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US Questions Hundreds In Search For Soldiers

From the terrorist enablers at the Associated Press:

U.S. detains 11 Iraqis in search for GIs

By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – U.S. troops have questioned hundreds of people and detained 11 in the search for three American soldiers feared captured by al-Qaida during a weekend ambush south of Baghdad, the military said Tuesday.

For a fourth day, jets, helicopters and unmanned surveillance aircraft crisscrossed the skies over the sparsely populated farm area near Mahmoudiya, 20 miles south of Baghdad to search for the missing soldiers. U.S. and Iraqi troops — backed by dog teams — searched vehicles and pedestrians. Other teams peered into crawl spaces and probed for possible secret chambers in homes.

“We have conducted more than 450 tactical interviews and detained 11 individuals” as of Monday night, U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said.

Garver said the Americans were also turning to the local population, which he said “continues to be helpful in providing tips.” …

But Al Qaeda says they have the soldiers and we should stop searching.

Why can’t we just believe them and begin the negotiations?

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