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US Stopped Helping Nigeria Due To Rights Violations?

From the May 2013 archives of the Nigerian news outlet, The Will:

US Withdraws Military Assistance To Nigeria Over Baga, Human Rights Violations

May 02, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO – The United States Government has withdrawn military assistance to Nigeria citing various human rights violations by Nigerian security forces, particularly the military which is currently engulfed in a controversy over the killing of dozens and destruction of hundreds of residences in Baga, a town in Borno State during a clash with members of the Boko Haram.

If this is true, it is pretty damning.

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Terence P. McCulley in a private meeting Thursday in Abuja with about ten members of the human rights community in Nigeria disclosed the US government position. The US supports the Nigerian military and security agencies with training, intelligence and weapons.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a report released in Johannesburg, South Africa, said its investigations into the fighting in Baga, showed that 183 people were killed, contrary to the claims by the military, which also investigated the incident and has maintained that 36 persons and a soldier died in the clash…

THEWILL gathered from a source at the meeting who opted to remain anonymous that the Ambassador called the meeting to feel the pulse of the human rights community over the violations of basic rights of citizens by security forces under the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

As the meeting progressed, Mr. Terrence announced to the activists that the US congress had previously passed a law that bars the United States from rendering military assistance to any government that violates basic rights of citizens. He said the Obama led US government has therefore ceased to assist Nigeria militarily in obedience to the law.

The source said Mr. Terence listened as his visitors expressed frustrations with the Nigerian government over its inability to bring to justice security operatives that have violated rights of fellow citizens…

Mind you, the ‘activist’s are talking about the Nigerian military — not Boko Haram.

The Ambassador however agreed with their position and assured the rights activists of the US government’s unflinching support for democracy and the rights of citizens. He assured them that their position would be communicated to the Department of State headed by Senator John Kerry.

Some of the activists at the meeting include Mr. Clement Nwankwo, Mr. Emmanuel Onwubiko of the Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria; Kole Shettima of the MacArthur Foundation and Auwal Rafsanjani of the Executive Director at Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) amongst others."

Of course, given the source, maybe this report should be taken with a grain of salt.

But this article from Reuters, two weeks later, would seem to confirm at least some of it:

Nigeria bombs Islamists, U.S. sounds alarm

By Lanre Ola | May 17, 2013

(Reuters) MAIDUGURI, Nigeria Fri  – Nigerian warplanes struck militant camps in the northeast on Friday in a major push against an Islamist insurgency, drawing a sharp warning from the United States to respect human rights and not harm civilians.

Do Boko Haram wear uniforms or anything to distinguish themselves from civilians?

Troops used jets and helicopters to bombard targets in their biggest offensive since the Boko Haram group launched a revolt almost four years ago to establish a breakaway Islamic state and one military source said at least 30 militants had been killed.

But three days after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the northeast, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a strongly worded statement saying: "We are … deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations, which, in turn, only escalate the violence and fuel extremism." …

Washington "condemns Boko Haram’s campaign of terror in the strongest terms", Kerry said, but urged Nigeria’s armed forces to show restraint and discipline….

Rights groups are concerned the state of emergency will lead to more of the abuses they have documented by Nigerian forces, and some commentators are concerned that this pushes a political solution to the conflict even further out of sight.

Political solution = appeasing the Muslim terrorists.

Kerry said: "We urge Nigeria’s security forces to apply disciplined use of force in all operations, protect civilians in any security response, and respect human rights and the rule of law." …

"A state of emergency appears to be a further step toward responding to the crisis in the north through military rather than political means," a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, wrote in a blog. "The brutality of the Nigerian security services appears to generate support for the Islamists."

So what does the brutality of Boko Haram do?

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2 Responses to “US Stopped Helping Nigeria Due To Rights Violations?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Nigeria is a Christian evangelizing miracle. An astonishing wave of belief in Jesus Christ has swept the nation since it descended into a hell on earth in the 80s.

    Now Lucifer is back for another round in the Title Fight of hs life

  2. canary says:

    Nigeria like Mali’s military get bought off by Islamist terrorists and end up giving the terrorists their military weapons.

    That’s why I think the US should give the guns to African women and train them so they can protect themselves from men in general. A lot of Sr.s and Grandfathers aren’t even in the military, yet they abuse women and young girls with mutilation, raping, selling and buying young girls for brides.

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