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US-Russia Syria Deal: WMD Must Go By Mid-2014

From a spinning the best they can Associated Press:

Obama plans strike if new Syria deal fails

September 14, 2013

GENEVA — After days of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia reached agreement Saturday on a framework to secure and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons by mid-2014 and impose U.N. penalties if the Assad government fails to comply.

Huh? Just a few weeks ago Mr. Obama was saying we couldn’t wait for the UN or Congressional approval to attack Syria, because of the humanitarian crisis. Now we can wait almost a year for them to get rid of their chemical weapons?

The deal, announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva, includes what Kerry called “a shared assessment” of the weapons stockpile, and a timetable and measures for Syrian President Bashar Assad to follow so that the full inventory can be identified and seized.

How can we ‘share’ in the assessment? By watching YouTube videos?

The U.S. and Russia agreed to immediately press for a U.N. Security Council resolution that enshrines the chemical weapons agreement under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which can authorize both the use of force and nonmilitary measures…

A resolution that has absolutely no teeth. (See below.)

President Barack Obama made clear that “if diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act.” …

How will we even know if it fails? And, worse yet, why would this administration ever admit it had failed?

It was not immediately clear whether Syria had signed onto the agreement, which requires Damascus to submit a full inventory of its stocks within the next week…

Stocks it denied having as recently as two weeks ago.

Under the framework agreement, international inspectors are to be on the ground in Syria by November. During that month, they are to complete their initial assessment and all mixing and filling equipment for chemical weapons is to be destroyed.

The deal calls for all components of the chemical weapons program to be removed from the country or destroyed by mid-2014.

“Ensuring that a dictator’s wanton use of chemical weapons never again comes to pass, we believe is worth pursuing and achieving,” Kerry said.

Yes sir, that is some ‘red line.’ If you use chemical weapons a dozen or more times we will make sure you have to pretend to give them up nine months or so later. And if you don’t give them up the UN will promise never to use force to punish you.

Noncompliance by the Assad government or any other party would be referred to the 15-nation Security Council by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. That group oversees the Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria this week agreed to join….

“There is an agreement between Russia and the United States that non-compliance is going to be held accountable within the Security Council under Chapter 7,” Kerry said. “What remedy is chosen is subject to the debate within the council, which is always true. But there’s a commitment to impose measures.”

Lavrov indicated there would be limits to using such a resolution.

“Any violations of procedures … would be looked at by the Security Council and if they are approved, the Security Council would take the required measures, concrete measures,” Lavrov said. “Nothing is said about the use of force or about any automatic sanctions.” …

In other words, nothing will be done.

And in case that wasn’t clear enough, we have this from the Los Angeles Times:

U.S. open to a U.N. resolution on Syria without threat of force

By Christi Parsons and Paul Richter | September 13, 2013

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration says the U.S. is open to a United Nations resolution that does not include the threat of military force against Syria if the government fails to surrender its chemical weapons.

Administration officials said Friday that they didn’t believe Russia would agree to a resolution authorizing military action against Syria, its ally, but that at a minimum they would like to see sanctions or other consequences listed in the resolution…

What a very unlaughable joke.

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4 Responses to “US-Russia Syria Deal: WMD Must Go By Mid-2014”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    That’s the story today.

    But then this past Sunday I saw two National Football League games temporarily called .. wait for it .. because of rain ..


    My world no longer makes any sense ..

    • Right of the People says:

      Somebody might get hurt playing in the rain, bunch of sissies!

      What are they going to do this February when they attempt to play the Super Bowl in New Joisey? Are they going to cancel or postpone it if it snows?

      Our country isn’t PC it’s PWed, God I miss when adults used to run it.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Most voters have never lived in a society run by Adults.

      Fact: No one under the age of fifteen as seen a media outlet photograph that has not been Photoshopped in some manner.
      Alt. Fact: Most Americans under the age of fifty have never known what Freedom is like.

