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US To Give Koran Defacing Prisoners To Kabul

From a rapturous Associated Press:

Officials: Afghan-US deal struck on prison control

March 9, 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A last-minute agreement has been reached on transfering [sic] the main U.S. detention facility in Afghanistan to the Kabul government, a major sticking point in negotiations over a long-term U.S.-Afghan partnership, Afghan and Western officials said Friday.

The issue — along with night raids by international forces in Afghan villages — has threatened to derail talks on formalizing a role for U.S. forces after NATO’s scheduled transfer of security responsibility to the Afghan government by the end of 2014.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai set Friday as the deadline for handover of control of the Parwan detention facility, a U.S.-run prison that holds about 3,000 detainees, most of them Afghan citizens

So what are we getting in exchange for giving Kabul control of these prisoners? Terrorists they will either ‘repatriate,’ or let ‘escape,’ or just flat out release?

Under the agreement, a three-star Afghan commander will be formally in charge of Parwan, and a joint U.S.-Afghan commission will be involved in running the prison, said a Western official familiar with the deal

The AP will never mention it, but the Parwan Detention Facility is the prison that was involved in the Koran burnings. And these are the same prisoners who defaced the Korans in the prison’s library by writing in them to communicate with each other. Which is what caused them to be burned.

So this is obviously some kind of ‘payback’ to the Afghan government, and a reward to those heroic prisoners.

Earlier, Afghan officials had indicated that some in the government in Kabul were ready to accept an American proposal to delay the transfer for six months in the framework of an agreement, but it was not clear if Karzai would go along with that

Why would Obama want to delay this transfer until after the November elections? Is he playing politics with prisoners our soldiers have risked their lives limbs to capture?

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2 Responses to “US To Give Koran Defacing Prisoners To Kabul”

  1. canary says:

    Expect the following breakouts aided by Afghan police such as the 2 in Kandahar. I’ve no doubt the tunnels and plan is already in affect. It was in 2009 that Obama made the deal to hand over prisoners to Afghan police who liked to turn and open fire to kill our soldiers. 171 U.S. MP soldiers just deployed to train the enemy who can never ever be trusted.


  2. canary says:

    Afghan Police to take over Guarding U.S. contractors in Afghanistan .

    Reuters: U.S. aid agency prepares switch to Afghan security

    by By Susan Cornwell Mar 9 2012

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) –

    Private security contractors working for foreign companies, who have numbered in the thousands, are no longer allowed on aid and development programs after March 20 under Karzai’s decree.

    Security has deteriorated markedly across Afghanistan over the past two years.

    Some major U.S. AID-supported infrastructure projects are in dangerous places….

    Foreign forces in Afghanistan are in the process of handing responsibility for security over to the Afghan army and police.

    But Thier argued that there should not be a sudden drop-off in U.S. assistance after 2014.

    “I think that everybody who thinks about Afghanistan, on the civilian side, sees this incredible investment that we have made in Afghanistan, and nobody wants that to unwind,” Thier said.

    The Obama administration has requested $1.85 billion for these programs in fiscal year 2013, which begins October 1.

    Thier said. “Because what we really need in Afghanistan is a ramp, not a cliff. Cliffs are dangerous.”

    (Editing by Warren Stroebel; Desking by Eric Walsh)

    The heck with U.S. building Afghanistan monsters schools and toilets. They will just blow them up over and over as they’ve done.

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