses," Locke said.

‘We have witnesses!’

A senior U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Thursday that further contacts with Chen and his wife show that his views on what is best for them "may be changing."

Gosh, that Chen is a liar. As is anyone who makes the Obama administration look bad.

China objects to any U.S. involvement in its internal affairs and has demanded an apology from Washington for harboring Chen

Who does China think it is? Do they think they own us? — Wait a minute. They might have a point. We probably better apologize, if Obama hasn’t already.

Clinton said in a speech that China must protect human rights, rejecting Beijing’s criticism of the U.S. for getting involved in Chen’s case

Hillary then mixed up the pages of her script and launched into a diatribe demanding that Rush Limbaugh be taken off the air.

Meanwhile, buried near the bottom of the article we hear this:

Chen became an international human rights figure and inspiration to many ordinary Chinese after running afoul of local government officials for exposing forced abortions and sterilizations carried out as part of China’s one-child policy

Which, of course, could explain why Obama and Mrs. Clinton are not hell-bent on defending Chen or having him come to this country.

Sure , we want all the Palestinians asylum seekers we can get. But anti-abortion types?

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