  2. captstubby says:

    “Suck it Up, Pansy Face!” A Letter From Dick Butkus on the Blizzard of 2010
    February 1, 2011 at 12:40 am
    CHICAGO- Well, well, well, word is from my good friend Tom Skilling that we’re about to hit 30 inches of snow in a 24 hours span. Little Know It All Skill Bills is trying to tell us to ‘stock up on water and canned goods.’ Like somebody doesn’t already have a freezer filled various cut meats of steak, rib, and venison?

    If you’re like me, Dick Butkus, #51 of your Monsters of the Midway, this little snowfall doesn’t faze you in the bit.

    Driving in such weather puts hair on your chest. If you wanna grow some balls, try cutting through Lake Shore Drive during 50 mph winds. I had to do this back in the Blizzard of 1967.

    You think this man couldn’t brave the elements? That’s me. At my peak. Scared of nothing. Especially snow…you wuss!
    My friend Jake was stuck underneath a manhole on the north side of town. I drove through 20 inches of snow, lifted the frozen manhole with my own two fists, and then pummeled Jake for being such a moron.

    Afterwards, he thanked me for kicking his ass…that was before I made him run the next two miles in front of my truck. If you want toughness, you have to brave the elements. Today, Jake gets this…unfortunately, now, whenever the temperature gets below 20 degrees he can’t feel his feet. Whatever. He’s a man, now.

    It just bothers me that all these sissy-freaks are getting all up in arms about this snow. Braving the elements is a part of life. You think Gale Sayers shrieked at the thought of playing in a muddied Wrigley Field that was being pelted with rain? Hell, no. He went on to score six touchdowns against the San Francisco 49ers. Why? Because he was a man. Something obviously you are NOT!

    I once made Johnny Morris throw me out in -5 degree windchill for 30 minutes before a game against the Baltimore Colts. Prior to the game, when the Colts came off the bus, I ran up to Johnny Unitas and told him that I was making myself numb…just to feel what he was going to go through after I hit him ten times during the game.

    Now, all of the doom and gloom folks are talking about not going to work, and making sure their kids don’t go to school…yada, yada, yada.

    I’m not here to say that I walked through six feet of snow both ways from school…But I am here to say that I grew up in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. And back in the day a man had to earn his paycheck…it didn’t just get handed to him on some silver platter. You bet your ass during winter breaks from U of Illinois I was working in the packing company with Stosh and Mikos no matter what the weather was. We’d walk back home through the snow, drink a flask of cheap whiskey and then proceed to play tackle of football on some side street.

    Back when I was in high school at Chicago Vocational, the teachers demanded we be there every day. And if we weren’t, we were greeted the next day with a fist in the face and a ruler in our ass!

    If you’re gonna take this time to pop in DVDs or play board games, then I guess times have changed. Whenever I got a break, which was about one hour a day between work/football/school, I would do pushups. Then I’d find a punching bag with Curly Lambeau or Vince Lombardi’s face on it and pummel it until my hands were black and blue. But, that’s because I’m a man…something you are obviously not.

    I think of those Philadelphians that cancelled the Eagles game due to snowy conditions, the worried parents of today’s kids, etc. It makes me sick.

    So, if you’re staying home on Wednesday, try to man up in some department. Don’t cuddle up with some tomato soup, a warm blanket, hot tea, a Natalie Merchant CD, and solitaire. Try doing some push-ups. Punch a hole in a wall. Find an old Bears game…maybe watch some game film, try making a steak and seeing how quick you can eat it…maybe drink a case of Old Style, drive through the snow storm and see where the day leads you. Or you can always light something on fire…preferably something explosive.

    Anyways, try not to let the snow win. You’re from Chicago. You’re not from Tampa. And if you’re tough, you’ll do something to let the snow know that you’re the champion…not the other way around.

    (The above comments do not reflect the opinions of Dick Butkus…but do reflect the opinions of a writer that is just as tough as he is.)

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